Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 6, 2010

Danny Strips!

A team of ballsy celebs, including our very own Danny Miller, have stripped down to next to nothing in next month’s Cosmopolitan magazine. But it’s all for a good cause – the celebs are raising awareness for male cancer.

It’s the ninth consecutive year that Cosmopolitan has supported the Everyman charity. Readers of the top glossy will be asked to vote for their favourite male centrefold in the new issue to raise much-needed funds for the charity.

The picture above (as well as plenty more!) will appear in the June ‘Naked Centrefolds Special’ issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale Monday, May 10. Danny posed to raise awareness of male cancer for Everyman.

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  1. OMG…. What a total hunk…

  2. I so want to be that towel!!!!

  3. HAWT!

  4. OH MY GOD!!! he is soooooo hot!!!!!!!!

  5. […] Via Aaron’s Story 2010, here’s a very sexy pic from “Cosmo” of Danny Miller, who plays tortured gay character Aaron Livesy on the British soap “Emmerdale”.  I’ve watched clips of his storyline on jaydawg125’s YouTube channel, and the show is very, very good, albeit not exactly on the “light” side.  And Danny is very taleneted, raw, and, as you can see in the picture, very, very hot. […]

  6. […] but if you really need to know it’s Emmerdale’s prime British bunny Danny Miller via Aaron’s Story, getting naked for Cosmopolitan magazine to raise awareness of male cancer for Everyman charity. […]

  7. so hot..i wann grab the towel off..and hmmm…man you hot…

  8. O-M-GOOOODDD!!! i want that boy!!

  9. […] boxer shorts may have stayed on this time, but at least you still have the Cosmo shoot to drool […]

  10. il est sublime il a un superbe corps qui donne envie de le voir avec l’amour de son coeur adam
    il et vrais qui donne envie de le câliner se jolie corps

  11. OMG,,,yum yum yum, wow, he’s adorable and with a body like that ….wow

  12. how gorgeous is he!? 😐

  13. o my god he is so hot . wouldnt you just love 2 wake up 2 him 🙂

  14. show your distributor

  15. he’s just fuckable

  16. mmmmmmmm

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