Posted by: Kimbaforeva | October 6, 2010

Michael Jackson joins Emmerdale!

No, not THAT Michael Jackson… that would be slightly impossible!

It is in fact the stage and screen actor Michael J. Jackson who has joined the cast of Emmerdale to play Jackson’s father Jerry. He will make his debut on screen this Friday after being contacted by his estranged wife Hazel in the aftermath of tonight’s accident.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Marc Silcock revealed that viewers will discover a lot about Jackson through his “strained” relationship with Jerry.

“This is a big key to understanding why Jackson is like he is,” he teased. “Why he is so understanding of Aaron and why the relationship is as it is.”

He added: “We understand that a lot seeing his father and seeing the interaction between Pauline Quirke and Michael. We will understand a lot of Jackson’s background.”

Click here to read the full interview with Marc.



  1. I knew Jackson’s dad was going to come into it soon! I’m so glad Jackson was in the crash, because it means he definitely won’t die! (:

    • how is that good, i think jackson will be like jack from eatenders, but i hope he’s not. Aaron will be devestated and i hope he gets back to normal.

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