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Christmas Spoilers

‘Soaplife’ Spoilers

The fact that Jackson managed to survive the train crash was a miracle in itself, and now series producer Gavin Blythe has been chatting to Soaplife about what’s to come for Aaron and Jackson this Christmas.

“There’s a kind of Christmas miracle for Aaron and Jackson. Not literally, but a lovely movement in their story. There’s a warmth and emotion that will be just so nice to watch.”


‘All About Soap’ Spoilers

  • Following the drama of the train crash, Aaron will step up and stand by his man as Jackson fights for his life. And Emmerdale boss, Gavin Blyth has assured us there will be no miracle cure for the builder. So, as Aaron finds he has to be the grown up and support Jackson through this crisis, will he manage it? Or could Christmas bring heartache for the pair?
  • After struggling to admit his true love for his fella, Aaron’s finally forced to face up to what he might lose, but is he man enough to fight for it?
  • As the reality of Jackson’s dire situation sinks in, will Aaron give up and run from the guy he loves? We hope it will be a happy Yuletide for the pair, but with Emmerdale sources saying that the boys story will continue well into 2011, something tells us it won’t be!



  2. I think aaron and jackson storyline finished on Wednesday just before the crash up to them it had been first class but now all I can see for the next few months is aaron siting by jackson bedside wishing it was him. Why does gay story lines also have to be tragic. I can only see this finishing in sadness. Danny and Marc deserve better storylines them what we may get over the coming months . I hope I am wrong.

    • I’ll be honest, there likely will be a lot of Aaron by Jackson’s bed wishing to take his place, but I think it was worth if for the amazing episode that preceded it. Mostly all soap relationship fall to tragedy and angst because it makes for more dramatic story lines. I enjoy the catastrophe that is Aaron’s life and when a relationship is put through hardship it usually comes out of it stronger.

  3. They have got to be kidding with this storyline. Ok. The accident over the top, but it’s done. Now, what. Why can’t they let this relationship develope like any other budding relationship without the drama overkill. Up until Aaron’s dog being killed, we have barely seen or heard any signs that they are in a relationship. Either let Aaron deal with his sexuality on his own without a boyfriend which would have been a little more believable or develope a relationship over time.

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG i actually screamed when i read this i think tomorow i am going to buy every single soap mag in the shop i sooo hope that idea happens with the comitment cerimony and telling him he loves him omg omg omg i just had a mini heart attack AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH but by baby is paralysed 😥 please please please writers let that happen please i will kill you if you dont but to bad we have to wait for xmas to see that

  5. christmas??? it´s freakin´ october now…!! I think they will have us wait for months and then just finish it for jackson and aaron….

  6. Well thats just great isnt it
    God soaps have to ruin everything

  7. yeah it sucks that he’s going to be paralysed but ”a commitment ceremony” that’s a little over the top don’t you think? i don’t think Aaron is that kind of person and a storyline like that will just kill the story for me. sorry but i just don’t believe every relationship should end in marriage to be genuine.

    • I agree with you, this ceremony does not fit with the story. It’s probably wishiful thinking of the article writer. But the I love you too Ive been dying to hear !!!
      And what the hell, Christmas !!! It’s still october, c’mon…. And yes: EXTEND MARC’S CONTRACT INDEFINITELY

  8. When is this magazine out I wanna read it!!!!!

  9. Am gutted Aarson took this turn. Was so hoping we’d see them develop all young and in love. Marc Silcock and Danny Miller are incredible actors – the strength of feeling behind Aaron and Jackson is proof of this. Emmerdale have the best actors by miles and the best storylines. Its so underated and it’s poor that Emmerdale have 2 come behind EastEnders and Coronation Street.

    Please extend Marc Silcock’s contract indefinitely. Danny and Marc have made incredible strides to re-address gay stereotypes. There is so much more in their story. Aaron realising he does love Jackson. Affect of paralysis on Jackson, family, friends, Jackson adjusting from able bodied to physical disability, Jackson’s life change goin thru ordinary day-to-day things, employment, mental health. Also carers issues for Aaron, Hazel…

    Aside from that, we r all wanting Aaron and Jackson to be together and to have happiness – not momentary happiness, but proper happiness.

    Marc Silcock is too good an actor to let go of! EXTEND MARC’S CONTRACT INDEFINITELY

  10. why cant jackson be okay, the page says that they will get married, or something. I really hoped that he would be okay and Jackson and Aaron would get married, and they would forget about everthing. isnt him getting paralysed over the top, i mean his contracts lasts till spring somewhere, so why would they waste is capabillities sitting in a bed doing nothing. We all want some action and some love between Aaron and Jackson. Hopefully Jackson will get better, but i dont think so because the srticle said he was paralyse. 😦 Why couldn’t them two just live happily ever after. I would love to see them two finally love each other and shw affection, and mostlu not fght about silly little things. Hope he gets bettr.

  11. When Aaron finally goes by Jacksons’ bedside they should play the song Angel of Mine, that would be really dramatic.

  12. i think the crash was good because i think aaron needed to know what it felt like to nearly lose Jasckson and now he knows what it really feels towards him,
    when aaron finds out that jackson is paralysed it really will shock him but i think he will srick by him, the cereomny ok is a little wierd because i dont think that is something that aaron would do, but i think aaron and jackson are the sewwwwweeetttesstt couple inn soaps and i love them!

  13. All I want right now is jackson wakes up and realizes Aaron is by his bedside holding his hand!! Yes he is paralysed but the thing is he survives!! I’m sure thts way more important than him being dead(like dr.Reid Oliver in atwt)right!! So why don’t we just wait and hope Aaron finally says ‘i love you’ while Js in the coma and after J wakes up!!

  14. I don’t want to be mean cause i really like jackson and marc silcock. But if it will come to an end i hope that jackson will die. Because if jackson break up definitively with aaron i don’t think that aaron will ever trust a guy. And aaron will not be able to have an other boyfriend. that’s how i feel… what do you think?

    • I wouldn’t want Jackson to die. If he did there is no gurntee that Aaron would look for another companion – the “ghost” of Jackson would haunt him for years. Apart from trying to show affection to Adam (and getting rebuffed) Aaron has never shown any interest in any other bloke. When he and Adam wet to the gay bar after the trial and Jackson gave him the cold shoulder, Adam suggested that he “cop off with another bloke” and Aaron looked and sounded really hurt and disgusted “I don’t want to cop off with some other guy”.

      If Jacks has to be paralysed surely they could make it just from the waist down. But why did they have to do it at all?

  15. A friend of mine who is in nursing said that he has broken 2 bones in his neck that doesnt mean anything whats important is that his spinal cord isnt damaged at the moment it could just be swelling when that goes away the feeling may come back it all depends on the location of the damage if it is below the shoulders then the legs will be paralysed if the neck then head too toe will be paralysed

  16. Hi everybody i live in the U.S. but i definitely enjoy foreign country soaps because they are alot more liberal even though the U.S. is seen as the more liberal country in alot of ways these soaps prove other wise. but i feel that even waiting til xmas will be to soon for aaron to decide to have a commitment ceremony its really unrealistic and almost seems pitying and it really doesn’t match his character. I get how everyone can get excited for this kind of step in their relationship but its just not the right fit just yet… but if the show is going to do then they matter sell the shyt out of it……cuz i aint buying it one bit

    • I agree, I think if Aaron did this it would be more out of a sense of duty than love, and elsewhere Danny Miller says the Aaron “self loathing” story will continue into next year, and by definition, if he loathes himself for what he is, he would, in a sense, be loathing Jackson as well.

      Also, I suspect that moving this quickly, by this time next year Aaron would be a young widower. Nobody is going to be allowed a happy ending in this story now.

      • finally somone whose not wearing the rose colored glasses….
        i’ve been watching several gay storylines and marriage is a sure fire way to lessen the characters time on the show and its to soon to put AarSon in the back burner….
        i would be happy with him simple owning up too his feelings, that alone will be a huge step for aaron.

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