Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 20, 2010

What’s next for Aaron?

What does the future hold for Aaron Livesy? Danny Miller reveals what’s coming up…

What’s next for Aaron?
Well, this week he sleeps with Jackson for the first time and this really creeps him out. They’re getting closer, but the idea of him introducing Jackson as his boyfriend makes him feel strange. He’s still not completely comfortable with his sexuality. He hates the fact that he’s gay and it’s going to take him a long time to get used to it. Sleeping with Jackson was a big step for him, like losing his virginity again. It’s strange and awkward for him when the first kiss comes, but it’s a really nice moment and a very emotional episode.

So what’s he like with Jackson after the event?
He’s a bit distant at first, but after mulling it all over I think he’s just pleased it’s finally over. It’s another step towards accepting who he is.

Do you think they have a future?
I think it would be strange if Aaron ends up with the first guy he sleeps with. I’m sure they’ll have their fair share of problems and let’s not forget that it’s Aaron we’re talking about. No doubt he’ll try to push Jackson away, because that’s what he does to people who care about him.

Read the full interview from The People newspaper via the scans below…


With thanks to DannyMillerFans.



  1. They…they sleep together this week?! *hearts in eyes* This I can’t wait for! I’ll be up for nights waiting! Why can’t I not just watch it now? 😦

  2. Last week’s spoilers said Aaron would ask Jackson to spend the night. Since we never saw that, I expect that that will happen next time we see Aaron.

    So Aaron pushes Jackson away. I just hope it’s not to the extent that Noah Mayer did in ATWT!

  3. Emmerdale is on at 7 and never has any sex in it, gay or otherwise.

    Aaron inviting Jackson in for a beer was like inviting someone in “for coffee” at the end of the date. It is supposed to be clear that a beverage is not what is really on offer. That’s why Aaron asked if Jackson wanted an actual beer when he came in after having just invited him in for one.

    And as far as them sleeping together is concerned that will be presumed since they ended the last episode kissing and will start the next episode coming down the same flight of stairs.

  4. @tumbellina- At the end of the last episode, they hadn’t gone upstairs, they were still on the sofa.

    And although you’re right, it won’t be that graphic because Emmerdale is on at 7, if I recall, Danny’s mentioned filming a ‘bedroom scene’ with Marc in an interview. I think it was the one about P Diddy being an Emmerdale and Aaron fan because he mentioned something about having a P Diddy song put on that scene.

    They do show straight couples in the bedroom- remember Aaron and Victoria- so I think there’ll be something, even if it’s not graphic.

  5. l like aaron and jackson

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