Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 13, 2010

Danny Miller Interview

There has been blood and violence, and Aaron has landed in court – all because he couldn’t admit he was gay. Now, as his relationship with Jackson moves up a gear, ‘We Love Soap’ chat to Danny Miller about playing the part…

How is Aaron feeling now the whole village knows he’s gay?
He’s embarassed about coming out. He thinks it was a bit of a mistake.

What happens with Jackson?
There is a kiss. It’s quite a romantic kiss, actually. It was a very strange experience. I sat Marc Silcock (who plays Jackson) down and we discussed what we were going to do. We were both nervous, and in the end we said let’s not talk about it any more.

How did it go?
We only had to do it twice. We wanted to keep it to a minimum. I was relieved afterwards because I felt i’d done well. We wanted to do justice to an emotional story.

Is it tough being a straight man playing a gay character?
Your an actor playing a role, that’s all. I’ve got gay friends and they are proud of me. I’ve spoken to them about homophobia and coming out.

What about fans’ reactions?
Mainly positive. But a month ago I was at a petrol station and someone leaned out of their car and shouted, “Oi, you big gay boy!” Unbelievable. It infuriated me. It gives you a real insight into what people go through.

Is it hard filming such emotional scenes?
Yes, it’s been very draining sometimes. Eventually your tear ducts run out. But i’ve walked away and thought, “That was a real day’s work”.

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  1. Since Danny was infuriated, I assume he could tell it was not meant well. Otherwise, I could see a situation where it was some gay guys who enjoyed Danny’s great work.

  2. I feel proud knowing that I sent you the link.. Lol (: Uploaded it fast!

  3. What Magazine was it from?

    • ‘We Love Soap’ magazine.

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