Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 13, 2010

Detailed Spoilers – September 2010

Monday 20th: It’s Aaron’s lucky day when Mickey – a well-known thug – arrives in the village and takes a shine to Aaron’s dodgy fiesta. Aaron’s chuffed when he manages to sell the car to him. However, Mickey soon returns to the village and confronts Aaron about the clocked car. Aaron refuses to give in, but as Mickey saunters off, it’s clear this isn’t over yet.

Tuesday 21st: Mickey is on the warpath but insists that he’ll be out of Aaron’s life if he gets his refund. However, Aaron decides to front it out on the advice of Cain, and tells Mickey to get lost. Chas and Jackson worry about Aaron’s run-in with Mickey, and Chas instructs Cain to watch out for Aaron.

Wednesday 22nd: Rodney and Terry discover that their Mercedes and taxi office have been viciously vandalised, as well as all of the cars on the garage forecourt. Given Aaron’s recent run-ins with Mickey, there’s no prizes for guessing who is responsible. Cain turns on Aaron and is fuming that he’s let it get this far. Aaron remains firm in not backing down, however he tries to look convincing when he tells Jackson and Paddy he will refund Mickey. Is Aaron in over his head?

Thursday 23rd (7pm): Aaron tries to intimidate Mickey when he heads round to his house with Clyde the dog and threatens him to stay away. Mickey reluctantly concedes to let things go, leaving Aaron triumphant. Later, Mickey turns up outside Smithy, and realising nobody is looking, he gets his ferocious-looking dog out of the car. Hearing a bark, Mickey heads down the side of the house with his dog straining on his lead. The angry-looking dog looks desperate to get Clyde. Will Mickey get caught before it’s too late?

Thursday 23rd (8pm): Aaron is gobsmacked when he finds Clyde in such a state. When Pearl mentions seeing Mickey with a dog earlier, Aaron is hell-bent on revenge. Jackson stops Aaron from going after Mickey, but is worried when Paddy reveals things don’t look good for Clyde. Later, Aaron’s devastated when Paddy has to give Clyde the injection. Helpless, Paddy pulls a heartbroken Aaron into him as he sobs at the loss of his dog. Will this teach Aaron a lesson or will he seek revenge?

Friday 24th: Jackson has had enough of Aaron’s vendetta against Mickey and decides to move into Andy’s. Aaron tries to make amends, but when Jackson tells him that he thrives on confrontation, he storms out. His anger building, Aaron decides that he needs to get Mickey back for what he’s done…

Monday 27th: Aaron tentatively admits that he doesn’t want to lose Jackson, but can he win him back? Later, Jackson gives Aaron another chance.

Tuesday 28th: Paddy and Jackson worry about Aaron’s behaviour.

Wednesday 29th: Aaron is rocked when Jackson admits that he loves him, but will Aaron reciprocate?

Thursday 30th (7pm): Aaron feels too young for love.

Spoilers for the week beginning September 13th – including Aaron & Jackson’s return from Lanzarote – can be found here.


  1. It’s Munch!!!

  2. What does “Jackson reveals his true feelings” mean?!?! Are they good feelings or bad feelings?? It would be stupid for Aaron to lose Clyde and Jackson :*(

  3. Too young for love? Oh Aaron. 😦


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