Posted by: Kimbaforeva | October 6, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of the amazing Emmerdale train crash with actor Danny Miller.



  1. Absolutely AMAZING !!!!

    We on the Continent do not receive ITV, we have to wait for Youtube. We, my friends and I were pacing the room during the airing of the show in the UK keeping an eye on the clock and checking the computer!

    We’re still somewhat out of breath…
    replaying it over and over.

    Wonderful acting by Danny and Marc!

    Kind regards from The Netherlands,

  2. I agree. Danny & Marc were BRILLIANT!! Those scenes they have together are just wonderfully acted by those 2. SO emotional. Broke My Heart! FANTASTIC Job Marc & Danny. X

  3. I am watching from Canada, so I am totally dependant on these computer clips (ITV do not allow any Youtube clips to play over here)
    Right now we are seeing Aaron & Jackson’s first night together & so obviously we are running a long way behind.
    I agree with the above comments, the acting by Danny & Marc is superb!
    Its totally gripping, emotional & compelling viewing.
    Its excellent writing, but please writers, let us all have a happy ending for the lads.. they surely deserve it after all they are going through 🙂
    Thanks everyone for such a great show & thanks to VisionTV for enabling us Brits to watch it in our new location!

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