Posted by: Kimbaforeva | August 31, 2010

September Spoilers

Tuesday 14th: Aaron and Jackson come back from their holiday with plans to move in together permanently – until Jackson sabotages Aaron’s plan to sell Pearl a dodgy motor.

Thursday 16th (7pm): Aaron finds Holly working in a bar in Hotten and is shocked at her appearance. He tells Moira, who goes straight to the pub and drags Holly to the police station. Elsewhere, Pearl buys a clocked car from Aaron, and Paddy agrees to let Hazel and Jackson stay indefinitely.

Thursday 16th (8pm): Paddy tells Aaron to make things right and he is forced to be honest with Pearl, but Cain is not best pleased.

Friday 17th: Moira takes drastic action…Will she push Holly away for ever?

Monday 20th: Aaron has a run-in with dodgy newcomer Mickey, and he will certainly live to regret the confrontation.

Plus: Emmerdale’s explosive autumn will be launched with a cataclysmic disaster that will send shockwaves through the village and tragically change lives for ever.



  1. I guess Aarson are in the same room? What does Paddy think of that? I think they are moving way too fast, especially if they can’t even show a PDA. I can’t see it working.

    Do we have no more information about Holly than that? Is she still missing?

    Who’s this Mickey then? Is he related to someone in the village?

    Do we have any idea as to when this bad (I assume it’s bad) thing happens? Or when we will receive information about it? I thought it was just about Aaron and Jackson, and Hazel has something to do with it. Is it something to do with the whole village???

    Really intrigued now. Need to know!

  2. Oh, also, is this BIG THING gunna happen in September?

  3. This is odd. They are going to move in together although Aaron’s character is still not comfortable with the same sex relationship.
    Which is fine, becuase he is still on the path to discovery, considering he is younger than Jackson, and ulike Jackson’s character, Aaron just came out and this is his first relationship with a another man. Will see what they do with this?
    Who is Mickey? Is he Ryan’s replacement at the garage?

  4. Mickey is the guy that Aaron sells the Foprd fiesta he bought to. Something obvs. happens with the car and Mickey comes after Aaron.

    This big thing…all im going to say is…it involves a level crossing, a train and Jackson’s van.

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