Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 4, 2010

Now they’re just showing off…

Do these topless pictures even need an introduction anymore? I guess i’ll just leave you to enjoy the view…

But it’s not just Danny who’s at it. Adam’s having fun in the sun aswell by the looks of things:

Photos tweeted by Danny and Adam earlier today.



  1. Made my day! Thanks, Danny.

  2. Wow, I knew Danny Miller looked amazingly hot without a shirt, but I had no idea how great Adam Thomas looked, too!
    I love these pictures!

  3. grrrr ….. danny is sooo fricking gorgeous and his body is totally hot! hot! hot!. … and who would have thought adam was a bit risque?! he’s rocking those shades, apple and boxers! i’d like a threesome with these hotties, please.

  4. They should not be doing this behind a sign that says drive carefully, because if I see this on the sid of the road I bound to buck up into something.

  5. Danny Is Just Sexy Out!!! 😛

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