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Spoiler Pics (7th Dec)

Aaron’s current dilemma will soon come to a head in Emmerdale as he must make a final decision over whether to make things work with Jackson or move on with his life.

When Hazel tells Aaron that Jackson has been moved into a wheelchair and she wants him home by Christmas, Aaron continues with his stubborn ways – bitterly insisting that he no longer cares what happens to Jackson. The discussion between the pair quickly leads to a furious row, prompting Aaron to head off to the Bar West gay club for some time to himself.

When a punter named Nick comes over and offers to buy the troubled mechanic a drink, Aaron accepts his approach – is he ready to start dating again? Or will he finally acknowledge how much Jackson means to him before it’s too late?

He soon realises that it doesn’t feel right, and heads over to the hospital instead. Aaron tells Jackson that he will always be there for him and begs for his forgiveness, promising to never let him down again.

Keen to make Jackson realise that he can still make the most of his life, Hazel and Aaron join forces to take him for a night out at Bar West.

Although uncomfortable at first, Jackson soon brightens up and appears to be having a good time. But is he just putting on a front?

These scenes air on Tuesday 7th December, 7pm, ITV1.




  1. STILL in love with Jackson?. It was because he was unable to say that he did love him that the accident happened on October 6th.He said he didn’t know if he could love anyone.

    Now it suddenly seems he loves Jackson and Chas, Chas I suspect will be one of the fire victims, so I assume Hazel will become a sort of surrogate mum to Aaron, replacing Daddy Paddy who is busy elsewhere

    Thinking of Jackson’s feelings I wouldn’t take him to the last place he was at when he could still walk, it must bring back horrible memories. I just feel that they put Jackson through too much

  2. Ok, I really do hope they don’t kill off Chas, but if they do it would be great if Hazel took him in. I think it’s good that they’ve brought him out & that Aaron is standing by Jackson. I really do hope they build on their relationship. You can see they work well together, why destroy it? It doesn’t make sense.

    • No it doesn’t make sense to destroy it … But it’s a soap and they all thrive on tragedy 😦

  3. hope aaron and jackson are ok they are great for each other please be together x

  4. i’m not so sure when Aaron even admitted to himself that he loved Jackson so does this realisation happen before he hits the bars?I hope Emmerdale stays true to it’s realistic portrayal of situations. .*I don’t want it to get too Soapy*

    • I still think Aaron loves Adam

      • Yes, i agree there is something about him and Adam. But i don’t think the writers will ever explore it again. They killed off any possibility of Adam ever being gay or interested in Aaron as more than a friend. But then again, it’s a soap.

  5. at first glance, it looks like aaron is caressing jackson’s head. but i guess his hand is just on the headrest.

  6. At last. Something positive about these two!!

    I’ll bore everyone again when i say i hope they both have some happiness together and when will these writers learn that yes, real people are happy together despite whatever is thrown at them.

    • I wonder Paul if the bleakness of some recent storylines (Jackson’s appalling accident, Ryan in prison and the fire to come) in some way reflects the (& I don’t mean this rudely) trauma in the producer’s own life. The obits say he had “a short illness” but to die at 41 as Gavin Blythe sadly has, obviously must have some effect on your outlook. Obviously we have no way of knowing what was wrong with him but I noticed it says in all reports the “after a short illness” and nowhere is the words “suddenly” or “unexpectedly” used.

      Perhaps I am just reading too much into that, but as I have said a few times recently the series has become very dark.

      Back to the characters, I hope too A & J can be happy & perhaps A really does love Jackso for himself and not out of guilt or pity.

      I think it would have been more realistic though if we had seen Aaron attempt to visit J in hospital, even if J refused to see him, because at the moment, you can be forgiven for thinking that it is a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

      I also agree with you that I think he does still have feelings for Adam, but of course, given Aaron’s diffident nature, if he has problems telling another gay man how he feels, he would find it next door to impossible to admit his feelings to and for Adam, and also he would’nt want to risk the friendship.

      • He passed away from lung cancer, he only discovered he had it a few weeks ago apparently. x

  7. Okay IF Jackson and Aaron break up I hope in the end they get back together. In an recent interview they said that it’s going to be fairytale meaning Aaron is going to stop at Jackson. So he will probably get a new BF. I just like Aaron and Jackson to much…

  8. Leia, please explain BF to me. I’m not English so I do not know the meaning of it.
    As far as A and J are concerned: I’ve just seen the two latest (short !) clips of Aaron and it struck me how different he comes across. He has changed, he has become more matured in a short time.Looking at the pictures of the coming episodes Danny somehow has a different look about him. Or am I reading too much into it? Let’s face it, hugging Chas !!! is quiet something.

    • BF … Boy friend.

      Sorry Leia !!

  9. Love Jackson.. but that guy chatting up Aaron is really Hot! they have the SAME hair cut! HOT HOT Haha

    • He reminds me a bit of “Wayne” who gave Aaron a bad time on Community Service (probably the skinhead look I guess). I am glad he sticks by Jackson though – or at least I hope he does

  10. Thanks Paul !

  11. Thanks for the info Jack – what a terrible thing. Very swift as well, I once knew somebody who had lung cancer who survived for nearly four years.

  12. Did anyone else notice that in picture 1 Aarons coat is on the back of his chair and in picture 2 it’s magically disappeared…

    • it might have fallen on the floor lol

  13. I do hope that A will stay with Jackson and continue to stay with him until the Christmas Micrale comes by!! Because A starts to have more feelings for J and he starts to realize the importance of being able to express his feelings for someone! Just like what he did with Chaz earlier, he offered a hug to his mom and asked whether she’ll be fine without Carl and stuff right. That was a huge improvement despite A’s personality and his character all along the episodes. So i really do hope things between A and J would come good at the end!! ❤

    • I have seen spoilers up to 31st December but they are very careful not to reveal what the “Christmas miracle” is – does anyone have any ideas?. I can only assume (or hope) it will be Jackon regaining the use of his upper body if not his legs

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