Posted by: Kimbaforeva | October 20, 2010

Spoiler (5th November)

Coming soon: The future is bleak for Jackson, and it is left to Aaron to break some bad news to him.



  1. This is going to be sooooo cute to watch ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This may be really cynical of me, but I honestly don’t believe Aaron will stay with Jackson if he’s in a wheelchair. They aren’t like Luke & Noah, and I honestly don’t believe Aaron would want Jackson if he were disabled. He’ll stay around for a bit, but not forever, so I think Jackson will get better, or they may just split up… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. I agree with Annalie. I don’t think the boys will be staying together long-term but I don’t think they’ll split because Aaron will no longer want Jackson. I think he really does love Jackson, even if he’s not got the words.

    No, I think they’ll split because Aaron can’t cope with his guilt about what’s happened and seeing Jackson in his new condition when he thinks it’s his fault. Either that or Jackson will push Aaron away because he won’t want to feel like a burden to him.

    • I totally disagree i think jackson needs aaron more than ever now and he knows that and aaron has to get over his guilt and i personally think they will stay together and once aaron says those three words which i have a feeling wll be xmas i think it will help things between them last night when aaron said we’ll get you through this what ever you need il do it i promise i think jackson realised how much he means to aaron and how much he loves him but thats just my opinion

      • Hi Mell,

        You could well be right. I would love them to stay together too! I just think that months down the line when Jackson is out of hospital and the new reality sets in, he’s so selfless, I can really see him telling Aaron that he should go find someone else, even though he loves Aaron.

        I really really hope it will work out though. I’m not sure what the Christmas miracle would be, but I’d love him to get some movement back. And they both tweeted about a night shoot recently. Could that mean they go back to Bar West?

  4. i think this is very cute but i also think that aaron might go back to blaming himself again but hazel and chaz will get him back its aarons turn to be the strong one and show he can be by looking after jackson i think there may be a few rough times but they will get through this together as a couple as we saw last night jackson doesnt blame aaron for what happened and wants and needs him to be there plus emmerdale extended marcs contract once before coz he was due to leave a few months back and they can do it again so im hopefull that he will stay on emmerdale think possative people ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i think aaron has realised he nearly lost jackson and he needs more then ever now. jackson doesnt blame aaron, and he needs aaron too. when aaron says he loves jackson i think it will make everything rosey in their world. Aaron realises jackson needs him and i think they will stay together ๐Ÿ™‚ well i hope…

  6. Is this episode shown in the 5th November or is it in a magazine on that date?

  7. Ok so does that mean that Jackson will be moving back in with Aaron & Paddy & his mum at Smithy Cottage or is J going 2 go back 2 Andy`s? I mean,if Aaron is going 2 be taught how 2 take care of Jackson,wouldn`t he be living with Aaron then? Where`s Jackson going 2 live? I am very curious to know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. In the real world certain men (or women ) have a particular strain (a moral tendency as part of this person’s character/personality structure) to form a loving relationship/attachment only once in their lifetime. Age does not play a part in this choice of behavior and words to express these feelings are not freely used.
    Following Aaron’s development (and the brilliant writing!) as a person this could just be it. The scene just before the accident illustrates this very well. His astonishment that somebody could fall in love with him…and his own abillity to love is new to him.
    It’s rather human to have a certain degree of guilt after what happened (survivors guilt).
    I find the writing and character depiction regarding Emmerdale of a very high standard and the personalities are very well thought out so the above could well be the case for Aaron (and Jackson).
    But then of course this is just a soap!!!

    • @Chris: u noe what I hope the guilt tht aaron is facing isn’t so strong that it can break the two apart! Becuz say if Aaron feels he should be the responsible one for jackson’s accident, then wht he might do is leave Jackson once he’s recovered partially and just can’t say “ILY” to Jackson when he couldn’t bare the pressure(being like this still and aarons lack of affection and stuff)!! But of course I hope they can be together for at least a while:))

  9. As a gay man with a disability, this turn of the storyline has me glued to my computer. I am no where near as disabled as Jackson is/appears to be but enough that it does factor into the physical aspects of my private life. Most of my “mates” are football/rugby/hockey types. In my younger days, it was harder to connect with guys my own age because, while they liked me, they wanted to run around and have life be easy. Here is my guess: Aaron will cheat on Jackson just for the physical aspects of it, Jackson will decide he needs to leave the Village (probably with his Mum) for rehab or just to let Aaron off the hook. Aaron will go off course for awhile,screw around with a bunch of blokes (while the producers check the ratings) then Jackson will return at some point to actually save Aaron from himself (again) and we’ll get that happy ending. Particularly if Danny decides he wants to move on from Emmerdale, which, he certainly has the acting chops to do.

  10. Oh gosh i didnt see this “Coming soon: The future is bleak for Jackson, and it is left to Aaron to break some bad news to him.” Below it

    :O i wanna know what the news is ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I think Aaron is so consumed with a feeling he believes is guilt when in fact its pure love for Jackson!! We saw him say he’ll be there for Jackson whatever his needs are and we got a little glimpse of him beginning to care for him, Aaron is in love with Jackson, you can tell with the looks he gives him, and I think Jackson will descend into depression and push Aaron away, to preserve his feeling and to give him a life, maybe by saying he blames him!!! But Aaron as grown up a lot and I think this is where we will hear the ILY so I’m not going anywhere!!!! I hope the storyline pans out as well written and acted as it has been up to now!!!!

  12. On another note why would Aaron be left to break some heartbreaking news to Jackson, surely the Drs realise he is only 18 and they should tell him!! The Drs I work with would never let a family/carer/partner break bad news as there would be questions that needed answering!!!

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