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Spoilers: December 6th-10th

.Monday 6th: Hazel’s surprised by a generous offer from Declan.

.Tuesday 7th: Jackson’s reluctant to return to the village.






SOURCE: ITV Press Centre



  1. So Aaron and JAckson are going to talk to each other again!!! When will this happen? Did I miss some spoilers?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

    • New spoilers say Aaron is going to see Jackson november 7.

  2. I don’t think we’ve missed anything. But i guess they will work it out and come to some sort of arrangement. I’m actually eager to see how the writers will present that though wierd enough i don’t hope for a kiss because it will all seem like fake to me. Don’t mind me, i’m just depressed @ this point and can’t seem to get my spirits up when it comes to this storyline.

  3. whether or not jackson meant what he said at the hospital, i think the one thing that will always be a constant is him not wanting aaron staying out of guilt. if J does let A back into his life, i wonder how the latter will convince him. will he make fangirls happy by finally saying ILY?;)

  4. I think we need to look at this as though it’s in the real world. We all knew deep down it would never be a fairy tale. These things never are (unfortunately). At the end of the day, it’s a soap and writers of these always tend to make them end miserably. BUT … when will these writers learn that there are actually couples out there (gay ones too) that have to deal with all these issues and still stay together.

    If fans want a fairy tale ending, there’s plenty of decent Aaron/Jackson stories on that fan fiction website that Shawn (I think) posted on here a few days ago.

  5. I’ve just realized that Jackson has too, become our “first love”…therefore, we – the viewers around the world would only hope the best for Jackson…anything (or anyone no matter how hot he is) that happen after Aaron & Jackson’s story would not have the same affect on us like Jackson did…the journey we took so far has been rough on the guys we love…much likes any first love…but hey, Xmas is just a couple of weeks away..hope that Santa aka the writers will grant all my wishes..and I think we all wish 4 the same thing so better not say it out loud though…lol

  6. Thanks Paul. I just checked it out and went straight to ‘Summer’. Haven given up on the boys lately this actually helped me feel better. I even went back to watch the holiday episode again. Thanks again.

    • You’re welcome. I keep reading the next chapter when I get a spare 5 mins!! They are quite addictive and easy to follow because we all know what the characters look like.

  7. Paul, am loving these stories. The follow up to Summer, Winter is very good. I love the closeness of Aaron and Jackson in that one. Also looking foward to seeing how they get back together on screen.

    • Nice one, will look for it when I’ve finished ‘summer’ … I don’t want it to end !!

  8. Tues 7 December 2010 (Hour Long ep) – Aaron wins Jackson over and vows to be there for him.

    Aaron and Jackson have an emotional heart-to-heart about their future

    From Soaplife

    Jackson’s ray of hope.
    Marc Silcock says Jackson wants to believe Aaron when he promises to never let him down again.
    Jackson loves Aaron and always will but what happens if Aaron is attracted to another able-bodied man?

    Jackson may have told Aaron to go and leave him but he didn’t mean it. He just couldn’t bear for Aaron to only be with him out of sympathy. So when Aaron turns up at the hospital and tells Jackson he doesn’t want his freedom, he wants him, he can dare to love and hope again. It proves to him that Aaron really does love him that the physical side of things doesn’t matter.
    It’s a moment of real tenderness Marc tells Soaplife when we chat at his new home.
    But how long will it last?

    Has Jackson accepted the fact that he’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life?
    The reality of living life from the confines of a wheelchair is very difficult for him. He’s putting a brave face on it but inside he’s feeling desperate and praying for some kind of miracle.

    He’s told Aaron he blames him for what happened. Does he still feel that way?
    He was blinded by anger and sadness and looking for someone to blame. But he knows the accident was nobody’s fault.

    Does he regret telling Aaron that he never wants to see him again?
    He wanted to give Aaron a get out clause. He didn’t want him to stay with him because he felt he had an obligation to him — especially a Jackson who isn’t able to touch, feel or move. But Jackson misses him desperately. He still loves Aaron — he always will……

    Jackson’s dad, Jerry, wants him to move in with him — Does Jackson want that?
    No — if Jackson wasn’t paralysed he and his dad still wouldn’t be talking. Jackson’s still gay whether he can walk or not. He tells jerry he’s welcome to visit but he wants to live with his Mum.

    How scared is he about life when he gets out of hospital?
    He can’t wait — but the reality of actually living life from the confines of a wheelchair is very difficult for him. He was a builder and very active — now he’s paralysed and he hates the way people treat him — especially people who knew him before. So much so, he tells Hazel he’s not returning to Emmerdale even though Declan offers them a cottage at a token rent.

    What changes his mind?
    He turns up at the hospital and asks Jackson if he’d stay in the village if he wanted him to. Jackson warns him of the reality of his life — no dignity and no independence — but Aaron tearfully promises not to let him down again.

    But can it really work?
    Jackson wants to think it will. He and Aaron do have an incredibly strong bond and deep love for each other. But what happens if Aaron is attracted to another able-bodied man? Aaron’s only ever had one boyfriend, Jackson. But Jackson’s not that man anymore — and never will be.

    • Well at least it’s not all doom and gloom!! Any more of it and I’d be thinking I was watching EastEnders !!!

    • is this the so called “Christmas miracle” that they mentioned b4 ?….if so….this sucks…who would wish Aaron to have another “able-bodied” man in the future…unbelievable

      • Im more interested in them fan fiction stories …. Much better 🙂

  9. Ok I get most of it but the last part is
    Some what interesting so let me get this straight
    There’s going to be another man that aarons going to be attracted
    To? And in the end Aaron and Jackson will break up when
    Marc contract has ended in he spring of 2011? Ugh!!!! That just fantastic 😦

    • nooooo they never said that there will aparently we a new character called nick aaron goes to bar west and nick flirts with him it then makes him think about when he first met jackson he then goes to the hospital and says he wants jackson not his freedom then later on aaron hazel and jackson go to bar west and either nick is there he talks to aaron jackson is hurt that he is a full bodied man and aaron might want him and wants to go or someone flirts with aaron or asks why he is with a cripple and aaron punches him either way this will just be a way to help aaron show to jackson he is serious about being with him he will obviously reject this person and it will prove to jackson he loves him common guys there is still hope 🙂

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