Posted by: Kimbaforeva | August 12, 2010

Danny in Attitude Magazine

Danny graces the cover of next months Attitude Magazine, check out the awesome front cover below!



  1. Woohoo!!!

    😉 x.

  2. W O W! I lost my ability to speek for a couple of minutes.. 😉

  3. HOT! SEXY! Not quite hot & sexy as his charity NUDE photo,but a close 2nd. 😉

  4. Danny is looking damn good in this shot.

    But I do have to ask the question why?

    The boy is straight. Why does the gay community have to use him as a “role-model” or “spokesperson”.

    He is an actor. He shouldnt be expected to do these types of interviews.

    We wont see Marc on the cover of “Home Handyman” giving tips on how to hang a door… or Danny on the cover of “Automotive Weekly” showing us how to change a sparkplug.

    Maybe its just me. Im just concerned that these extra requirements placed on actors may turn some of them off accepting gay roles in the future.

  5. I don`t think that will happen. I think Danny as a straight actor appearing on Gay Mags will make it more mainstream & maybe even more accepting to be gay & more accepting 2 be gay in the straight community. That`s just my opinion. Danny`s a great kid 2 do the gay mags even tho he`s straight.Anybody who has said different they`re just wrong. End of Story. 🙂

  6. omg he is so good looking i wish i could meet him again 🙂

  7. o.m.g he is one hot boyyooo 😉

  8. he is hottt tbh ❤

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