Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 26, 2010

Spoilers (May 2010)

Monday 3rd:
Having been clucked over by Paddy for weeks, Aaron decides it’s his turn to show a little concern for Paddy because the vulnerable vet seems to be enjoying Chas’s return to the Smithy a little too much. She broke Paddy’s heart once and Aaron doesn’t want to see her do it again…

Tuesday 4th:
Aaron can see that his friend is falling for Chas all over again and knows he has to save Paddy from himself. So he turns to Chas and convinces her to leave and spare Paddy any further heartbreak.

Thursday 6th:
Aaron takes steps to get his life back to normal… It’s time he showed his face in the village so he takes Clyde for a walk. But this takes Aaron past the garage where he tried to kill himself. Cain offers Aaron a cup of tea and he stays. It’s a small step, but it’s a start…

Friday 7th:
Chas is anxious when Cain informs her that Aaron will be returning to work at the garage the following day. Concerned for her son, Chas asks Cain not to let on that he knows about Aaron’s sexuality. Later, Chas confides her worries to Paddy but he assures her that it will be good for Aaron to get his life back on track.

Monday 10th:
Adam asks Jackson to drop the charges against Aaron – will he?

Tuesday 11th:
Aaron is concerned about the effect his problems are having on Paddy.

Wednesday 12th:
On the eve of Aaron’s hearing, Chas and Paddy implore him to do the right thing!

Thursday 13th:
Aaron appears in court. Will he change his guilty plea?

Friday 14th:
Aaron’s case is reported in the paper…and he decides it’s time to face up to things.



  1. It’s nice to see Aaron will be more caring in the next fortnight, I hope that the gay storyline won’t blow over though. People have to find out soon.. They will, won’t they?

  2. It is good to see Aaron take responability for what he did. I hope the storyline continues and hope he can let Chas into his life and let her be his mum even though she is goin owt with Carl

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