Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 27, 2010

Disaster in the Dales

A heart-wrenching catastrophe will rock the village next week when Aaron, Jackson, Paddy and Marlon are caught up in an accident that will change their lives forever.

What starts as a great boys night out ends with the four men losing control of their vehicle and crashing onto a train track, leaving one life hanging in the balance.

A lot has been going on for these guys over the past year, with Danny Miller who plays Aaron at the heart of much of the drama. Indeed it’s Aaron who suggests the night out in the first place.

“It’s his way of trying to make it up to Jackson,” explains Danny. “He suggests they go to a local gay bar as a way of proving to Jackson he is comfortable being together. Of course, Aaron doesn’t plan on Paddy and Marlon coming along so his initial plans are scuppered somewhat!”

“Whilst they are out there’s a definite thawing between the two lads,” says Marc Silcock who plays the lovelorn Jackson. “I think having Paddy and Marlon there actually makes it less awkward. Aaron is so comfortable with them both, which in turn makes him more comfortable with Jackson.”

Mark Charnock (Marlon) continues: “It’s one of those amazing hour-long specials that turns completely on its head.  It’s romantic and very funny and then fate just flips it in the last five minutes.

“It just comes like a bolt from the blue.  It absolutely staggers you as a viewer. I cried when I read the script. Duncan Foster, the director, has filmed a lot of big stunts so he absolutely knows how to film an action sequence and make it look like something you’d only see in a cinema.”

Silcock agrees: “It was very long and because we film out of sequence it got quite confusing because we had to remember emotions we hadn’t felt yet and conversations we hadn’t had yet. It was a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish.”

Dominic Brunt, who plays nice guy Paddy, says: “It’s really amazing. The aftermath is gut-wrenching, it’s all they need after the year they’ve all had.”

“The episode embodies everything Emmerdale is about,” adds Danny. “It’s spectacular, but this will only mark the start. What comes after is incredible.”

Find out what happens in the hour-long special, Wednesday 6th October, 7pm.



  1. oh i can´t wait!!!!!!!

  2. Why now? Is it ratings month or something? Why not have a tornado touch down in Emmerdale and destroy the town. So that they can rebuild and get a brand new set and characters. That would be really dramtic. Or better yet an earthquake.

  3. Man… can I go to sleep and wake on october 6th?
    Oh, wait, maybe I can travel throw time?
    What I just CAN NOT do is keep waiting, it’s killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG! It`s KILLING ME!! …. The waiting….It`s KILLING ME!! Thank God, it`s next week. If it was late October,I would surely DIE! Cuz the waiting would 4 sure KILL ME! Thank ya Jonny Boy. X Love Ya. 🙂

  5. I MUST TWEET DANNY, MARC, MARK & DOMINIC & give them HIGH PRAISE on what great actors they all are.They ALL make me SO happy. I shall also tell them that I ADORE THEM & LOVE THEM. THEY ROCK!! X

  6. OMG I WANNA KNW WHO GOES 😦 NOT MARC SILCOCK OR DANNY MILLER PLEASEEEE lolzz i think there realli amazing actors dnt let it be then let it be marlon 😀 XXxxxxx

  7. I think its going to be Jackson who gets hurt! as the train will hit his side of the van if he is driving! ahhh can’t wait want to see it now!!!!!! love them alll!!! x

  8. Neither Aaron or Jackson die as Marc silcocks contracts has been extended till spring 2011 and Danny miller has said in an interview that the Aaron/Jackson relationship carries on till the back end of next year! 😀

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