Posted by: Kimbaforeva | December 16, 2010

Pauline Quirke extends contract

Pauline Quirke has signed a new Emmerdale contract which will see her stick with the soap for at least another year.

The actress has proved a hit with fans of the Yorkshire-based show since being cast in the role of Jackson Walsh’s devoted mum Hazel back in the summer.

According to The Sun, Quirke’s new deal runs for 12 months and she has been tipped for some surprising new twists in 2011.

Speaking of the news, Emmerdale‘s executive producer Steve November commented: “Pauline has been a real asset to the show and we’re delighted she has agreed to stay. Next year is going to be dramatic for Hazel in many unexpected ways.”

Quirke added: “I’ve had a great time and was really thrilled to be asked to stay on longer.”

Hazel’s current storyline sees her frantically making plans for Christmas in order to ensure that Jackson can be home for the festive season following the serious injuries he suffered in a train crash accident.




  1. I’d be happier to hear Marc Silcock’s contract had been extended as well. And, at the same time, the actors playing Declan’s bimbo wife and daughter left the programme – NOW!

  2. This is great news. I love the character, I think she’s a breath of fresh air and have always loved watching Pauline Quirke. Still watch the re-runs of Birds of a Feather lol!

  3. Well isn’t Emmerdale fun these days. I know we all love Hazel but seeing her without Jackson is going to be hard to watch. I know she carries her own worth as a character but she and J were fun to watch together. I’m going to miss him when he’s gone. Goodbye truly is the saddest word.

    • Who knows … Marc might get his contract renewed. Already extended once

      • Call me a pessimist but i’ve lost all hope now. i don’t see it happening and i don’t want to convince myself that it can. Still, let’s wait and see.

  4. Question- if Jackson was to leave why would Hazel stay?

    • same here…although i dont want the answer though..if u know what i mean

      • I’m wondering if Hazel becomes a love intrest for Paddy?

        I suspect Rhona will perish in next months fire, and Hazel could help Paddy through his grief, while Aaron looks after Jackson, and it would also ensure that the enduring friendship of Paddy & Marlon won’t be destroyed – they will both have lost the woman they love.

        You notice in recent times that Rhona has been painted in a rather unflattering light.

        What worries me is if Ryan is another victim of the arson – because I think we can all guess it will be Nathan who starts the blaze.

  5. great so does that mean marc is gonna extend his contract longer as well, i sure hope he does, last time i heard it was extended until february 2011, i hope he extends another 12 months like pauline

  6. Omg i hope jackson gets his contract extended it wont be the same without him seriously ! What will happen to jackson which means hazel staying she would never leave jackson would she ? I hope he doesn’t die 😦

  7. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves the aaron and jackson storyline. so cross your fingers that marc extends his contract!

  8. So, Hazel’s staying and Jackson’s not. Why do I suddenly suspect Jackson will die?

    • Do we actually know for sure that he doesn’t?

      • i think fans are just panicking that there’s news on pauline’s contract extension and not marc’s. i know hazel has her own storyline apart jackson but in a way they still seem like a package deal: she’s wherever her son is.

  9. i would love Jackson to stay, and the storyline to go my in depth with him and Aaron

  10. Its no suprise Pauline’s contact has been extended. I love the character.

    You only have to watch the full episodes to see what a massive chunk of storyline she has been getting.

    She’s got the lion’s share of the Aaron & Jackson story being pretty much the narrator and main actor in the arch for some time now.

    She’s got the mainstay of Emmerdale plots… “The love triangle” with Bob and Viv. And since Viv is leaving (fire?) there will definitely be an opening running the shop and being romantically linked with Bob.

    She is also involved in the new Home Farm dynasty storyline being directly involved in Declan’s character building as a wealthy philanthropist.

    With all my heart, I wish they never went down the current plot line with A/J. It started off being so promising… and I do think that this announcement does have some sad undertones for Jackson.

  11. On a more mundane note, it’s great to see an actress who isn’t a size 8 in a few romantic scenes.
    I’d like to know where I could write to her.

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