Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 4, 2010

Spoiler Pics – June

Jackson rushes to Aaron’s side next week when he steps in to save him from a beating by bully Wayne. Having humiliated Wayne at community payback earlier in the day, Wayne follows him back to the garage and threateningly corners him with a spanner.

While Aaron refuses to fight, Jackson watches on.

Sensing that Aaron’s struggling to keep his cool – and realising that him dishing out another beating would result in a custodial sentence – Jackson heroically steps in and restrains Wayne.

Thankful to Jackson for saving him, Aaron takes him for a pint where talk soon turns to his recent suicide bid. Believing that they should take the next step in their relationship, the locals watch on as the pair head back to Smithy together. But what will Jackson say when Aaron asks him to stay the night?

These scenes air June 17th 2010 at 7pm & 8pm.



  1. Awesome. I’m relieved they didn’t just drop this storyline completely until the next big plot, which soaps like to do a lot. “Their big story’s over, lets send them abroad for a month!”

    In some ways I enjoy the small scenes more.

  2. Stay the night?! Alright! Way to go Aaron!

  3. Oh, I’m so glad Jackson witnesses Aaron staying calm and not responding to the provocation.

    And stay the night, yes please!

    • Yes, Jackson seeing Aaron not fight is probably what convinces Jackson that Aaron really has learned a lesson, is growing, and deserves a 2nd chance. Glad to see this!

  4. Yay!! haha, finally!!
    I’m away on holiday then but I’m looking forward to coming back and watching all of this in a oner.

  5. You’ve been busy today, Jon! Normally I find myself waiting anxiously for the next update(:

    I am so excited about these scenes! I bet Jackson will stay the night.. I hope so anyway(:

  6. Yes, please to this!

  7. I hope he stays too.

    But what happened to him being ‘with someone’ ?

    Was that perhaps not true ?


    • He only said that cause he wanted Aaron to leave him alone and make him a little jealous

  8. @Elephant’s Child- I doubt that Jackson was with someone. I think he just said that to make Aaron back off. The kiss he had with that guy in the bar, I think, was just to spite Aaron. Plus, he was so ugly compared to Aaron. And it’s obvious that Jackson still likes him.

    • @Jake – I know, I was being sarcastic hence the winky face.

      That kiss was totally for Aaron benefit & you could tell when they were in the Woolpack that they couldn’t stop looking at each other.

      • When they were in the Woolpack? When did this happen please? (:

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