Posted by: Kimbaforeva | October 7, 2010

The Aftermath: Pics

This is the devastating moment that Jackson Walsh’s loved ones realise that he is fighting for his life due to the injuries he suffered in Emmerdale‘s devastating train collision.

Following the tragic twist of fate which saw his van crash onto a level crossing before being hit by an oncoming train, Jackson is rushed to hospital – where his boyfriend Aaron, mum Hazel and friend Paddy endure an agonising wait for news.

When a doctor is finally able to give the trio an update on Jackson’s condition, they are heartbroken to learn that he’s critical and may not pull through.

Speaking of tonight’s episode, Aaron’s portrayer Danny Miller commented: “Aaron is consumed with guilt because he blames himself for the accident. He is clinging on to the hope that Jackson will pull through because losing him is unthinkable.”

The soap’s series producer Gavin Blyth added: “This is the beginning of a huge story for Emmerdale and tonight’s episodes are wrought with emotion. I’m incredibly proud of the performances which make for compelling viewing as Jackson’s life hangs in the balance.”

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm and 8pm on ITV1.



  1. OMGGGGGGG NO poor Jackson omg i cried like a baby i dnt want them to not be together 😦 😥 im guna cry again 😥 i hope he comes through nd hes alright nd they live happily ever after hahaha xxxxx

  2. OOOMG!!!!
    I cried so much
    I really want to see Aaron after the accident, how he will react…

    ‘i hope he comes through nd hes alright nd they live happily ever afte’ (2)

    From Brazil

  3. hope jackson is ok and pull thought and he and aaron are happy together poor aaron feel sorry for him

  4. Aaron must be having an even rougher time than b4 where Jackson has told him tht he loves him b4! Becuz he’s going to experience something tht will break his heart:( but afterall, I hope jackson will make it becuz he derserve to noe wht Aaron feels for him and ESP this time where Aaron noes he loves Jackson!! I lobe the two being together and hope they can go through it together!!

  5. Well, I’m glad it wasn’t Paddy…but why did it have to be Jackson? Why couldn’t it had been the other two?

  6. Is jackson going to be paralysed?
    is that what the terrible news is gonna be on friday 15th?

    sucks if it is

  7. Hi Kimba,

    I’ve been following your site and YouTube channel for months and finally wanted to say great job! 🙂 I live in Canada and so can’t watch Emmerdale/Aaron’s story on TV. Actually, it just started on cable here but we have satelitte 😦

    Anyway, I’m heading overseas in a couple days for 4.5 wks and will miss your updates, vids etc until I get back. So I just wanted to thank you in advance for stuff I can look fwd to when I get back from vacation and will suffering withdrawl 🙂

  8. I’m watching Emmerdale from the USA and the Aaron and Jackson storyline is so compelling. Danny Miller is a brilliant actor. He pulls me in so completely. I wish the story line wasn’t so devastating and tragic. I don’t know how any one person, especially at 18 could manage to cope with so much all at once. I wish gay story lines were written with a sense of ease, and not like gay relationships are all struggle, chaos and doom. What people need to see is a young gay couple succeed even through the worst of times. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a happy ending. I don’t think anyone compelled by this story line would object to Aaron and Jackson staying together and finding happiness. It’s what we all want, why can’t they have it too?

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