Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 26, 2010

27th May (Video Preview)

Thursday 27th May 2010. 7pm episode.

Summary: At community payback, Aaron is thrown when a guy called Wayne asks him if he’s gay as he’s seen him in the paper. Aaron shocks himself by claiming he lied to avoid a custodial sentence. But does Wayne believe him?



  1. Poor Aaron! Will he ever have an easy life? He should have just said ‘yes’ to the girlfriend thing. I’m sure Victoria would’ve helped him out. And chatting up those girls won’t go well, I’m sure. I mean the bright orange community payback vest is bad enough, without Aaron being gay.

    • No! He should have just said ‘yes’ when he asked if he was gay!

      • Agree! F**k Wayne!

  2. Actually, on this occasion, I don’t think he should have said yes to being gay. Being out and proud is good and I don’t generally think lying is a good idea but in situations like this, when someone is blatantly homophobic, I think it’s safer not to tell the truth.

    I mean, Wayne is going to push him in the lake, just because he thinks he’s gay. What if he knew the truth? His homophobia is more childish than seriously violent, but what if it wasn’t? If Wayne was a huge knife-carrying serious gay-basher, would it be a good idea to tell the truth?

    Even some of the gay rights charities advise that being open all the time is not necessarily a good idea, not if it might put you at risk. Two guys got attacked in London last year for holding hands on the street and one died. Aaron would be best just saying nothing and keeping his head down ’til his payback over.

  3. U R An IDIOT Alex. That`s a pathetic statement. I agree with the others who said He should`ve said “YES,I Am Gay SO WHAT?!” Aaron is a tough kid. He can stand up for himself. Wayne is just an ignorant homophobic bully. The worst kind of so-called human being. SCREW U WAYNE! Ur a DICK!

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