Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 23, 2010

Spoiler Pics: The Crash

Keen to get his relationship with Jackson back on track, Aaron asks him on a night out. But he’s annoyed when Paddy and Marlon decide to tag along…

But the men are taken by surprise when they realise they’ve just agreed to a night out in a gay bar. It doesn’t look like they’re enjoying it too much.

As the night comes to an end, the men all pile into Jackson’s car to head back to the village. But disaster strikes when they lose control of the car on a level crossing.

There’s carnage as an oncoming train ploughs into the side of the car, destroying the vehicle.

As the gang realise what’s happened, one of them is left in a critical condition. But which of the four men is fighting for his life?

See the drama unfold from October 6th with a 1-hour special.



  1. OMG are you serious?? Noooo, that first pic is so cute, finally abit of affection between them and then all of a sudden that horrific crash happens. 😦

    It looks amazing, it’ll be heartbreaking to watch though.

  2. my heart is breaking and it hasn’t even happened yet. i don’t know if i can watch this. thanks for the heads up.

  3. OMG! That’s all I can say…

  4. The first pic is so beautiful but then…='(

  5. Awesome with a W. First pic is BEAUTIFUL, been waiting for it for a very long time. Paddy & Marlon in a gay bar? Wooo, more awesomeness.
    Bloody hell though, please, please, PLEASE don’t let anyone die!

  6. Funny how the writers only get the balls to make them have physical contact once they know one of them will be hospitalised…

    And why do they always have to go to gay bars all the time?!

    • It’s the only “gay thing” they do…

  7. Poor Clyde. Shed some tears tonight. The first picture is lovely. The second just lol- genius idea putting Paddy and Marlon in a gay bar. But then, the crash. Oh. My. God. I hope Jackson will be ok eventually, as I’m sure he’ll be the one hurt after what Pauline Quirke said.

    • Hey, just wondering what Pauline Quirke has been saying!? I haven’t seen or heard any sound bite from her on this event.

      Wondered where you got your info 🙂

  8. Ok, Let me see if I got this right. In the last year, Aaron tires to commit suicide, Aaron punches Jackson, Aaron goes to court, Aaron involves himsefl in Holly’s problem. Aaron fights with Jackson, Aaron fights with Mickey, Aaron dog Clyde dies, and that’s not even all of it and now this. Since Jackson was only suppose to be with the show through October and Aaron is on a losing streak, my guess is that this accident will affect him more than anyone else. This show is too much and not in a good way.

  9. Lord have mercy… Jackson in that shirt. Yes, please!

    • i agree!

  10. Oh man… Why can’t be october already???
    I’ve been reading the spoilers for a long time and I just can not wait anymore…
    From everything that was said about this accident, since the beggining, I am pretty sure that Jackson will be in a pretty bad shape, I NEED more details!!!
    By the way, thanks so much for this site!!!

  11. OMG noooooooo WHO DIES WHO DIES 😥 please not jackson or aaron 😦 xxxx cant wait any longer to watch it lol 😦 xx

  12. Another one breaking the ITV rules or stealing from legit. sites, or are you all the same person?
    To be expected on third-rate websites I suppose.

    • I love you too.

    • This site is better than the ITV site. Honestly, Emmerdale and ITV are getting a load more publicity! They should be grateful! It’s only to be expected when pictures or information are posted on a public site, that them pictures or that text will be shared elsewhere.

    • Helen, do yourself a favour luv, go and get yourself a life, yeah? There’s a good girl.

  13. The pictures and information are not posted on a public site before the embargo dates.

    They are supplied by ITV beforehand to designated press and approved sites who are all in danger of losing their privileges thanks to your selfishness.

    It is very clear that this is not an approved site, due to the vast lack of crucial information.

    Still it is only a fansite, and will fizzle out when there’s no-one to blindly worship, or you all grow up, whichever comes first.

  14. Do you honestly think that this is the only site that has these pics? They have been all over the internet and twitter for days, and these guys were certainly not the first to post them! And if they have been leaked then it can only be one of these ‘approved’ websites that have leaked them, otherwise they wouldn’t be available to ‘third rate sites’ now would they?

    And your right, it is only a fansite, but it’s one that us ‘fans’ enjoy visiting. I’m quite sure I dont need to grow up, I am 44yo after all, we are just having fun. But then you being a bloody goody two shoes would no nowt about that would you? Go back to your herbal tea why dont you…

  15. Point is I’m not just a ‘bloody goody two shoes’. I can have the plug pulled on this site if it doesn’t delete those pictures.
    It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  16. Having said that the picturea have been chosen to give nothing away and if you believe what these clowns have gleaned from the soap rags ………
    BTW Danny Miller is not the reincarnation, far from it.
    He’s an ordinary bloke doing a job who makes mistakes at times.

    • Helen, if you wish to get the plug pulled then your free to do so, because to be honest with you I have more important things to worry about in my life than this blog. It’s not exactly the most visited site in the world, so how many people are actually getting to see the pics on here – a few hundered maybe? Compare that to the 8m+ who will watch these episodes…

      I will, however, apologise if you have been offended by any of the comments that have been left here, some of which have been a bit immature. I guess i’m just struggling to see what motivation you have for issuing warnings out to people, unless you yourself work for ITV? Because if you do then I totally understand why you would be annoyed by this, but if not then I don’t really see why this is important to you.

      Either way, if you want to report it then you can do so. And while your doing that i’ll go back to looking after my 2-week old son.


      • quite frankly i like this website, i love seeing what is going to happen between aaron and jackson, and helen is it?, if you dont like it dont come on here it’s quite simple.
        thank you for making this website i love it 🙂

  17. Can everyone please get back on topic now, otherwise i’ll simply turn off the comments for this article. Thanks.

    Have a great weekend people.

    • i know, do yuo know which one of them dies? I hope its not jackson. Hope Marlon dies, he’s useless, Its so sad if something happens to Jackson, Aarons gonna be devestated, He’ll realise how much he loves him.Hope its not Jackson

      • Please, don’t say you want Marlon dead, I like him!!! I like the four of them!!!
        I don’t think anyone is really going to die – fingers crossed. I’ve been searching spoilers like crazy and looks like Jackson is the one who is gets to be badly injured. Can’y wait for october anymore….

  18. *Can’t

  19. I’m actually hoping that the person injured is Jackson because that would mean that nobody dies. We know from Marc that he’ll be with Emmerdale at least until February, so there’s no way he dies in October. If it’s Paddy or Marlon who gets hurt in the accident then there is a greater chance of that character being killed off. I love Paddy to bits, so I’d hate to see anything happen to him.

    If Jackson is injured it’ll be the makings of great drama as we see Aaron forced to step up and become a more supportive boyfriend.

    • My thoughts exactly. I hope Aaron will grow up big time and start acting like a decent boyfriend.

  20. i hope aaron and jackson dont get hurt in the crash they are meant to be together next wednesday going to be upsetting

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