Posted by: Kimbaforeva | August 1, 2010

Jackson & Hazel move in…

Coming up next Thursday (August 12th), Paddy offers Jackson a place to stay when he relays the accidental flooding which lead to his eviction from his flat. Aaron is left bemused when Jackson introduces him to his mum Hazel, and informs him that Paddy said it’d be okay for them to stay at Smithy for a while. Paddy is left feeling confused when Aaron questions why he’s agreed to let them stay.

The following day, Hazel is making a real effort with Aaron but questions Jackson about Aaron’s surliness. Hazel is left curious as to what Jackson sees in Aaron when he’s out rightly rude to her. Frustrated, Jackson tells Aaron he’s booking his mum into the B&B and going on holiday to give Aaron some space.

These scenes air on Thursday 12th (2 episodes) and Friday 13th August on ITV1.



  1. je trouve qui il mieux avec adam il forme pour moi un plus jolie couple il vont si bien ensemble adam et aaron

  2. Je suis pas trop d’accord avec toi rhodo13, je préfère mille fois Aaron & Jackson ^^’ même si les débuts sont difficile, d’ailleurs ce serait bien de les voir un peu plus !

    Thanks kimbaforevaryanlamb for posting all video about Aaron ^^’ It’s a real pleasure =)

  3. What possible reason could Hazel & Jackson have for staying at Paddy’s ?
    I know she said she wasn’t happy living with Aunty Polly but Jackson has his own place.
    This has me intrigued !

    • “Paddy offers Jackson a place to stay when he relays the accidental flooding which lead to his eviction from his flat.”

  4. Why does Aaron have to be rude to everyone? Oh, Aaron! When will you ever learn?

  5. Maybe Aaron is angry at everyone cuz he wants to spend some ALONE time with Jackson.It doesn`t seem they`re getting any especially with Jackson`s mum around.That`s just my guess.

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