Posted by: Kimbaforeva | November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Marc!

Happy Birthday to Mr Marc Silcock, who turns

22 today (Nov 4th)! Many happy returns!



  1. Happy Birthday Marc,
    I truly hope it is a happy and blessed one. You have been a superb addition to Emmerdale and wish you all the luck in the coming months and hope that we get to see your exellent acting skill even past the spring.
    * raises a glass in your Honor*

  2. Haha brilliant! Loving the framed photo ;o) Happy Birthday Marc!

  3. Marc:
    I love you and your “Jackson”. I live in US and follow you on YouTube and have downloaded to my computer most of your appearances. Hope they keep you around a long time. Keep up the good work.

  4. Happy birthday Marc !!! Hope you and Jackson stay in Emmerdale for a long time, it’s being brilliant!!!

  5. Happy B’Day ! Your’re Awesome….Best wishes !

  6. Happy Birthday from me too. Emmerdale is just so full of such great young talent. He is this young and that amazing.

  7. Happy Birthday hun hope you have a fantastic day you really deserve it you are an amazing YOUNG actor and i really enjoy your performances on emmerdale i so hope you stick around even after spring emmerdale would suck without you
    love soph
    HUGGLES 🙂 x

  8. Marc, many happy returns from across the Channel and I sincerely hope (and wish) that we may enjoy your acting , which is wonderful, for a long time to come !!!

  9. From another November Birthday person, Happy Birthday Mr. Silcock, and many more. Job well done on Emmerdale, and I wish you continued success wherever you go.

  10. Happy Birthday Marc !! 🙂 Hope youu have a good one !! 🙂 Luvving the framed pic 😉

  11. Hey Jackson, or should I say Marc. A very happy birthday 2 u sweetheart and many happy returns. U r one of the best actors in all the soaps I have ever seen. And u know what u r kinda cute and hot as well. Ur relationship with Aaron is one of the best. Take care of ur self. Live long life and be with Aaron always. Love ya.

  12. Happy B-day Marc!! Keep up the good work!!! we love you!!!! 🙂

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