Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 8, 2010

Soap Awards 2010 – Results!

The 2010 British Soap Awards are underway, with stars from Britain’s biggest soaps arriving on the red carpet for the ceremony. Keep checking back here throughout the night, as i’ll be posting pics of Danny and other cast members as they arrive. Lets hope Aaron’s Story brings home the goods, winners should be announced later tonight!

UPDATE (20:26): Rumours are suggesting that Emmerdale have won just ONE award, with TEN going to Eastenders. This is unconfirmed, but massively dissapointing if true. More soon….

UPDATE (21:08): It’s confirmed, Emmerdale win just ONE award, which goes to a long term script writer. Neither Danny nor any of the other cast members or storylines have won a single gong. The panel need shooting, that is all.


Danny on his way to the awards earlier today; pictured with Michelle Keegan (Tina Macintyre, Coronation Street) on the red carpet; Danny with Dominic Brunt; Adam Thomas & Kelsey-Beth Crossley were also pictured together:


Red Carpet interview with Danny and Dominic (Brunt):



  1. Oh no! Let’s hope not. I thought Eastenders only had eight nominations.

  2. That’s diabolical! Thanks for saving me from tuning in on Wednesday. Danny must be gutted. I’ve always thought there was an Eastenders/BBC bias on the panel. Now I know for sure.

  3. Now this is just f*cking ridiculous! Eastenders is the worst f*cking soap ever, and now I’m not even gunna watch it anymore. Danny Miller is the best actor EVER. This is divvy. I am upset. Off to slit my wrists..

  4. Did Emmerdale at least get shortlisted for anything? If Danny didn’t get shortlisted for best actor, I think I’ll cry. Danny is one of the best young actors I’ve ever seen PERIOD–he deserves any and every accolade.

    Having the public vote for the most important awards seriously screws everything up. They need a large group of unbiased voters, or else the winners won’t be truly deserving.

  5. I’m just thinking about it more… no award for Best Single Episode (Emmerdale’s was one of the most emotionally affective I’ve ever experienced)? No award for Best Storyline (Danny, Dominic, and the writers have pulled their’s off with such heart and truth to life)? This is nothing less than outrageous.

  6. I HATE EastEnders!

  7. The awards should switch channels. Sky 1, who have no soaps, should host the awards. Thereby eliminating the bias. Gutted for ya Danny lad, but don’t get disheartened, you have a loyal fanbase to keep ya going.

  8. Someone was paid off. There’s just no other explanation. Other than a stupid bias for the Eastenders, which I’ve never even seen. Pfft, awards show, pfft I say to you.

  9. The fact is, Eastenders has the big headline-making, sensationalist stories, and therefore receives the most attention.

    Danny et al can hold their heads up high in that they have made strong, emotionally resonant and well executed storylines over the past few months, and long may it continue.

    The viewer’s growing love of these characters, particularly Aaron, is the real reward they deserve. So if you’re reading this, congratulations Emmerdale. Keep it up.

    Also, that live EE episode was utter cack.

  10. I agree with every comment ^^^^

    Over half my class watch Eastenders and I know no one who watches Emmerdale. I just don’t understand it! The acting in Eastenders is horrible and I swear not all londoners talk with such bad grammar!

    Please say that Doctors (who watches that???) didn’t get more awards than Emmerdale???

  11. I’m not from the UK, so I don’t know how the Soap Awards work, but I have to say that it’s a shame Emmerdale only won 1 award.
    Aaron’s storyline in particular deserved each award it was nominated for.

    I watched a couple of episodes of Eastenders and then I stopped, because it just wasn’t that good to me. I don’t understand what people see in that show. I mean, honestly!
    Emmerdale (or Aaron’s storyline, really), on the other hand, I COULDN’T stop watching. It was just so well portrayed (acted) by the entire cast.

    So Emmerdale is the only true winner in my heart. Cheers! 🙂

  12. @Annalie- Yes, incredibly Doctors did get more. They won Best Partnership and Best Young Actor!These categories were chosen by the panel so the viewers had no say.

    @The CrazyFreak- This happens every year. It’s always Eastenders who do really well, Coronation Street do ok and Emmerdale is ignored.

    @butterz- I agree 100% with everything. The live episode was very stilted, full of errors (Bradley- why are you twitching, you’re meant to be dead?) and Lacey Turner’s crocodile tears as she finally confessed, were pathetic. It takes for more effort to give a true and raw emotional performance to last an entire episode.

  13. I wanna know the panel are! I’m gunna hunt them down and…*
    Anyway, the are pretty divvy people..


  14. Grr this is bulls**t! Every year Emmerdale is ignored! And if they deserved the awards any year then it was definately this year! And to snub Aarons story……….pfft. Am i being out of order if i say maybe the panel is homphobic? I mean the John Paul and Craig storyline from Hollyoaks was ignored a couple years ago too…..hmph….


    At least the other actors recognise Danny was robbed

  16. That is so disappointing! Danny, and the other Emmerdale cast have been brilliant and the recent story-lines have been really emotional and great. I really hate Eastenders, and think that Emmerdale doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

  17. […] During his BBC Radio 2 show yesterday, Paul O’Grady aired his thoughts about Emmerdale’s loss at the British Soap Awards. He was particularly miffed about a certain young actor coming away […]

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