Posted by: Kimbaforeva | November 6, 2010

Video Preview: November 10th

Jackson is anxious about his surgery and while Hazel remains positive, he’s reluctant to hope for miracles.

These scenes air on Wednesday 10th November, 7pm, ITV1.



  1. ” we’re in this together right ”

    Now this sounds quite promising … If it wasn’t for the other spoilers saying otherwise !!

    Have been hooked on this story line since Aaron first tried to kiss Adam. Must admit it’s been written very well and the acting has been amazing.

    It’s great that it reflects other peoples lives etc when they pluck up the courage to come out. After reading other peoples stories about the same issue, makes me realise how lucky I am and how easy I have had it.

    Keep up the good work guys and girls.

    Oh and this site is fantastic, and the YouTube channel deserves a medal !

  2. The fact that on Friday Jackson tells Aaron he never wants to see him again suggests two things to me:

    1) He has total paralysis – if it was “just” from the waist down, I think Jackson would see that as a challenge he could overcome

    and 2) He doesn’t want to lose Aaron but being that he is a very caring character & knowing Aaron finds it difficult, he will want to “set him free” so to speak so Aaron can find somebody else.

    Aaron still hasn’t told Jackson he loves him (though I think by his actions this past month you can see he really does), and with all the shock and despair of his situation, I think Jackson would think, if he told him that now, Aaron would just be saying it out of pity.

  3. I agree Alan. If Aaron said the L word now it would seem like he was saying it out of pity. Maybe he’ll say it at Christmas and that’ll be the miracle they teased us about? I’m sure they will be “in it together” for a good while yet even after Jackson’s upcoming outburst. Hazel will be the one who’ll keep the boys together and her words of wisdom will make Aaron grow up and step up to the challenge of caring for Jackson.

  4. Okay let me try to make it clear! From jackson’s perspective, if he knew he could no longer walk and things can no longer be the same for him and Aaron, then even though he knew he loves and cares Aaron, he still doesn’t want to put Aaron in his shoes(meaning he doesn’t like the fact that Aaron will have to be with someone that doesn’t even know what will happen in the future) that’s why he has to find ways to send Aaron away(by indirectly blaming him)! As for Aaron, probably he will never forgive Jackson for indirectly blaming him(given his character) but hopefully if he does love Jackson and think through it, he will understand Jackson is the type of guy that always want the best for Aaron!! Lastly, hopefully hazel will be the one putting them back together maybe by saying to Jackson “don’t just send Aaron away! He has been with you all along and it’s not like he blames himself and act like he’s guilty! He’s here because he realizes he doesn’t want to lose you and remember how he has tried to cope with ur dad even he doesn’t want to at the beginning? Aaron has been different all along mainly because of you Jackson!!” sigh hopefully things do work out and we can see something good in the future!! I love Aaron and Jackson!!

    • Hope you are right!!

      But it’s a soap, and they never allow people to just be happy.

      • Exactly.

  5. Well soaps are dramas so nobody’s gonna live happily ever after but l WANT Aaron & Jackson to be happy! But deep down, even though we don’t want to accept it, we know they are doomed. Has anyone read the A&J story Said It All by theshapeofinsanity on FanFiction.Net? Truly heart breaking and a probable outcome to their storyline.

    • Yes I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. We know it’s not going to last but can’t seem to accept it. Shame though.

      Without causing offence to anyone, how many people wouldn’t be bothered what happened if this story was about 2 women??

    • Hi Shawn…would u mind post the link to the story u mentioned above, please ? cheers !

    • Hi Shawn,
      thanks for sharing the link with us! I’ve read it this morning and you are absolutely right! It’s truly heartbreaking and to be honest I’m still a bit surprised about the whole A&J story, i mean from now on till Christmas, it will be tough for us to watch A&J while they are on screens. Because J doesn’t want anything from A after the accident and he thinks A has the full responsibility for it. In addition, even though he really does love A, he knew in his heart that things can no longer be the same as before. Whereas A, during this period, he knows that he cares about J and that he loves J, but he also knows that no matter how hard he tries to be with J, he would never be able to forgive himself especially not after J has blamed him for it. And,he knows Jackson has already made it clear that he doesn’t want anything from him and it would be better for him to be with someone else. Anyways, i feel like i’m going to cry soon so I would just stop at here!

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