Posted by: Kimbaforeva | December 14, 2010

December 24th & 25th Spoilers

Christmas Eve: Hazel and Aaron are gutted when they go to collect Jackson and the doctor informs them that there’s been a slight complication and he needs to stay overnight. At the hospital, it’s getting late and Jackson’s surprised when Aaron arrives, telling him he wasn’t going to let him spend Christmas Eve alone. As they watch a DVD on Jackson’s bed, there’s a tender but bittersweet moment of closeness between them.

Christmas Day: Aaron and Hazel are both excited as they finally take Jackson home. In Dale Head, Jackson is both sobered and impressed to see his new living arrangements. Later, Aaron hopes he’s had a good day and Jackson tells him that he genuinely couldn’t think of anywhere he’d rather be.



  1. So this is the sweet moment they were talking about. This sucks. I’m sorry.

    • I agree … What could have been amazing is slowly being destroyed

  2. Ok I might be some what thick but
    What just happen?

  3. Actually, having had time to think about it, i’m eager to see what the writers will do to present this convincingly. I have to admit, i’m actually excited about an upcoming Emmerdale episode again. Let’s wait and see.

  4. Hmmm ok, I’m gonna be honest. They simply went too far with complete paralysis. Watching this storyline now is sometimes unbereable. It’s just completly and utterly depressing and having Aaron still be with Jackson doesn’t change it at all. They said they want to portray it realistically in honour of the actually disabled viewers and I understand it perfectly, but they also know they simply won’t be able to run a completly disabled character in a daily TV drama for years. Having already stated there won’t be any improvement in Jackson’s condition, it means simply that sooner or later (most likely few weeks) Aaron and Jackson will break up for good. How depressing that’s gonna be for actually disabled people? Honestly it will send a message ‘you actually can’t have love in such condition’ not only to disabled people, but to everyone. No ‘realistic portrayal of disabled people’s stuggles’ will be worth the negative final message. Is it worth putting everyone to watch this compeltly depressing storyline drag for another few weeks/months just to end it in a bad way?

  5. Are you serious?? It’s already depressing storyline
    But reading that last comment make’s it
    Even worse : (

  6. guess that Santa did not get my Christmas wish list regarding Aaron & Jackson…sign

    • Awww bless … 🙂

  7. I thought i was gonna be more interesting but its good thaat Jackson is gonna be home for christmas :’)

  8. I hate this storyline! The writers took it too far, and now it seems alot more likely that Marc’s contract will indeed end in February.

  9. That’s how gay story lines are they suck you in
    Leaving you hooked and wanting more and happy
    then when it starts getting good
    Then some thing bad happens tragic even an it just goes down
    Hill from there and becomes predicable to the point
    You know what going to happen and then you
    Hear one of the storyline actors are leaving
    Then you know it over
    I mean this storyline peeked so many times
    We were going to get a let down eventually
    Ad here it is

  10. Seriously!! What are the scriptwriters playing at? Hoping they’re keeping improvements in Jackson’s condition tightly under wraps but that’s fading fast! I know the point of the storyline is Aaron’s emotional maturation but come on; spare a thought for the development of Jackson’s character and allow Marc to display more of his formidable acting talents!

  11. This storyline has truly been wrenching to watch, a tribute to the formidable talents of the actors. That said, Jackson’s fate is horribly tragic and unwarranted. There is some room for some form of recovery, if the writers will only allow it. Instead another gay couple has been completely desexualized. Interestingly, his TV mom has reupped for a year – does that mean there’s hope for Marc Silcock to stick around? I really hope this storyline isn’t heading in the direction of assisted suicide. That would be just too much to bear.

  12. you all need to be gratefull jackson didnt die in the crash and that there back together at all in most other soaps jackson would be dead and burried by now

  13. I really hope the new year brings a more positive story line for Aaron and Jackson.I really don’t want to see some kind of story line where Jackson can’t cope after a few months and Aaron helps him by means of an assisted suicide or something to that affect. All the misery the have suffered, can the light at the end of the tunnel please not be an oncoming train!

  14. I adore this story line. I hope they stay together or even get married.

  15. just look at the bright side – if jackson does leave emmerdale then we might get another exciting gay storyline next year, that dosent end in tragedy.

    • no
      i want jackson and aaron stay together

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