Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 1, 2010

Aaron’s Trial (May 13th)

Emmerdale‘s troubled teen Aaron Livesy takes the stand in court in a fortnight’s time for his attack on love interest Jackson Walsh. With his friends and family urging him to come clean about his true sexuality in court, Aaron is forced to make a difficult choice – come to terms with being gay or face a long stretch in prison.

Knowing that the police believe his attack on Jackson was a homophobic one, Aaron realises that admitting he’s gay in court would prove that the attack wasn’t as simple as has since been made out. Unsure over what to do, Aaron takes centre stage in the courtroom. His thoughts, however, are thrown when he turns to see Jackson taking a seat in the public gallery. Will Aaron tell the truth to save himself a lengthy stint behind bars?

Check back on Friday for an interview with Danny Miller about Aaron’s ongoing story. From Digital Spy.



  1. Its fascinating how different soap story lines coincide around the same time. In Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten from Germany, the character Lenny also attacked someone and had to admit to his homosexuality for a lighter sentence because of his psychological trauma from being victimized in homophobic attacks as well as internalized homophobia that caused him to lash out at others.

  2. I don’t see how telling the judge he is gay will change anything, it was still an unprovoked attack.
    You’re not allowed to smack someone so they will shut up, even if he is your sort of boyfriend !

    It would just change the statistical data from hate crime to domestic abuse.

  3. Elephant Child: Well, it proves than it wasn’t homophobic! Homophobia makes offenses worse! Like, say racism! It’s basically like hitting someone because you’re racist! Obviously, that is worse than whatever he goes down for!
    Also, sometimes we are driven to extreme consequences because of something, or maybe cause we are depressed or whatever, if Aaron tells the judge the full story, it will change his sentence! (:

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