Posted by: Kimbaforeva | November 2, 2010

Marc teases new ‘twists’

Emmerdale star Marc Silcock has revealed details of the severe setbacks in store for Jackson Walsh and Aaron Livesy in next week’s episodes.

Upcoming instalments of the ITV1 soap will see Silcock’s character discover that he is highly likely to remain paralysed from his shoulders down in the aftermath of the shock train accident which nearly claimed his life.

After receiving the devastating news, Jackson ends up rejecting Aaron, declaring that their relationship is over and he never wants to see him again.

Speaking of Jackson’s decision, Silcock commented: “I think there’s a massive weight on Jackson’s shoulders. After being told he can’t walk again, he sends Aaron away and says ‘you need to be with somebody else’. I think he does it to protect Aaron.

“He doesn’t want the man that he loves to have to spend the rest of his life caring for him – getting him in and out of bed, putting him in the shower – he doesn’t want that for Aaron. Everything has completely changed now and their relationship can never be as it was before.”

Next week, viewers will also see Jackson angrily blaming Aaron for the fact that his van ended up in the path of the train on the fateful night of the accident.

However, Silcock said: “At the end of the day, Jackson tried to get the phone while he was driving – so it’s Jackson’s fault, but he has nobody else to blame and he feels helpless so he’s trying to pass it onto somebody else.”

Meanwhile, asked whether Jackson and Aaron have a future, the actor replied: “This puts a massive spanner in the works – it’s changed the whole relationship. I do think it’d be difficult to see Aaron and Jackson settle down after this.”




  1. This story keeps going from bad to worse. I read this and went WTF. My expectations for the storyline was not for wedding bells to ring but this is just too much.

  2. I don’t care how they will do it, but the writers NEED TO FIX THIS !!!!

  3. I agree with Elsie. I didn’t expect Aaron & Jackson to live happily ever after but this storyline has become so dark and miserable. I thought Jackson would eventually fully recover after the accident , Aaron would’ve realised what he could’ve lost and that it would bring them closer together and they’d be happy – for awhile at least. At the moment l can bearly watch, why are all soaps all doom and gloom??

  4. This makes me wonder what the heck could the Christmas miracle be about. It didn’t promise miracle recovery but something nice for our boys anyway.

  5. It’s getting 2 the point that the story becomes unbearable 2 watch 4 I reckon the writers now using Jackson’s condition as a perfect platform 2 develop/prepare Aaron’s future storyline. It’s no longer a story about developing Aaron & Jackson’s relationship…’s now about how 2 end it…it’s sad and therefore unbearable to see

    • That’s exactly what i see for the story. My heart is just breaking.

  6. I think Harry’s right. I agree that they’ll start to wind down Aaron and Jackson’s relationship slowly with Jackson being written out in the spring, probably moving him to another spinal unit elsewhere. And let’s face it, Aaron’s never going to forget Jackson’s outburst blaming Aaron for everything. It’s a sad end for a storyline that was so promising to start with and that a lot of us could relate to.

    • It is a truly sad end.

  7. I’m still gonna think positively!! Even if Jackson blames Aaron completely, he surely doesn’t want to lose aaron!! And Aaron, if he knows Jackson is very important in his life and that after this accident, he should be grateful that Jackson is still alive rather than being mad at Jackson for indirectly blaming him for the accident! What I mean is Aaron should try to think from jackson’s perspective, he’s the one suffering from all of this and it’s annoying him! If u were Jackson aaron, I’m sure u will be even more angry if u knew u were the one who can no longer walk!! So u should bear the anger in ur heart and express ur true feelings to Jackson!! Geez!!

  8. Love Aaron & Jackson together but the writes need kicking in the head so fix it and fix it now 😉

  9. Ps forgot most gay men could say at one time within this story that’s happened to me or I’ve done that but the writers have just lost the plot and it’s gone from a guy standing up and staying I’m gay to let’s see what we can do to the gays this week ??????

  10. People on this website need to lighten up a bit. Haha. We have no idea what’s going to happen in the future. Things might be bad now, but they could get a lot better. Sometimes, bad stuff has to happen to get to the really good stuff. Especially on TV. And especially in soap.

  11. Sorry Roger, we don’t mean to be miserable! Let’s hope something good does happen – maybe that Xmas miracle?

  12. Aaron will never forget what jackson says to him, but i dont think jaackson does blame him, he said he was getting the phone.
    aaron willl always blame himself but for jackson to tell aaron himself it really rocks him, but i think aaron will realise he said it because jackson wants the best for him.
    It will end good… its aaron and jackson they belong together. 🙂 🙂

    • “It will end good… its aaron and jackson they belong together.”
      So true…

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