Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 25, 2010

June Spoilers

1st June – Jackson learns that Adam asked Declan to hire him and accuses Aaron of orchestrating the situation. Click here for pics and more info from this episode.

3rd June – Rhona excitedly informs Marlon about a veterinary practice that’s for sale. She’s anxious, however, when Paddy walks into The Woolpack and expresses a similar interest in the property. Will Rhona bid against Paddy?

7th June – Marlon is troubled when Paddy tells him that Rhona may have a man on the scene after she takes a secret phone call.

8th June  (1 hour episode) – Aaron is fed up when Cain and Ryan tease him after they catch him glancing at Jackson. Elsewhere, Rhona agrees when Ryan and Andy ask her to to rent their third room. Paddy is shocked when he finds out that Rhona is his competition for the practice and he’s angry when he finds out Marlon knew. Later, Aaron tries to speak to Jackson but is shot down again when he tells him to get lost. Elsewhere, Cain continues the feud with Declan when he takes a delivery for Declan making sure its ‘safe’ in the garage, and Paddy refuses to forgive Rhona and Marlon for secretly bidding against him for the vets.

9th June – Aaron really puts his foot in it when Gennie tries to get Paul to give him some advice. Anxious, Aaron is quick to shoot him down but is gutted when Jackson overhears him. Declan is exasperated when Cain hints that his brand new bath is in the bottom of the skip, with all Cain’s junk on top. However, much to Cain and Charity’s amusement, the bath is in their living room. Elsewhere, Rhona moves into Dale Head with Ryan and Andy. And, Paddy is thoughtful when Marlon suggests letting Rhona buy into his practice after neither he or Rhona won the bidding on the other place.

10th June – Aaron refuses to condone Cain’s dispute with Declan and Jackson, and undermines him in order to help Jackson. Elsewhere, Paddy and Rhona toast going into business together.

Following week – Aaron finds love! It looks like Aaron and Jackson have found happiness at last when they take their relationship to the next level – but what puts a spanner in the works to spoil things for the lads?



  1. Hi,

    What is a “spanner”?

    Boston, MA

    • A ‘spanner in the works’ usually refers to there being an (sudden) obstacle that throws things off course.
      Like, all the cogs are turning perfectly well until someone shoves a spanner in and jams the whole thing up.
      So I guess it could be something coming between them but not in a literal sense (the problems Jackson will be having with Cain or the problems Aaron is having with that bully) , or something literal like them being interrupted.

      • Thanks! I thought as much, but there are so many phrases they use that go right over my head! LOL!!

  2. Where do you get these spoilers from?! They kill me!

    I’m like a heroine addict in desperate need of his next fix of Danny Miller!!!!!!!!


  3. Spanner: Is an adjustable wrench (i.e., “Monkey Wrench”). The American colloquial equivalent is “throw a monkey wrench into the works.”

    • Thanks! Makes perfect sense now.

  4. “Take their relationship to the next level” means have sex, right? I’ve been waiting for this ever so long!

    • Seeing as all they’ve done so far is have a couple of ‘sort of’ dates & one fairly chaste kiss ‘the next level’ may not be sex, it might just be a proper snog.

      Even if they do ‘go all the way’ Alex is right you wont get to see more than the snog, although they might get their shirts off !

  5. @steluvjamie: Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be able to see that much. They couldn’t take it so far with Emmerdale in a 7pm time slot. It wouldn’t be fair on Danny and Marc either, they’re only acting.

    I think we will get a bedroom scene, though. The article in The Sun about P Diddy mentioned one. Danny said they’d just shot a bedroom scene and they were thinking of having P Diddy music added to it. Should be good anyway. I’m sorry to hear something puts a spanner in the works, though!

  6. June 8th? That’s a Tuesday. Why are they showing two episodes on a Tuesday?

    • Tuesday nights is actually a 1-hour episode. It’s because every night this week it’s the Britains Got Talent semi-finals, which has meant that on some days (such as the Monday just gone) Emmerdale has been cancelled to make room for BGT instead. Therefore they are showing two episodes next Tuesday to make up for the lost air-time from this week. 🙂

  7. Omg, Can’t wait.
    Does anyone know where i can find more spoilers for Aaron & Jackson ?

  8. Wait, isn’t Paul in Australia? Isn’t he the gay son of Val? And what’s he got to do with Gennie? No? Am I totally wrong? Who is he???

    • Paul comes back from Australia next week for Nicola’s wedding. 🙂

      • Oh right, thanks (: Wait.. But doesn’t he try and give him some advice today?? I’m confused.

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