Posted by: Kimbaforeva | August 9, 2010

August Spoilers – Update!

Monday 16th: Jackson’s pleased when Aaron tells him he’s booked tickets to join him on holiday and has arranged for Hazel to stay on at Paddy’s.

Tuesday 17th: Hazel introduces herself as Jackson’s mum to Chas.

Thursday 19th (8pm): Pearl and Paddy try to rope Hazel in to painting a portrait of a customer’s dead cat, insisting she’ll get £200 for it. Hazel asserts she doesn’t paint portraits and whatever the payment she can’t be persuaded.



  1. CAN’T WAIT! hope for some hot kiss. i mean, it’s about F-ing TIME!

  2. oh dear god, the mothers meet, can anybody say akward?

  3. Chas and Hazel meeting will be comedy gold.
    Get ready for innocently inappropriate innuendo!

  4. Hazel v Chas !
    I can’t wait !

  5. Hmm Its good that Aaron is going as well. But that means like 2 weeks without Aarson 😦

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