Posted by: Kimbaforeva | October 25, 2010

November Spoilers

Thursday 4th (8pm): Adam insists on teaching his sister a life lesson and takes her to visit Jackson, but Aaron is unhappy over his methods. Later, when Hazel’s painkillers go missing, Adam lays into Holly for stealing them. She denies doing so, but is she telling the truth?

Friday 5th:
Aaron fails to keep his composure as he’s shown the ropes on caring for Jackson.

Tuesday 9th:
Jackson receives some encouraging news.

Wednesday 10th:
Jackson worries about his operation. Aaron is anxious as Jackson undergoes surgery.

Thursday 11th (7pm):
Aaron, Hazel and Jerry face a long, tense wait as Jackson has his surgery.

Thursday 11th (8pm):
Hazel pushes for a straight answer on Jackson’s condition. But will she be able to cope with the answer?

Friday 12th:
Can Aaron salvage his troubled relationship?



  1. It seems November is when all the heat is. i can’t wait for all the stuff that is about to happen between Aaron and Jackson. Emmerdale is doing a great job lately and i just hope it stays that way.

  2. I hope the heartbreaking news is not Aaron breaking up with Jackson:( Because i personally think throughout this period, Aaron has been great to Jackson,Paddy, or even to Jackson’s family members. SO i really don’t want to see Aaron leaving Jackson once he has finished taking care of him!

  3. Im so happy there is some good news for Jackson finally !!!!! I just luvv Aaron&&Jackson !!! And I hope that he can salvage their relationship !!!! xxxx

  4. i saw this over on twitter: apparently they’re not on the show at all this week, something about the 2 of them not being on the cast list for this week’s shows. can anyone confirm?

    • yeah, Danny’s off on holiday and Marc has moved to york or something

      • hi there, i was actually asking about episodes that are airing this week, not the ones being filmed. it didn’t even occur to me that the twitter comment could be referring to the latter. since they’re only mentioned in spoilers for next week, some assumed they won’t appear until then.

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