Posted by: Kimbaforeva | July 9, 2010

First Pics: Pauline Quirke

Here are the first pictures of Emmerdale newcomer Pauline Quirke on her first day at the soap’s custom-built village in the Yorkshire Dales. In May, producers signed the former Birds Of A Feather star to play Hazel Walsh, the mother to Aaron Livesy’s love interest Jackson.

Speaking of her arrival, Quirke said: “My first scene was in the village – that village is unbelievable. My mum absolutely loved Emmerdale and so to get on set and actually see that Woolpack, it was actually really emotional so I had a little cry. But then I pulled myself together!”

Series producer Gavin Blyth told Digital Spy: “I’m a huge fan of Pauline. She’s someone who I could picture in the show. We met up for a coffee and chatted about character and story that would see her involved in the Aaron and Jackson story now and going forward. She has loved how that story has played out and we got on tremendously well. By the end of it, she’d decided that Emmerdale was right for her – and I was delighted to hear her say it!”

Quirke makes her screen debut as Hazel on August 12.




  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Pauline Quirke in Emmerdale. She is a really great character actress and it will be interesting to see how she is embroiled in the Aaron and Jackson story line. After seeing what Gavin Blythe (Series Producer) on This Morning and the Spoliers that he hinted at, I think it is fair to say that Aaron and Jackson won’t see past October… What was also alluded to was that Aaron would also get violent.. perhaps with Jackson?? To paraphrase Gavin, he’s quoted as saying that Aaron has a temper and a habit of pushing those closest to him away, and that Hazel will be there to mop up the pieces…

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