Posted by: Kimbaforeva | August 18, 2010

Postcards from Lanzarote (Week 1)

So, Aaron and Jackson have jetted off to Lanzarote and won’t be appearing in Emmerdale over the coming weeks, and unfortunately for us we’re not going to be seeing any of their holiday antics on screen. But if Gavin Blythe isn’t going to give us Lanzarote, then we’ll just have to do it for him!!

Oh look, it’s a postcard from Jackson to his beloved mother Hazel…

Meanwhile, Aaron being Aaron has decided that sending Paddy a postcard would be way too soppy, so he’s emailed him this picture of them instead!

Jealous? Yeah, me too! And they’ve still got two whole weeks of sun, sea and sex ahead of them. But you never know, maybe this time next week Aaron will have a change of heart and send his mate a postcard after all…

…or email him some more holiday snaps! 😛



  1. Sweet & Hillarious. Keep it comming.

  2. Love it. 😀

  3. I Love Jackson`s postcard. 😀

  4. Wait…Is that picture real?

  5. Never mind, seem fake lol.

  6. Is soo fake!!

  7. hahaha no way in hell aaron would be seen in a speedo pmsl!!

  8. LOL! Though fake, but still entertaining! Thnx for filling the void. More fantasy pix please! 😀

  9. That picture is so creepy and perverted. Not because its two men, but because its a photoshoped, what a sickning thing to do to someone.

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