Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 25, 2010

Spoiler Pics (5th – 9th July)

Holly heads for a night out on the town with Aaron and Jackson this week – and is surprised to bump into her old party pal, Roz. It’s not long before Holly is up to her old tricks again, as Roz approaches a guy in the club for drugs, before offering a line of coke to her pal. A wired Holly later admits to Roz that she’s having such a good time – she’s had another line of coke and taken a pill. Roz encourages Holly to take it easy – so she’s shocked when she later finds her friend locked in a toilet cubicle, freaking out after having a bad reaction to something she’s taken. Worried for Holly’s state of mind, Roz rushes to find Aaron and Jackson, and tells them that the teenager is in trouble. Aaron’s alarmed to find Holly locked in the cubicle, panicking that her heart is beating too fast and she can’t breathe. Is she in serious danger?


These scenes air on the week beginning Monday 5th July…



  1. What are the writers and producers thinking? Why would they place Aaron and Jackson in someone else problem when they just got together. Thieir relationhip has not been clearly defined or matured. Are we to assume that A&J are a proper couple in Emmerdale? I hope not.

  2. i think that’s the point: they are a couple like many others.they can’t live in a bubble until they become a perfect couple(if they will ever be).i’m glad the writers are involving aarson(love the name!)in other storylines:it’s agood way to really see if they are a good couple

  3. It’s good to see them involved in another plot but my God I cannot stand that Holly. Here’s hoping she dies of an overdose. And soon.
    Then Aarson can get on with being a sexy-ass couple 😀

  4. I agree with some of what Demetri said. I really hope stupid Holly and her drug problems are not going to affect Aaron and Jackson too badly but like cla said, they can’t live in a bubble. And it could get better, if the focus is taken off Aaron and Jackson a little. Aaron will be much happier with Jackson when he’s no longer the talk of the village. Plus, if Aaron saves Holly, Jackson gets to see even more of his caring, gentle side.

  5. anyone else notice how hot jackson looks leaning against the bar 🙂
    and i agree with cla , the cant just always be on their own , i like to see how the are around others people.
    if it was just aaron and jackson all the times , storylines would run out fast and it would get boring 🙂

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