Posted by: Kimbaforeva | November 9, 2010

Spoilers: Nov 15 – 19th

Monday 15th: Hazel asks Jackson if Aaron has been to visit today, but Jackson reminds his mum that he wants nothing more to do with Aaron. Later, spotting Aaron drowning his sorrows with Adam at The Woolpack, Hazel approaches and brands him a coward. As Aaron retorts these are Jackson’s wishes, Hazel makes it clear that she’s disappointed he’s thrown the towel in so easily and leaves him to languish in his own guilt.

Tuesday 16th: Chas urges Aaron to think very seriously before committing to Jackson.

Wednesday 17th: Aaron is grateful when Chas defends his name to Hazel.

Friday 19th: Carl is incredulous to find his van backlight smashed and turns on Aaron, thinking he was responsible. Angry, he spitefully blames Aaron for Jackson’s condition. Chas struggles to keep a lid on her temper, but manages to keeps her cool and calmly tells Carl that Aaron wasn’t responsible for the damage to his van. She then flirtily suggests that he should keep tomorrow night free – what has Chas got up her sleeve?



  1. Oh now i get why we have to wait all the way till Christmas to get some good news. This storyline is going to draw out like never before. I can’t even say i’m eager to see what is going to happen next anymore. I don’t mean to be this gloomy but it is just what i feel.

    • Shame it’s going to drag out for a while but I think that for Aaron who’s “never had an easy way” to fundamentally grow he needs to go through the pain otherwise he’s unlikely to truly change. I realise that it’s going to be long and painful to watch but anything less wouldn’t be true to the character.

  2. I know what you mean Elsie, it’s like we can see the road this story is going down. Still, Christmas miracle to look forward to. Let’s hope the bosses realise how popular Jackson is and keep him in the show. But l suppose they have to do what’s best for the character.

  3. aaron is doing what jackson wants, but aaron he doesnt want that he wants you!
    he friggin loves you like you do him, but no we have to wait till chirstmas

  4. Does anyone else think that Jackson is only telling Aaron to go because he doesn’t want Aaron to be stuck with him and ‘lose out’ by being with Jackson. I think he’s trying to help Aaron, but we all know that Aaron would be better off with Jackson.

  5. As much as I Love Aaron & Jackson, I feel they would be better off without each other. That truly saddens me though. 😦

  6. No Jackson and Aaron on November 22nd and 23rd? or until the first of December?!?

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