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December: Video Previews

Monday 6th: It’s a bittersweet moment for Jackson and Hazel when he’s moved into a wheelchair for the first time.

Tuesday 7th: Aaron heads to Bar West for a night out in a bid to get over Jackson, but is he just trying to fool himself?



  1. Am loving Hazel’s comment … ‘if you fall out at least you won’t feel it’ hahaha brilliant !!

  2. G

  3. I think one of the problems Aaron has is that he is still not 100% comfortable with being gay, so he always looks awkward and uncomfortable when he goes to Bar West.

    He was exceptionally lucky in that the first man he was involved with was as considerate and patient as Jackson. Unless he really changes I don’t think he would be lucky enough to find somebody quite so understanding

    • I agree mate he was very lucky … In real life, for every nice decent gay bloke there’s about 20 horribe ones !!

      The stereotype is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable even now at 25 years of age and being ‘out’ since the age of 17

      • Yes the greatest tribute to Gavin Blythe, as a straight producer, was that he didn’t want the “Are You being Served” stereotype that Coronation Street is cintent with.

        There have been very few non-stereotypes in serials, in fact only 2 that I can recall “Tony Hills” (played by Mark Homer in Eastenders about a decade ago now, and “PC Luke Ashton” (Scott Neal in The Bill).

        What I do think is regrettable, is that they are determined not to give Jackson any more of a happy life than happened to the other two.

        I always feel for the sake of young teenagers it would be far better to give them good role models like Jackson than Sean in Coronation Street. When you are only 14/15 and subject to school playground taunts, and insecurities, it would be much more reassuring to see Jackson, and his qualities, and perhaps then even straight lads could see that gay lads are just the same as them, and have the same sort of jobs and backgrounds.

  4. I agree with Alan. It would be so good if we could see a more emotional bond between A and J. Young people would need to see this. It’s not enough that we are able to marry ( in the Netherlands) but to show them that there is more to a gay couple than going to the bars having a good time.And I don’t mean being stuffy sitting in front of the telly !
    I think that it is very necessary as I read such good fanfic lately where this is explored. Are we craving this?

    Or are the gay rolemodels being killed off like Ianto in Torchwood or just “so good in singing and dancing” like Kurt in Glee. There is so much more in between.And I find A and J are just right for the in between.

    By the way, love the subtle snowing!!!

    • I think we are craving it. Maybe a bit too much to be honest.

      As Alan said, such a good job has been made of this storyline, and it shows that the average lad can be gay, alot of lads can relate to it and this makes the whole thing more appealing and we all want everything to work out between Aaron and Jackson. If this story was about 2 queens (sorry) I wouldn’t be half as interested in it as I am.

      Rather than it being about 2 gay lads, It’s about 2 lads that are gay. For example I’m not gay Paul. I’m Paul who just happens to be gay … If that makes sense

  5. I get what your saying Paul and I agree: )

    • Yes what I like about this story is that both lads do ordinary jobs (builder/mechanic) they look ordinary – not perfect skin and complexions the way they would in an American serial and as Paul said they are two lads who just happen to be gay – it is not the be all and end all of them.

      If you saw these lads they would come over as perfectly normal – which is as it should be – the Coronation Street token gay (“Sean”) works as a machinist in a knicker factory, and is portrayed very much as one of the girls – he tends to start a lot of gossip and makes the most bitchy remarks.

      If I were a 15 year old lad I wouldn’t mind in the least being like Jackson or Aaron, but I would be worried others might see me as “Sean” (or at least think others might imagine that is how you have to be), but the character is so insulting – these days they would be in trouble if they portrayed a racial sterotype yet they get away with it with Sean. If nothing else, this story has shown that normal lads can be gay without being arty or effete, and hopefully it will help many young teenagers who might find it hard to come to terms with their lives to see that being gay is perfectly normal and they are just like any other lad

  6. omg jacksons in that preview made my day sooo funny TO ME TO YOU hahaaa gawd i love jackson ahhaaa

  7. YAY !!! that’s more like it!!

    • I hope Aaron tonight is doing things for the right reason – not a case of his heart ruling his head. In the opening episode Aaron is really horrible to Hazel, but then at the end of the episode he overheard the conversation Hazel was having with Paddy & Rhona, about how she worried that Jackson would never have anyone to love him. After a short visit to Bar West he goe to the hospital, but I wonder if it is more guilt and sympathy rather than love?.

      I hope I’m wrong, but knowing how Aaron’s mood can swing so dramatically. It would be even worse for Jackson to reunite with Aaron if it is only temporary (unless of course Marc’s contract is extended). I think Jackson has been made to suffer too much already

      • I hope so too. Was nice seeing them together … In the same scene lol.

        Sometimes people need a nudge in the right direction. Hazel has kind of done that I think.

        Jackson’s expression on his face at the end looked like a sigh of relief, fingers crossed his character has had all of it’s bad luck and things are going to get better.

        Also, minds will be at rest once we hear his contract has been renewed
        / extended.

  8. A bit late, but I very much want to respond to Alan and Paul. Yes, perhaps we are craving (perhaps too much) to see a more emotional A and J on our daily tv menu!
    There is a reason for this.

    Be honest, when does one see (gay) love depicted on our screens, the few seconds of Christian and Sayed on Eastenders? At least they show some love! Thank god they still seem to be alive! But what do they do all day long?
    Or Kevin and Scotty (Brothers and Sisters) as two men both being an attorney and a restaurant owner,at least they had almost half an hour screentime this last episode. And very much in love!

    Hazel is very busy getting everything ready for Jackson.Where is Aaron in this ? Bad script, bad writing? So much more could have been done.Or are we facing another death or departure in the spring. Less A and J so we do not get too attached?

    Am I being fussy? Well, if so, I can always turn to the fanfiction,Lol!

    • Hi Chris, I have a feeling one of the conflicts will be that Hazel will become a bit too possesive of Jackson and that will drive Aaron away.

      I have to say I am very disappointed at the way this story is developing (Gavin Blyth must have had a very morbid mind). It seems to be that gay characters in serials are born to suffer, one way or the other. Almost like old “morality plays”, Going right back to the first gay themed film in the UK (“Victim” 1961 with Dirk Bogarde) at least one character has to die or commit suicide, presumably as some sort of punishment). The only gay characters who thrive are “safe” characters (sorry to drag the camp Sean up again!), but I suppose it might be argued they have made “Jackson” safe, in that there can’t be any question of sex between him and Aaron.

      A potentially great story has really become a cliche’

    • Chris, you are right in what you’re saying about not seeing any love between Aaron and Jackson. I would really like to see it. Even if it’s a short scene with them lying on the sofa together watching a film or like most of them fan fiction stories … Aaron washing up and Jackson comes up behind and hugs him.

      But, is it really Aaron’s nature to be like that? I don’t think it is. If Jackson never had the accident maybe we might have seen Aaron get more emotional as time goes on.

      Unfortunately I can’t see this happening now unless this Christmas miracle sees Jackson regain some physical movement etc.

      I must admit though, this whole Aaron / Jackson story line hasn’t gone as good as I’d hoped when it first started. In fact, it’s turned out quite disappointing. The best thing about it … They aren’t typical gays. They are normal lads who are attracted to men. No stereotype like that vile Sean in Coronation Street.

      • Unfortunately Paul, from the Christmas Eve spoiler it looks as if the miracle is only going to be a few WORDS – probably from Aaron – not any physical improvement (plus the new home being ready as well).

        I don’t really think that Aaron would do domesticity as such and I suspect he is at a stage where his ideal would be to have the mate relationship he has with Adam and Paddy, with a sexual element. From what we are allowed to see Aaron seems to have quite a low sex drive for an 18 year old.

        I’ve often thought that Aaron will never really be “in love” at least not for many years – the scars of his childhood are so deep. For example on the night of the accident he said to Jackson “nobody has ever given a damn about me”, but of course,Paddy has for a year or more shown him real love and consideration, Adam saved his life, and even his mum, after the suicide attempt really did try to show, however awkwardly, that she loved him in her own way. Aaron doesn’t seem to recognize love, in it’s different forms, because he is so damaged. I am only sorry Jackson got so damaged through trying to love him.

        But you are so right. Every time I see “Sean” my flesh creeps, and I can see all those terrible old “Are You being Served?” “Shut That Door” and Dick Emery sketches that Channel 4 often shows to demonstrate how bad 1970s gay stereotypes were on TV – Coronation St probably thinks it is still 1975.

        It is really cowardly of Emmerdale to come up to date with a story about two normal lads who just happen to be gay, who ordinary lads could identify with, and then bring such an extreme story into the plot.

        By the way – following the recent disaster in Coronation Street, one character learns he will never walk again or have a sex life again. Sounds familiar?

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