Posted by: Kimbaforeva | November 10, 2010

December Spoilers

Wednesday 1st: Aaron is shocked when Paddy tells him that Rhona is pregnant but is happy to discover there is still a place for him at Smithy.

Thursday 2nd: Aaron feels guilty and resentful when Hazel has a dig at him for forgetting Jackson so quickly, and Hazel is surprised when Gerry suggests Jackson live with him.

Friday 3rd: Hazel finally manages to convince Jackson that he won’t ever be a burden to her – but there’s a sense he wishes the same could be said of Aaron.



  1. It looks as if decisions are being taken away from Jackson. I find that piece “Jackson doesn’t want to be a burden for Hazel.”, very worrying

    Obviously if Jerry has his way, he will be nowhere near Aaron.

  2. assisted suicide here we come?

    • This is what bothers me, Tom. Also given the fact that Aaron has said in terms – and proven by his actions, he is not afraid of death and would even welcome it, he would probably be sympathetic to J if he felt that way inclined. It has worried me for some time, I just hope we are both wrong.

  3. OMG Tom! I can’t even bear to think about THAT!!! If they did that there would be an uproar surely?

    • Shawn, Tom and all other Jackso fans. If you want to keep Marc (Jackson) in ther programme, and you haven’t already signed it, might I suggest you sign the petition:

      Hopefully “viewer power” could keep him alive

      • I’m on my way to sign it now.

  4. Alan i agree with you. IT has us worried too. If Jerry gets his way.. and he is weasling in this mess he might get Jackson to steer clear of
    Aaron and everything else Gay related.
    Time for a Hazel INTERVENTION!

  5. Don’t be all doom and gloom Alan. I’m lying to myself if i don’t admit that your words have upset me. I’m in bed and i can’t sleep.

    • Sorry Elsie, didn’t mean to give you a bad night, it’s just that Jerry was hostile before he knew how bad Jackson’s injuries were – he obviously blames Aaron for phoning Jackson before the accident. Jackson himself is about to, but I suspect that is actually out of consideration for Aaron – he doesn’t want Aaron to feel in any way obligated to help look after him. He is an unselfish man, and I suspect that he thinks by pushing Aaron away, A will be free. I don’t think he really wants that – he is just thinking of Aaron, but Jerry is a whole different thing.

      I honestly wish the writers would have 2nd thoughts abt J’s condition, but no doubt there are too many episodes already recorded. I would have liked to Jackon to have been part of A’s life, rather than an incidental character in A’s journey

      • I totally agree with you on this. To add Jackson just to thicken the plot is a great waste of his talent. The writers shouldn’t have gotten us this involved only to take it all away.

  6. I don’t think Jerry would be like that with Aaron again. After all, it was Aaron that contacted Jerry to tell him Jackson wanted to see him.

  7. I really am delighted I’ve stumbled upon this blog. Wonderful. I love both Jackson & Aaron’s characters. I think Emmerdale bosses will be very silly if they let Marc go after March. I think he’s a wonderful actor & I would love to see more with him.

    You never know he might be able to walk again. If I had a penny for all the things doctors told me I’d never do again I’d have the gas bill paid for this month anyway. Doctors get it wrong all the time. Maybe this is going to be one of these times. I really do hope it is. I loved in tonight’s episode where the orderly was going on about the nurses & then Aaron kissed him. haha Very good.

    • Welcome Michelle. Take a seat and enjoy.

  8. just a little message to all of you THINK OF XMAS COMMON PEOPLE ITS A SOAP ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN
    the writers arent stupid they know if it ends badly the ratings will go down bit time i for one happen to think they know exactly what they are doing and we will have a good happy aarson xmas keep the hope for that coz right now thats the only thing we have to hold on too

    • I wish i had your cheery disposition Soph co s at the moment i ‘m just down in the dumps.

    • I wish i had your cheery disposition Soph cos at the moment i ‘m just down in the dumps.

    • I wish i had your cheery disposition Soph because at the moment i ‘m just down in the dumps.

  9. Apparently, Jackson and Hazel move in to Declan’s house (which is the one that Jackson did the building work on). Declan is moving to Home Farm.

    • That has got to be Declan’s wife who is the mystery buyer of the house – especially as she gets the price down – it will be nice to see the smug grin wiped of Nathan’s face when he realises he’s been had, but I’d still rather see him arrested for perverting thc course of justice, and join his mum inside where he belongs…but I digress!

      How sad it would be in real life to be in Jackson’s condition and actually be living in your last job, a constant reminder of what you had been capable of. I really do feel they have made Jackson suffer too much, and I just hope the writers haven’t left it too late (or so advanced with their planning), that they can’t give him some sort of future, with or without Aaron. I don’t think they initially realised how popular Jackson’s would be.

      • Who knows, this Christmas miracle might see Jackson sat upright and able to move his arms etc. Fingers crossed anyway.

        I can’t believe I’ve let a soap do this to me. I’m obsessed !!!

      • I agree about Jackson’s condition. Since the accident and his diagnosis, I have been feeling uneasy. I can’t really explain it. I think about it from time to time throughout the day. Jackson has had so much happen to him in such a short time. What more can the writers do to him? I am usually a pessimistic kind of guy but in this case I vote for the miracle.

        I also agree with Paul. I can’t believe I’ve let a soap do this to me!

    • where is hazel living at the moment? i thought she decided to stay at paddy’s even after jackson moved out. although, i don’t think she’s been living there at all.

      • I think she is. If you remember on the morning of Jacksons operation she went into Aaron’s bedroom and said “I am going to the shops before we go to the hospital”, and his op was at 11 a.m.

        I think one things all serials are flaky on is living arrangements: in Eastenders one small house contains so many people it must have elastic walls!.

        In ED we have Matron Rhona chasing Dr Paddy round the surgery downstairs and Aaron & Hazel upstairs

    • hi
      do you know if jackson and aaron get back together?

      • teph: Yes I think so, but both Marc and Danny have said in interviews that they don’t think they will be back together permanently

  10. Hi Alan

    Have signed the petition, let’s hope it works. Fingers crossed!

    • I would love to think the Xmas miracle is Jackson getting at least some improvement in mobility, but the producer spoke of “a moment”, so I suspect it will be Aaron finally telling Jackson he loves him. Glad you signed the petition Shawn!

      • Whats this petition? Sorry if I’m being nosy but if its about aaron and jackson…. 🙂

      • Eimear. It is a Twitter petition to try to get Marc Silcock (Jackson) contracted extended beyond next Spring.

        Please sign it!

      • Oooh definately!! 🙂 Will go look for it and sign it….even tho twitter is abit tempermental on my comp but i will notlet dat stop me!!!:)

  11. Can not see this been a assisted suicide to conversational for early viewing. May be after all the terrible things that is happening at the moment with this story line there should be some gradual improvement up to the Christmas miracle. Jackson to regain some upper body movements and by next spring walking again. But heard on this morning yesterday there will be a wedding in Emmerdale at Christmas who can that be?

    • I like the thought of your idea, Barry but I think Aaron & Jackson having a civil partnership would be bad for two reasons:

      1) I just don’t think Aaron – even now – would be able to make such a big gesture, it would be out of character


      2) If it happens, if Marc does leave in the Spring (and I HOPE he doesn’t) I have a horrible feeling they will kill him off – Aaron the hertbroken young widower. Given Danny’s superb acting abilities, I ca jst imagine the writers enjoying the idea of that!

    • I think the marriage is Chas and Carl. There are spoilers showing the proposal.

  12. Ok hold on a minute d last Nov spoiler was the 19th …. does this mean there is going to be a two week gap without our aaron and jackson??? 😦 😦 sadness 😦 😦 lets hope they find their way back to each other eventually! 🙂 fingers crossed! x

    • I don’t know about Jackson, but Hazel and Aaron are definately in at least one episode this week. She gets angry with Aaron when she catches him drinking with Adam.

  13. Eimear, Sorry I forgot to give you the link to the petition:

  14. This christmas miracle i think is going to be Jackson will get feeling in his upper body and Aaron will tell Jackson he loves him…. but sadly i dont think Jackson will ever walk again. i really hope that Aaron and Jackson supporters can come together and get loads of signatures on this petition

    And hopefully we will have Marc on our screens for ALOT longer than we first thought 😀

  15. first of all all of you who have said about marriage danny has posted on twitter they are not getting married and common guys anything can happen and the next person to talk about assisted suicide is gonna get a punch i mean common can you really see that happening the writers are not stupid they know the ratings will go down if they dont get back together think of the xmas miricle 🙂 hugs to all

  16. “Paddy confides in Aaron about Rhona’s pregnancy.”

    Rhona’s pregnant !!
    OMG 😮 She’s pregnant !!!

    Way to land yourself right in it Paddy.

    • It’s Marlon’s apparently !!

      • Rhona, and Holly are the two people who a really annoying me at the moment, both are needy and self-obsessed.

        You couldn’t get 2 men more alike than Paddy & Marlon, yet Rhona has fallen out of love with Marlon and into love with Paddy. If she tired of one, she will tire of the other.

        Unless it is the old British class thing again – a vet is a professional, Marlon is a cook (not sure he is a chef), anyway, Paddy is more “one of us” for Rhona than Marlon.

        Paddy ought to be ashamed of himself – there are things you don’t do, and getting involved with a close friend’s partner is one of those things.

        Also, given that he sees himself as Aaron’s surrogate dad, I would have thought he would have shown more concern in the A & J situation than he has done.

        One other thing: in the absenc e of Paddy I would have thought Aaron would have confided more in Adam than he has done.

      • Ummmm I dunno … I like the Paddy and Rhona thing. I think they’re good together. Yes there are lines you don’t cross, but if all you’ve concentrates through out your life is other peoples happiness, then there comes a point when you’ve gotta start looking after number one. Marlon might be ok (eventually) about it he sees them really happy together.

        Aaron still doesn’t like showing his feelings so it’s not surprising he hasn’t spoken to Adam about them. Maybe deep down. Aaron still wants Adam??? How about that for a twist to the story lol !!

  17. I think, Paul your last paragraph is dead right. I think, if he could be 100% truthful to himself, Aaron still does have feelings for Adam.

    On (rare occassions) Aaron can laugh about himself with Adam (remember after the suicide attempt in the hospital, when Aaron said he wished they could be mates again like they used to be, within seconds Adam got him laughing about the attempt?).

    Also, as Aaron doesn’t really like being gay, he can enjoy his friendship with Adam because it allows him to be very close to another man without any expectations or pressure, and if anything ever did happen, they could both pretend it hadn’t (or they had had too much to drink) or something like that. Perhaps they could make Adam “bi”?

    • Ya never know, it could happen. It happened in Hollyoaks with John Paul and Craig.

  18. What are u serious ???

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