Posted by: Kimbaforeva | August 10, 2010

Threats to Soapstars?

The actors who play Emmerdale’s gay lovers have been blitzed with hate mail after being “outed” as straight in real life.

Danny Miller, 19, who plays Aaron Livesy, has received 20 threatening letters in a week since admitting he is dating female co-star Kirsty Leigh Porter, 21. Marc Silcock, 21, who stars as his on-screen lover Jackson Walsh, also has a girlfriend.

Now the pair, who have become gay icons, are being targeted by a fan who is livid that they are not really homosexual. The mystery viewer has sent a string of anonymous threats to ex-Grange Hill star Danny over his relationship with Kirsty, who plays Roz Fielding. The same sender is also believed to have targeted ex-Hollyoaks hunk Marc.

Emmerdale chiefs are now threatening to call police. A show source said the threatening letters had left the pair shaken. “It seems that this person doesn’t like the fact that both of these lads are straight,’’ he said. Danny wrote on Twitter: “Sad to read hate mail sent by fans that don’t want me to have a gfriend. Sorry!”

Last night an Emmerdale spokesman declined to comment.

SOURCE: Daily Star

Update: Danny has since confirmed via Twitter that the story is completely false. He wrote ‘Just to clear up. Nobody has sent any threatening letters to me whatsoever and nothing has shaken me up! It’s a load of rubbish!!!’



  1. I’m sorry, but even if he were gay, what are the chances that this Danny would be interested in this guy?
    This guy doesn’t know Danny as a person anyway, it’s just a sad fantasty.
    Even though Danny’s straight, the hate mailer had about as much of a chance with Danny as I do.

  2. There are crazies on all sides. They are actors and this person has issues with fiction. What about Tovey on Being Human. He is gay but plays a straight character.

  3. I know Danny had tweeted about some hate mail but has it really got so bad that the police will be getting involved or is this just exaggeration by a tabloid? If it is real, then that’s disgraceful.

    Why do some people get so upset that soap stars or any celebrities are not available anymore if it is announced that they’re dating? As Annalie said most people don’t have a chance of getting with a famous person anyway.

    It could be that this guy is angry that two straight guys are playing gay roles and thinks they ought to be gay actors. But Danny was already doing a great job as Aaron before this storyline and he’s given some amazing performances since Aaron realised he was gay.

    It’s all just sour grapes from a bitter, lonely man.

  4. C’est personne Qui font des menace ce son des homophobe et en plus il rejette aux autre la faute aux autre par ce que ho font de eus il son comme sa , JE Félicité Emmerdale pour leur les acteur du rôle qui tienne et mérite la médaille pour être des vrais acteur qui jour des rôle qui son magnifique et j’espère que la série vas continue a êtres fidèle dans l’homosexualité et dire merde au homophobe merci pour tout se que vous fait Emmerdale bise a vous tous

  5. What a shame! Well, it seems like this is the act of a single person. There’s always a nutcase somewhere, however, it is a bit scary. Hopefully, this is not some sort of stalker. Whew!

  6. he told that the newspapers were lying about him dating the actress that plays Roz,then some days ago he tweeted something like”follow my beautiful girlfriend on twitter ecc.”.now he tells that this “stalking story”is another lie.I wouldn’t be surprised if he was trying to “hide” everything because he’s scared of this guy’s reaction…

    talking about Danny’s tweets i really enjoyed this one:
    “Just finished work! What an amazing day!! This storyline is absolutely brilliant! So educational and positive. Thank you all or your support”
    this means that there are great plans for him!hope they will go on with good scripts!

  7. its really sad that people cant see the difference between a character and its actor .

    robert p plays a vampire doesnt mean he go’s around sucking blood.

    And you dont see daniel radcliffle going round swining his wand about …… unless he is on stage 😉 😉

    … anyway i hope danny knows that we dont care if he is straight , bi , gay, a-sexual or sheep-sexual 🙂

  8. Danny has explicitly denied on Twitter that the story in the Daily Star has any basis.

  9. I really did not understand the article after reading it. How can you out someone for being straight. when they both said early on that they were straight.

    I thought our newspapers were rags!

  10. It was the Daily Star, “newspaper” is really stretching a bit! Surely no-one was expecting them to start carrying factual content.

  11. Haha I find it funny tbh, if some one wants to be gay let them or if they want to be stright let them. all people have got to think is we are just seeing the acting side of aaron we dont know him to say we his friends, welll i think aaron is a good looking lad an i think any one will love to have him if its a gay or a straight but to get threatening letters cus he is acting gay well im sorri but them people or that person needs to open their eyes an get over them selfs every day you walk the streets and youu see people playing about like acting to be some one there not thats what people do, well at least aaron is makin lot of money for pretending to be gay. i would so understand if aaron was saying he doesnt like gays but if he didnt why would he have came to telfored to a gay barr??? like i say dnt juge him untill you knw him.

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