Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 6, 2010

September Spoiler Pics

Aaron’s delighted when he sells his dodgy fiesta to local thug Mickey, and boasts to boss Cain.

But Mickey’s soon back – he’s not happy that he’s been sold a clocked motor. Aaron refuses to give him a refund though, much to Cain’s annoyance.

When Mickey starts issuing threats, however, Aaron heads over to his house with Clyde the dog, hoping to intimidate the thug.

But when Aaron later finds Clyde seriously injured, he’s distraught, realising Mickey is behind it. Is he about to lose his beloved dog?

These scenes will air in the week beginning September 20th.




  1. What a stupid thing to do. Why can’t they just let Aaron grow up a bit and be happy? Is he going to be a young thug forever? If he loses Jackson or Clyde over this, I’ll be really annoyed.

  2. je trouve que aaron a pas de chance il faut toujours qui soie primée il peu pas êtres heureux avec l’amour de sa vie et pour moi c’est adam et avec son chien pourquoi toujours le rendre malheureux le bonheur existe pas dans cette série

  3. Sorry, my French is a little rusty—and was never great to begin with. Did you say you think Adam is the love of Aaron’s life? Adam’s not even gay! Haha. If that’s not what you said, I apologize; that’s my mistake. But yes, I tend to agree: it seems there is no true happiness on Emmerdale, at least not for very long. There’s always some kind of obstacle for people, but that’s just how soaps (and TV/movies in general) work, so I suppose it’s normal. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!

  4. Does Clyde die??? 😦

  5. nooooooo not Clyde 😥 But end of the day Aaron is Aaron his not going to change overnight just because his out. Even if that means there are casualties along the way. I’m abit apprehensive as to what the big storyline will be this fall with Aaron and Jackson.

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