Posted by: Kimbaforeva | November 1, 2010

Spoiler Pics (November)

Tuesday 9th: There’s finally some good news for Jackson when his loved ones learn that he’s been cleared of any head injuries and will be moved to the spinal unit.

Wednesday 10th: Hazel remains positive about her son’s surgery, but Jackson is unsure he should be hoping for miracles. Aaron’s grateful when Adam offers to go with him to the hospital tomorrow when Jackson has his surgery. Will the surgery be good news for Jackson?

Thursday 11th (7pm): Aaron, Hazel, Jerry and Adam rally round Jackson’s bedside as he awaits his operation. Hazel attempts to keep the mood light-hearted, but when doctors arrive to take Jackson to surgery, the atmosphere becomes sombre and everyone is left to say their goodbyes. As they await Jackson’s return, Adam attempts to get a subdued Aaron to talk, but his reluctance is obvious. With no sign of Jackson, Aaron starts quizzing anyone that walks past, anxious to know he’s okay. Moments later, Jackson is returned to his room but the consultant has no news. They are told to wait until Jackson comes round and so the waiting game agonisingly continues.

Thursday 11th (8pm): As the consultants carry out reflex tests on Jackson, his family and friends wait outside for news on the results. Jackson’s raw anxiety is evident as the consultant asks if he can feel the pin he places against his body. Jackson fights back tears of disappointment as it becomes clear he can’t feel anything. Frustrated that there are still no answers, Hazel tracks down the consultant and forces him to admit that it’s looking highly likely that Jackson will remain paralysed from his shoulders down. Bereft, Hazel agonises about how she’s going to deal her own child such a crushing blow, but Aaron vows that he’ll be the one to do it. As Aaron struggles to tell Jackson he’ll never walk again, Jackson’s world collapses as his worst fears are confirmed.

Friday 12th: At the spinal unit, the atmosphere is awkward as Aaron attempts to make small talk with a despondent Jackson. As the boys sit in silence, a nurse arrives to carry out a personal hygiene task. Full of humiliation at Aaron seeing just how much help he needs, Jackson’s overcome with rage and orders Aaron to get out. Later, Aaron finds the courage to return and tries to make light of the situation, joking that Jackson should stop feeling sorry for himself. Incredulous, Jackson tells Aaron to leave and spits that he holds him fully responsible. Floored to hear the words, Aaron’s rocked as Jackson tells him he never wants to see him again.

These scenes air the week beginning November 8th 2010.


Monday 15th: Hazel is disappointed in Aaron.

Tuesday 16th: Chas urges Aaron to think seriously before committing to Jackson.



  1. What a terrible continuation of the story. Surely paralaysed from the waist down would have been bad enough?

    • Maybe Christmas miracle will be feeling returning to upper body. Fingers crossed!!

  2. I hope so Novo, but I suspect it won’t. It also seems nice characters have to be punished in serials. Rats like Nathan get away with everything.

  3. I’m starting to think this will turn into a Euthanasia storyline with Aaron helping Jackson die…

    • Yes I fear you might be right. I have to say I really don’t like the way this story is developing – once again, a gay character has to be seen to be “punished” in a story, and this of course, would result in two of them being punished. I have a feeling that be it suicide, euthenasia or plain death that is how the story will end, probably with Aaron going off the rails again afterwards

    • Haven’t we already had that with Clyde? Would be a shame if that happened because personally i think the writers need their heads examined. Why kill off a story like this?

      • Yes we have, and I think that is what will give Jackson or Aaron the idea. The fact is Aaron, due to his own stupidity lost his dog, which was one of the few things he loved, because he couldn’t admit his love for Jackson, Jackson has suffered this appalling injury.

        If Aaron loses somebody else he loves, I think the story will go one of two ways, either Aaron will withdraw into himself and be the old Aaron again, an aggressive loner, or, having attempted suicide once, will do so again – until he succeeds. He has proven he has the guts to do it.

  4. this sucks! i want a happy ending. feeling from the waist down please. explore the effects of a dissability on a relationship or something just let them be happy for a while!

    • I totally agree Tom. I know serials have to keep up the “excitement”, but with so much real tragedy and unhappiness in the world, it would be nice to have a happy story from time to time. It’s not a question of what is right and wrong in all the current soaps, it is what you can get away with, so in Coronation Street you have a slapper “selling” her child, for example, and in ED you have a blackmailing accessory to murder scumbag getting away with it

  5. Well that’s soaps for you, they know how to ruin a good storyline that people like us are enjoying following. This is no longer Aaron & Jackson’s storyline, it’s Aaron’s storyline and Jackson is just one of the characters within it. His accident is tragic and heartbreaking but it’s just one of the steps on Aaron’s on-going journey. Our problem is, is that we grew to love Jackson a bit too much.

    • “we grew to love Jackson a bit too much”….right there….hurts so much….the best I’ve ever heard…..and all I could do right now is waiting 2 hear the “I love you” from Aaron to somehow ease the pain for Jackson…for also for us -viewers whose tears are just keep falling from watching this…this…i’m sorry…i can’t

    • I think you put that very well. It always seems that when a new character “threatens” to come into the life of a long-running character, and there is just a chance that new person might entice the established character to leave the Street, the Square….or the Dales, that they are doomed.

      For a very long time I have had the feling that Marc is playing Trevor Howard to Danny’s Celia Johnson (the film Brief Encounter – deals with a love story you know is doomed from the minute it starts).

      The interesting thing is, I have a feeling Aaron would have had no problem telling Adam he loved him, had Adam responded to Aaron in the car the night he wanted to kiss him. As the Aaron & Jackson story has always been punctuated with the word “mate”, in Aaron’s mind it would have been quite acceptable for his best mate Adam and himself to slip between the sheets every now and then, provided no big thing was made of it. Adam, living at home would not have been making such a big deal about love and committment, it would just have tacitly accepted by both sides. It would have been the ideal solution for somebody of Aaron’s temprament, but of course, serials don’t want ideal solutions.

      I just think it is sad such a likeable, loveable character as Jackson has to be sacrificed as part of Aarons “journey”, which is getting almost as long as Tony Blair’s book of the same name. If the writers didn’t want Aaron and Jackson together, why not just one final big row so that Jacks ould – literally – have walked away?

      • Alan, mate…how did u come up with a comparison between Aaron & Jackson to Laura & Dr Alec was beyond me….however, i think if u were referring 2 the complexity of emotional & the social impossibility that overshadows both relationships, then u were right…

        Unattainable love is the most heartbreaking and the most unforgettable because it is a living fantasy and it makes me wondering whether Aaron will ever feel quite the same about Jackson…

        Btw, Brief Encounter…’s good 2 see some people still has a classic touch, mate….the part where Laura self-thinking and the ending….kills me…I do not want 2 see that here…just the thought about how it’s gonna end with Jackson’s hand on Aaron’s shoulder…

        True love is always touched by tragedy…not sure if it’s ever gonna happened for Aaron & Jackson

  6. Hi Harry. By the way I hope nobody will be offended by my referring to Danny/Aaron in terms of a male/female love story.

    What I meant was Laura Jessop was bound by convention and what “other people” would think of her friendship, however innocent with another man. When their final moments are interrupted by Dolly Messiter, despite the disappointment you got the feeling there was almost a sense of relief. She goes home to her conventional life, and I think Laura, in many ways, echos Aaron. Just as she would like to have developed her relationship with Alec, Aaron would like to with Jackson, but he still worries about what others might think, and like Laura, will regret what might have been but where she went back to kind, sympathetic Fred, who aksed no questions or made no judgements, Aaron will go back to Paddy (you got the sense that the marriage of Laura and Fred was one of sexless friendship in much the same way Aarons is with Paddy).

    The Aaron/Jackson situation also puts me in mind of an old Cole Porter song, sung by Billie Holiday (who also had a tragic life) in one of her last records,called “You Don’t Know What Love Is”. In part the lyric goes:

    “You don’t know what love is, until you’ve learned the meaning of the blues,

    Until you’ve loved a love you had to lose, you don’t know what love is.

    You don’t know what love is, until you’ve faced each dawn with sleepless eyes, for love that cannot live, but never dies”

    Sorry I’ll probably get booted off this site for being so downbeat and melancholic, 🙂 but to me, the Aaron & Jackson story reminds me of both the film and the song and has done almost since the start.

    Despite his tough exterior, Aaron is one of the most sensitive characters there is, often rejected and easily hurt, and I suspect love would be too big a burden for him. To quote Fred at the end of B.E. “Whatever your dream was, it wasn’t a very happy one, wasit?”

    • Hi Alan…ur not an ordinary person aren’t u…..and I meant it in a good way….u’ll not gonna b booted off anywhere for feeling that way…although ur kinda put me in an emotional mood after I youtubed that song….a very raw & haunting song indeed.

      I couldn’t agree more of what u said…very well said, btw……now all we have 2 do is watching the story unfolded…we knew the spoilers but they didn’t mean anything until they happen ,also that didn’t stop giving us surprises along the way….u know what…I’m gonna buy more tissue boxes just in case.

      Oh and…Alan…any chance that u’ve read A Walk 2 Remember by Nicholas Sparks, mate…that is my fav novel of all time.

      • Hi Harry. I haven’t read that book but I certainly intend to do so, thanks o your recommendation. That Billie Holliday song BTW comes from a 1958 LP, luckilly kept in print to this day on CD by Sony (formerly CBS) called “Lady In Satin”. There are some very beautiful songs there, and because Billie Holliday could never “act” or pretend to feel other than she did, and so each song wassung straight so you could hear what the writer intended. There are some standout tracks, “Easy To Remember”, “I’ll Be Around” by Alec Wilder especially beautiful.

        Back to Aaron, I think, at this stage in his life, what he really needs is a “Bromance”, in that as he feels uncomfortable telling another man he loves him, in a bromance it would be taken as read, but unspoken, and no feeling of formal committment would be needed. From what we see of the character, he is not highly sexed (even when he was trying to “cure” himself with girls he only had a few girlfriends) and apart from the unrequited love for Adam, he seemed not to look for men other than Jackson.

        I just wish this storyline didn’t have this terrible intense feeling of being a lost cause.

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