Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 22, 2010

July Spoilers (5th – 9th)

First it was cocaine, then she stole Rhona’s ketamine and all the while promising mum Moira and dad John she was done with drugs. But this fortnight Holly Barton might learn her lesson when she goes clubbing – and mixes more than the DJ mixes music! A panicked Aaron finds the reckless teen slumped in a toilet cubicle – a total mess and frightened she’s about to die. It’s down to Aaron, Jackson and Roz to save her.

‘Aaron takes her home to Paddy’s then lies the next morning that she had too much to drink’ a spokesman tells Soaplife. ‘And Paddy agrees not to tell John’. But, has he done the right thing? Will Holly stay away from drugs? Will she be able to? Somehow, we think it’s going to take more than a scare to stop her now.

Here’s how the episodes are shaping up:

Monday 5th July Holly tells John he can trust her to go out on a night with Aaron & Jackson.

Tuesday 6th July Holly’s willpower cracks after bumping into Roz..and she ODs on drugs. Will Aaron tell John the truth? Meanwhile, Carl is upset when Chas invites Aaron and Jackson for dinner.

Wednesday 7th July Paddy struggles with his conscience as Holly continues to tell lies.



  1. does it mean that we won’t see aaron and jackson for two weeks?

  2. that would be a pity,now that things are starting to work for them…btw i’m happy that they will be involved in some other storyline(expecially this one which is very interesting)

  3. It is good that they involved in this story line but does Aaron start to trust his mum again cause i hope they do a storyline wiv Aaron, Chas, Carl and Eve in cause I think Carl is goin 2 cheat on Chas with Eve

  4. well we see aaron and jackson tonite

  5. Sounds interesting. Everyone says that emmerdale dosen’t have good plots and it boring -how can you call this boring?!

  6. I like the emmerdale storylines but they deaf should do a storyline with Chas, Aaron, Carl and Eve in cause that would be great

  7. Since they’re bringing a Barton into the story, I hope we see Adam soon! I’ve been missing him, and it’s about time A&A update each other on recent events.

  8. Dinner with the mother-in-law. That should be fun!

  9. When is this gonna be put on YouTube??

    • It’s been uploaded now. 🙂

  10. l liek aaron and jackson 4 ever

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