Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 15, 2010

Farm Boys…

You can now read the whole interview via the scans below…




  1. I liked the interview, and I have to say: Who knew that Marc Silcock had all of that going on under his shirt? Very nice pictures of him!

  2. I can’t really go into a shop and buy the magazine… I need the whole interview!!
    But I actually really want the mag.. It includes SCOTT MILLS. My other person to obsess over. And PhatGayKid, who I just love to hate..

  3. Is this out now?? Im in Ireland and i went to buy it but i couldnt find it at all.

    I really wanna read the whole thing!! Any chance you can scan it and send it to me??

    I never knew Marc was so ripped!! his girlfriend is so lucky haha

  4. in the cover Mark is terribly photoshopped…

  5. I really want it!! time for the embaressing awkward moment of buying it………. haha

  6. On the Gay Times website you can download the back issues as a digital file, a PDF or something, for £3 each but not the current issue. I’m going to wait for that. The link to the online store with the back issues is here:

  7. Now I love Marc Silcock even more! I thought he was a scrawny lad, but those abs and pecs are to die for! Wow!

  8. Am i the only one who didn’t really like Danny in this interview? Usually he comes across so well, especially in TV interviews but in this interview that didn’t seem to be the case. (And also how can he not like Louie Spence!!!)

  9. @Clyde- I haven’t read the whole interview yet but I don’t see a problem with the interview. I’m no fan of Louie Spence either, he annoys me and I thought Danny did well.

    We don’t know what tone of voice was used and it can sound harsh in print when somone says they don’t like someone but he’s entitled to think that. Also, I can understand him refusing to do another topless shot and stuff, even if it does make him seem a bit moody. He is only an actor after all and all the attention he’s got must be hard to handle. No wonder he was uncomfortable.

    • You’re probably right, i’m sure it has just as much to do with my interpretation of the interview as it does with the actual interview itself so i’m just going to shut up and get back to enjoying watching the most wonderful storyline in soap.

  10. I’d cut DM a lot of slack. In a recent interview, Xavier Dolan (Les Amours Imaginaires and J’ai tue ma mere) expressed fatigue at the media onslaught at Cannes and I’m sure these young men are tired of being asked repeatedly about kissing another man, etc. He seems to be doing a pretty good job of career management (advice from James Sutton while working under a car?) and understands that the gay fan base is extremely loyal if treated with respect. BTW, thanks for the site and videos, making Emmerdale accessible to us colonials who otherwise would see only Corrie 9 months late (today Norris learned that Ramsay died on his way back to Oz)!

    • Wow. Corrie is really behind there then! Stopped watching all soaps, apart from the lovely Emmerdale, months ago, and I remember that episode! Lol(:

  11. Anyone know where I can get the Scott Mills bit out of here? Doesn’t he write a column for it? It says his name on the cover(:

  12. They did way too much photoshopping on Marc.

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