Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 30, 2010

The Crash – Advert

Watch the brilliant TV advertisement that is currently showing ahead of Wednesday’s hour-long episode.

Plus, check out the video below to preview even more of the drama:


  1. Watched it ten times over. Incredible! Is someone running to try and alert the train driver, I wonder. Or to get help before the crash?

  2. wow this is amazing. i’m even more anxious now more than before.

  3. The guy running is Aaron. I think he survives and is trying to get help, or call for someone. I hope Jackson isnt injured, it’ll break Aaron’s heart. I dont think Jackson will get injured because Marc Silcock who plays him, said his contracts extended till next spring.

  4. If you watch it from 0:22 you’ll see that the guys figure is Aarons. his head you can tell by.

  5. one week to go…!!

  6. I really can’t wait to see this. I’m really hoping that nobody dies because their all great characters, I mean the relationship between Aaron and Paddy, Paddy and Marlon and then obviously Aaron and Jackson. It’ll ruin everything. Fingers crossed they all survive =)

  7. I can’t take this out of my head, counting the seconds for wednesday…

  8. oh it feels like i´ve waited for YEARS, and it´s still 3 days to go……………………….

  9. Wow… This look amazing… I hope no one gets hurt especially Jackson!! Cuz if Jackson does get hurt, I really can’t imagine what will Aaron feel!! And obviously don’t want to see the same storyline in atwt where Noah is pushing luke away after his accident! I hope Aaron will do anything(including telling Jackson tht he does love him and wants to be with him) so tht
    Jackson will take him back!!


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