Posted by: Kimbaforeva | October 26, 2010

November 12th: Spoiler

Updated: Aaron is devastated when Jackson tells him he never wants to see him again and holds him fully responsible for the crash.



  1. I think my heart broke a little after I read this

  2. That could drag poor Aaron right back again – he already does blame himself, but last week Jackson told him it wasn’t his fault. I just hope Paddy isn’t too busy with Rhona, and Adam is around for him.

  3. My heart skipped a beat when i saw this because Jackson did tell him that the accident wasnt even his fault !!

  4. oh my god
    i can not belive it
    it was not aaron fault
    i was very upset when i read this
    i hope jackson and aaron stay together
    i argee with all you comments

  5. My guess is that Jackson, who is going to have an operation of some sort in that week, discovers that the operation wasn’t a success, and so he’ll lash out at Aaron in frustration and depression. Let’s just hope that he gets some movement back in the upper part of his body so that at least he can ove a bit and get some feeling back in his face and arms.

    ED has been very bleak the last few days, what with Jackson, Ryanbeing found guilty and amateur druggie Holly, We need some hopeful storylines soon

    • i am so gutted and annoy that jackson would say that
      it not aaron fault

  6. if jackson sees that aaron is “struggling” to take care of him, maybe this could be J’s way of giving A an out, not that i don’t think J will finally show some frustration about his condition. i feel like we saw a glimpse of that in last thursday’s little scene.

  7. omg i didn’t ever want to read something like this
    😦 and the worst thing about it Aaron with believe Jackson and blame himself…

  8. “he’ll lash out at Aaron in frustration and depression.”

    I guess this is it, I was already hoping for something like this to happen. It doesn’t mean that won’t break my heart …

  9. If Jackson does blame Aaron for the accident which we know it was not his fault. I think I am right in thinking that Gavin Blyth has said that at some time that Aaron may cheat on Jackson . May be this is the time he does it if Jackson blames him for the accident and feels let down by Jackson comments and probably walk away from him for a time.

  10. OMG when i saw that headline, I was shocked and a little bit depressed! Why would Jackson blame Aaron for causing the accident? Didn’t he say “it’s not your fault” before? And Jackson, do you even know that while you have been lying there these days, Aaron has been taking care of you almost day and night and that he wants to be there because he cares for you not because he feels guilty for the accident anymore!! So why would you raise up the word “accident” again?

    • I know it’s not Aaron’s fault, but put yourself on J’s shoes. He can’t move or feel anything. His frustations are building up (we could see that in the last couple of episodes), of course he would lash out at some point. Unfortunately, he is lashing out on Aaron.
      Now, if Aaron loves him ( I believe he does ), he is going to be the patient, caring and forgiving one.

    • When somebody is depressed – even if they don’t have the physical disabilities Jackson currently has – they are going to lash out at those closest to him – he’ll probably do the same thing to his mum and even Paddy. In fact, for a time everybody (I wouldn’t like to be his dad Gerry!).

      Jackson has always been an active outdoor type and he is terrified that he won’t even be able to sit up or anything else, let alone walk or work again.

      I am sure, given Jackson’s temperament, this will only be a temporary phase and that he will fight to make the best of life, but now that he is conscious and only too aware of the uncertainty of his situation, it would be very strange if he didn’t go through a period of intense depression.

      Still it is not going to help Aaron’s feelings of guilt, and self-hatred and if he was totally rejected – remember he has already tried to kill himself once…….

  11. they will get past it…. i just know they will their aaron and jackson they have too.

    • i hope so
      beacause they might have a xmas wedding

      • i was well happy when i saw that so i hope that they aree still together at xmas 🙂

  12. lmao… how can u blame someone for an accident… i agree that jackson will probably get upset about something in the near future and seeing that no one is really at fault… aarons going to get the guilt put on him real hard… however i also think the hazel will step in and/or jackson will realize what he’s done was wrong and apologize… (ofcoarse not after seeing aaron go home and cry crocodile tears)…

    • I agree, especially with tha last part: my theory: Jackson get told that he will be paralysed for good, he saw Aaron struggeling with the part of Helper before so I reckon Jackson tries to push Aaron away, so he can have a “life” and be free… as well as I think that Jackson is frustrated and depressed.. of course..

      I do hope soooooooooo much, that he will be able to feel something again and maybe even get over the paralysed state (I know its not realistic, but its a Soap!!!)

      • i totally agree,, Jackson should get over the fact he’s paralysed and not push Aaron away becuz he is reli trying !! 🙂 xx

  13. But total paralysis must take some getting over. I would guess knowing Jackson’s nature he will only try to push Aaron away, not because he wants to, but he knows how difficult it will be for Aaron to cope.

    It would have been bad enough having him paralysed from the waist down, but I think the writers have gone too far. Will the actor who plays Jackson want to act lying down for that long?. I have a horrible feeling long term something will happen to Jackson, and then Aaron will revert to his old self again, which is a sad

  14. Agree with comments that Jackson will react out of frustration but also out of desire to set Aaron free- would be the kind of selfless thing we’ve seen from the character. As Marc’s contract has been extended to April; they’ll stay together but through difficult times. I think that the ‘Christmas Miracle’ may well be some feeling returning to Jackson’s upper body and most of the new year will be taken up with Aaron helping Jackson with physiotherapy.

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