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Danny Miller Interview… Aaron grows up!

Aaron couldn’t tell Jackson he loved him before the horrific van crash and, sadly, that hasn’t changed. “The accident hasn’t made Aaron suddenly fall in love with Jackson – deep down he’s still confused about that,” says Danny. “But if only he’d said ‘I love you’ back to Jackson, he knows Jackson wouldn’t be in hospital fighting for his life now…” Poor Jackson. Poor Aaron.

Is Aaron still blaming himself for Jackson’s accident?
He’s very, very emotional and still totally blames himself. If only he hadn’t phoned Jackson, if only he’d got back in the van with him, if only he’d stayed in the bar instead of going out for a fag in the first place… So many ‘if onlys’.

Hasn’t it helped that Jackson has come out of his coma?
There was a very strong possibility that Jackson would die – he flatlined a couple of times and Aaron’s still worried sick. He’s constantly at the hospital. Aaron spends hours talking to Jackson and is shown the ropes for caring for him, which he finds quite difficult to deal with.

Does Jackson’s mum Hazel blame Aaron for what’s happened?
Aaron feared she might but she doesn’t. She tells Aaron he shouldn’t feel guilty… it was an accident. They’ve become very close and are supporting each other. But Jerry, Jackson’s dad, does blame Aaron. He’s an unpleasant, homophobic man and took an instant dislike to Aaron.

What about Jackson? Does Aaron think  he blames him?
Jackson hasn’t said he does… not so far.

Do they know whether or not Jackson’s paralysis is permanent?
Not yet. There’s great news when Jackson is cleared of head injuries and he’s moved to the spinal unit. But as he has to undergo surgery before they’ll find out what the future holds… You don’t walk away from a horrific smash like that unscathed. There are no miracle cures…

Does Aaron feel he has no choice but to stay with Jackson now?
Aaron’s his own man – he want’s to be there for Jackson and doesn’t feel trapped. He’s desperate for him to be okay.

What if Jackson can never walk again? Would Aaron be able to live with that?
The accident and its after effects are just the beginning of a long storyline involving Aaron and Jackson’s relationship. What Aaron goes through over the next few months will really make him grow up…

Source: Soaplife



  1. I love it when Danny (Aaron) says “Aaron’s his (jackson)own man…<3 I'm looking forward to november because it seems like Aaron will stay with Jackson forever and continues to show signs that he loves him (even Jackson is going to show some frustration on Aaron soon) but I hope Aaron doesn't take Jackson's frustation too seriously:)

  2. i really hope they can get past the anger and for aaron to just tell jackson he loves him, i think its what jackson needs and its clear they want to be together 🙂

  3. Superb acting Danny & Marc!
    Excellent writing. A very difficult subject is being beautifully portrayed. The different emotions, the confusion, the underlying love; its totally gripping viewing. I am in Canada & Adam & Jackson have only just spent their first night together & I cant wait to see the story unfold.
    Fabulous job!

    • Correction to my above post..
      should read Aaron & Jackson, not Adam & Jackson.. 🙂

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