Posted by: Kimbaforeva | December 21, 2010

Christmas Day: Pics

Aaron and Hazel are glad to finally have Jackson home…




  1. Dislike.

  2. if this is at declan’s, didn’t the space behind them used to be the kitchen?

    • I believe that is what Hazel now calls “The wet room”

      • i figured. it’s just weird that they would relocate the kitchen, i’m assuming they still have one:) it doesn’t look like jackson will have much privacy if his “room” is in the living room.

  3. Lovely photos X 😀

  4. Beautiful pics!

  5. Great photos.

    When Jackson fully recovers, I want pics of him and Aaron in emmerdale x-rated lol

  6. it has only just this second sunk in that jackson cannot move, i dont no why but looking at these pictures it feels more real than it did at the hospital 😦 xx

  7. Jackson sure does look happy.

  8. people didn’t understand what I meant by dislike… I dislike how the entire storyline has ended up. Yes this scene will be lovely, but it still doesn’t deter away from the fact I really hate what the writers have done with Jackson.

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