Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 30, 2010

Pics (10th – 14th May)

At the garage, John’s furious when he gets the Land Rover back and it still doesn’t start. He refuses to pay Cain until the job is done properly.

These scenes air Monday 10th May 2010.

Meanwhile, Aaron’s nervous as his day in court arrives, but he’s determined to plead guilty to assaulting Jackson and take his punishment. Paddy and Chas are worried the judge will think it was a homophobic attack, unless Aaron comes clean and admits he’s gay. But Aaron refuses to admit his sexuality in front of the entire court, worried about what people will think of him. When Jackson arrives in court though, Aaron is thrown. Will he still go ahead with his plan to plead guilty? Having a crisis of conscience, Aaron breaks down and admits that he hit Jackson because he was scared he would reveal his sexuality to everyone. Will the judge let him off the charge?


These scenes air Thursday 13th May 2010.



  1. I am SO excited about this storyline just keeps getting better & better. I am in love with British Soaps. They are just Bloody Brilliant. Better than American soaps. Sorry to say, but it`s true. Thanks for posting all these spoilers & photos. They`re great. (:

    • It seems like dozens of Americans watch this!!
      What exactly are American soaps like? (:

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