Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 15, 2010

Pics (26th – 28th May)

Aaron begins his first day of community service, but finds himself at the recieving end of jibes from homophobic Wayne. 


Aaron decides to tell Wayne that he made the story up about being gay in order to avoid prison. But Wayne doesn’t believe him, and poor Aaron ends up in the lake!

After another tough day, Aaron persuades Adam to go to a gay bar with him, but his week gets worse when he spots Jackson chatting up another guy.

Approaching him, Aaron apologises for everything that he’s done, but is gutted when Jackson tells him there’s no chance of a reconciliation. He has no choice but to watch on as Jackson kisses his new man. 

At the end of the week, Aaron is pleasantly suprised when Cain and Ryan decide to buy him a cheeky calendar to lift his spirits.

These scenes air Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th May 2010.


  1. I’m tired of this tbh, fk Jackson, writers make Aaron out to be a complete bitch who follows around/stalks one guy, That’s not Aaron. Plus what the hell is Jackson thinking, that guy his chatting up is well ugly lmao

  2. Fight back Aaron!!

  3. At one point, Jackson liked Aaron. Maybe Jackson needs to forgive Aaron. He knew from the beginning that Aaron was not comfortable with himself. I like Jackson, I do. Why would Jackson go to see Aaron’s sentencing if he did not care anymore?
    On another note, Jackson looks really good in that shirt he’s wearing in the pictures. I feel bad that Aaron will end up in the water, but I think that look will be nice on him, too!

    • WE might need Jackson to forgive Aaron, but I don’t see why Jackson needs to forgive him. Jackson hardly knew Aaron. He was attracted to him and evaluating him as a potential boyfriend, but I don’t see much more. Aaron really mistreated him. He severely bruised him (according to court) and he must have humiliated him in front of all those people. Jackson didn’t want him sent to prison, but I really don’t see him wanting to get back with Aaron after the violence. He might consider him dangerous. In real life, I think most people would call it quits, even if it’s only to maintain one’s dignity.

      • Those are some good points. It is more like we want Jackson to forgive Aaron. I guess I was just trying to say that Aaron may never be able to move on if Jackson doesn’t forgive him. As you said, they didn’t know each other that much, but their relationship probably meant more to Aaron and he really wants to be forgiven.

  4. That second picture looks kinda painful on Danny’s left ankle! Ouch!!

  5. Why doesn’t Aaron just kick that chav’s head in like he does with everyone else 😛

    Poor baby. Anyway, we all know Jackson comes back so clearly he can’t keep away from him lol

    Thanks for the spoilers!

  6. So this new dude… Wayne is going to be Aaron’s new love interest?? And umm…those pics where you ee him falling in the water made me a bit mad only because Aaron should not take that but anyways……

    • Wayne is homophobic, he’s definately not a love interest for Aaron. Jackson is still the man for him at the moment, and it’s already been confirmed that they get together at some point, despite these pictures telling a different story. 🙂

      • Wayne’s homophobic – well so was Aaron !
        Being homophobic does mean you are gay, people who are straight just don’t care & would only become aggresive if harassed.
        If someone attacks you just for being gay it is because they are frightened of something in themselves not you.
        Still I doubt he is going to be Aaron’s love interest.

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