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February Spoiler

Any hopeless romantics hoping Jackson and Aaron will tie the knot this year will be sadly disappointed – because in February, Aaron finds himself a new fella! And Jackson can’t be too down hearted because it’s all his idea.

Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, explains: “He’s basically freed by Jackson who says to him, ‘I want you to have a laugh and not be tied down by looking after me’. So he goes to Bar West and meets someone called Flynn (played by Ryan Prescott).

“They hit it off straight away. Aaron’s attracted by Flynn’s charm and good looks. He approaches the relationship in a whole new way and he’s a lot more comfortable with his sexuality now. But for Aaron this year will still be more of an emotional rocky road than ever”.

Meanwhile, actor Scott Taylor (recently seen as Pete Sutherland in Waterloo Road) will appear in Emmerdale from this month as Jackson’s carer, Joe.

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  1. This kinda bring tears to my eyes…

  2. Okay, as much as i wanted them to get on with the story, this saddens me. i’m like literally in tears as to how Jackson will feel having to see Aaron comfortable in a new relationship. this is breaking my heart. Yet still, a 19 year old caregiver isn’t exactly how i picture Aaron so all this is well and good i guess. I’m thinking this is why Jackson decides to leave the Dale’s for good thus bringing an end to the Jackson chapter in Aaron’s story.

    • I suppose it was bound to happen – Aaron is still very young and really quite immature. I still hope they don’t kill Jackson off though, because I think that would be a slap in the face for all disabled people who might have seen this story.

      However, my guess is that Aaron will never settle down at least not for years yet, and I still suspect his mum will be one of the casualties of the January fire.

  3. How can we look forward to a possible good January for it to just fall apart in February ??

    Sad times 😦

    • is there something good happening in january? yeah, right;)

  4. I made a joy to watch the episode of Christmas, but your spoilers for february 2011 definitively deprived me this joy. Maybe I shall watch can be again Emmerdale at the end of 2011 or ever.

  5. damn writers! how could they do this to Jackson!!!

  6. I don’t think Aaron will ever find anyone so kind patient and tolerant as Jackson was to him. Confused or not, most people would have given up on Aaron back in the summer.

    On another website, several people suggested (jokingly) that Aaron should get to meet the character “Gary Windass” from Coronation Street (though as far as we know Gary is not gay, he is a young soldier deeply affected by the death of his closest Army pal)) – both have severe anger management issues and both have had emotionally deprived lives. Might be interesting – who lands the first punch?

  7. i cant bring myself to see Aaron with another man (however charming & handsome he is)….jus cant…I care 4 Jackson 2 much…so….I wont b watching anymore

  8. I don’t we what would be the point of keeping Hazel around for another year if Jackson is being removed from the story early on? While I do enjoy Hazel being on the show what possible explanation could they provide for Hazel staying and Jackson disappearing? Unless they plan on keeping Jackson on the show through casual mentions it almost seems like Jackson is gonna be killed off =(

    • I hope they don’t kill Jackson off, it would be terrible to see Marc leave and I don’t think I could watch a funeral scene knowing what seeing Danny crying does to me. Too depressing for words.

  9. Danny kind of mentioned this on paul o’grady, but hopefully this won’t be too sad…

  10. Given that the have extended Hazel’s contract for 12 months I assume that Jackson’s not leaving as well. For a storyline that is suppose to encourage tolerance, killing off a disabled person would show poor judgment on the part of the writers and even poorer judgment if the relationship between Aaron and Jackson is dismissed because of the disability.

    I think Aaron’s new relationship with Flynn will be interesting and short lived. Flynn, will be disliked from the moment he appears in the story. No matter how charming, attractive or good-hearted he is, viewers have to much invested in the relationship between Aaron and Jackson to allow an interloper to interfere with what many see as destiny. I think the relationship between Aaron and Jackson will be tested by Flynn and will end up stronger as a result.

    • This… “Flynn, will be disliked from the moment he appears in the story. No matter how charming, attractive or good-hearted he is, viewers have to much invested in the relationship between Aaron and Jackson to allow an interloper to interfere with what many see as destiny”…well said mate

      Couln’t agree more on that one….we grew 2 love Jackson and we fight for him and won’t let go of him anytime soon…well, until Aaron take him back of course ^_^

  11. its hard to see the relationship go but i think we all saw this coming eventually
    its just sad to think that if this hadn’t happened to jackson
    that they would have worked out together
    because i can’t think of anyone more perfect for aaron’s personality
    but i’m going to give this flynn a chance when the time comes

    • “i’m going to give this flynn a chance when the time comes ” I understand if it’s real life and I would agree…but this is Soap…I will stand by Jackson-my fav so I’m not giving this Flynn any support…end of

  12. can i kill aaron now?

    • I know Aaron always feels hard done by, but he really does get the easy way out doesn’t he. Despite his deep emotionalism and suicide attempt on all other occassions he has done his suffering by proxy with Paddy, Adam and most seriously Jackson taking the blows for him. The whole village have supported him 100% (which I doubt even in these enlightened times would happen in a village anywhere in England), everyone forgives him and everyone makes it easy for him.

      I really can’t see Aaron ever finding another Jackson, somebody who was as tolerant and understanding to him as Jackson is.

      As it looks as if we are losing Jackson anyway, I wish he had left him back in the summer when he was still physically intact. Indirectly, Aaron has ruined his life and the damage is irreparable.

  13. why so much hate for Aaron finding a new man. Danny Miller is a star of emmerdale, he’s going to be in it a long time, for as long as they can keep him.
    Marc on the other hand is only temporary and always was. And its a bit presumptuous to say that everyone will hate Flynn.
    Asoon as Jackson was paralyzedly, straight away I gave up hope of this ever being a happy ending. I couldn’t hate it more how the emmerdale writers have taken this storyline. But hell I still watch the soap, because Danny’s a great actor and whatever storyline he has he’ll do it brilliantly.
    But I think Marc has created a great character, plays him so well, and was becoming a character in his own right away from the initial storyline. But now his not because his 100% dependent on others, I really don’t know what the emmerdale brass where thinking when they penned down he’s accident… Its so depressing.

    • Well, Danny is ONE of the stars of Emmerdale – he is not the only one who is a very good actor indeed, but it is NOT the Danny Miller Show. James Sutton as Ryan is an excellent actor, for example, as of course is Marc Silock, but Aaron has to be the centre of attraction at all times. I do have to say, that, despite all Aaron’s problems, neither the character or the actor has convinced me in the last few months, that Aaron has deep feelings for Jackson

      Watching last night, where Chas and Paddy share a scene I am wondering now if Rhona will perish in the fire, and the Paddy/Chas/Arron story will restart.

      I think the development of the Aaron/Jackson story as been depressing, unneccessary and frankly far too sensational

      • Alan i have 7 sweet little words for u….” U should be smacked in the Gob” :o)

      • Troia: You’re not Chas are you? 🙂
        Seriously, good as Danny is, he is not the only great actor on Emmerdale. Aaron is deeply flawed (not surprising when you see his mum making such a vindictive violent exhibition of herself!), and though he is making great efforts to change, he is by no means the only interesting character in ED and certainly AS A CHARACTER not the most pleasant character in the serial – he hasn’t got the warmth of some of the characters, or the tolerance or the kindness of some of them, but I am not critisising the actor or even the character really, but I just slightly resent the way he (Aaron) always has to be the centre of attention and the way the writers always make things easy for him to remove himself from – of course that is a fault of the writing not the portrayal.

      • ok sir Alan lol
        gonna try to address most of your points in your last comment…now keep in mind that i’ve only been folowing Emmerdale for a very short time…and mostly only the Aaron/Jackson storyline and those attatched to it…so i know not of it’s vast history…so here goes:
        i agree that Danny isn’t the only great actor on Emmerdale…i also love the actors that play paddy, jackson, hazel etc…however there’s no denying that Danny is currently the Best actor on Emmerdale beyond compare!
        next…yes true i agree that he sometimes isn’t plesent, doesn’t have the warmth, tolerence, kindness etc of some of the other characters…but seriously how long has it been since you’ve been around any angsty teenagers? lol ….much less one who just basically survived A) the possibility of your whole world imploding upon you when you basically out yourself to your whole village before you’ve had the time to come to terms with it yourself…the fear of which drove you to attempt suicide(hardly taking the easy way out as you put it) B) then when you’re finally becoming comfortable in your own skin and feel that you might have found someone who could teach you what real love actually means, he’s hit by a train and left paralyzed and snatches away the chance of that possible love reaching it’s full potential.
        and lastly in regards to your comment about the writers make Aaron the center of attention…from everything i’ve read in articles about ED and seen in videos about ED the Aaron & Jackson storyline is the primary reason that the ratings for ED have practically doubled since the storyline began…so based on that and IMHO they SHOULD be the center of attention lolz.
        now again i’m terribly new to this show and American so more or less an outsider looking in…but this storyline has been one of the most emotional, affecting, raw, unapologetic and accurate storyline i’ve ever watched on a soap(McDean comes 2nd 🙂 )
        and my apologies if my comments come off a bit ranty but none of my friends over here have a clue what ED even is so i’m just a tad overexcited to have people to discuss it with…so it’s all in love 🙂

      • P.S. Alan
        from what i’ve read i do believe that over the coming months Aaron is going to grow into a more kind,tolerent, pleasant and warm person more capable of accepting and expressing love….so just don’t give up on him yet 🙂

      • Never take me too seriously Troia! but you make fair points so I’ll try to deal with them.
        There is no denying the character of “Aaron” had a bad start in life, but in the last year or so he has been shown genuine affection by Paddy, who even Aaron regards as a sort of dad figure. He also has the friendship of Adam, and (though not so apparent recently) he is almost a brother to Aaron. He laso saved his life when Aaron tried to kill himself (and got no thanks for it!). He was lucky in that the first gay man he met didn’t use him in any way as a one night stand or whatever, and showed him that Aaron’s stereotype of gay men was wrong, simply by being who he was.

        I always feel “Aaron” uses his sad past to justify his often wayward behaviour (as Jackson put it just before the accident – “everything’s tricky for Aaron”). I can’t see beating up Paddy or trying to run Adam down in his car can beo justified. Given Chas’s selfish nature it is not surprising Aaron doesn’t have the qualities others have, but it seems to me Aaron’s two big problems are these:

        1) He uses the past as a defence mechanism and as a catch-all excuse his less pleasant characteristics, and seems unable, so far, to put the past behind him#

        2) Perhaps because of the above he finds it hard to give or share.

        Compare two other characters who also had bad earlier lives: Jackson, who we know was subject to violent abuse from his dad because he was gay and Ryan, who, after thinking all his life his dad was dead found out that he wasn’t but that his father didn’t want much to do with him as a man, though he is a far better man than his older half-brother, and was treated in a terrible way by his half brother.

        Jackson’s solution to his troubled earlier life was to be tolerant and understanding, kind and generous (not many people would have put up with Aaron’s mood swings), and to keep away from violence and Ryan used his misfortune to ensure that his youngest half brother would be set up for life. He wanted nothing for himself. That is true selflessness.

        Lots of people start out with problems (I speak from experience) but that makes you value friendship and kindness and loyalty more when you find it. You don’t severely beat up somebody who has stood by you and tried to help you, and given you affection you have never had. You are compensated later for all the early rubbish and you are grateful for it, and (I hope) it makes you understand others better.

        As for changing, it is interesting that in interviews Danny and other ED crew have suggested Aaron’s self loathing continues into next year. I rather expect that Aaron will become involved with men totally the opposite of Jackson who WILL use him, and treat him in the offhand way he has on occassion treated Jackson. A series of one night stands might “help” him, but he will end up feeling used. Jackson offered Aaron love as well as sex. Given his age and that of those like Flynn, they would probably only be able to offer him sex & that won’t be enough for Aaron. It will make him feel worse about himself.

        I do think there has been some serious flaws in the writing, but that is down to those writers and the late producer who obviously wanted to give the story this melodramatic twist. I don’t for one minute blame Danny Miller or anyone else for their acting. Aaron can cry on cue, but they must be careful to ensure that not everything is written for him to result in tears. There is no doubt that the Aaron plot has added a lot of viewers, but the Wylde murder & Ryan’;s subsequent framing, and the final confession of Natasha has probably helped too. Also, I love Edna’s dog and I always cheer up when I see her (now that Clyde has gone, thanks to Aaron’s greed and stupidity!).

        I just find the prohgramme is getting a little too dark for my taste. I know there is a lot of bad in the world, but there is a lot of good, too and I think we need to see that. I really don’t think, for example, after the tragedy of Jackson’s accident we need the fire tragedy next month. This all goes back to producing too many episodes each week, so each story must be more dramatic than the last.

  14. As soon as Jackson was paralysed from the neck down, we all knew it would end in tears but I think they could bring in the most gorgeous bloke ever to play Aaron’s new man and he would never be accepted the way Jackson was. It’s such a shame as the chemistry between Aaron & Jackson is so good, it still makes me smile to see them together. What we should remember is that it took two great actors to portray this story so movingly and it will be very difficult to see one without the other in the future.

  15. It’s sad to see it come to an end but
    To be real about it it’s about ratings
    And keeping them upthe crash brought ratings
    And now this fire and now aaron new boyfriend
    Is also about ratings it’s just sad that a
    Good storyline had to end but eventually
    In gay storyline a good one at that comes to
    And end with some one getting hurt and
    Death is coming : (

    • I honestly think there is something to be said for reducing the number of episodes of all serials here in the UK, because in order to churn out 5 or 6 episodes each week the stories get more and more incredible and unbeliveable.

      Emmerdale isn’t the only offender. There is the most potty “murder story” going down in Coronation Street, somebody else gives away the baby their late wife had by another man- the man doing the givig was more or less adopted by another man as a surrogate father, so his actions seem incredible.

      I couldn’t even hazard a guess as to what is going on in Eastenders as I just can’t watch it anymore – but it is the bleakest and most over-acted of the lot. I did read that as a jolly New Year story somebody is going to swap their stillborn baby for another one who belongs to a neighbour, but Walford hasn’t visited planet Earth for about twenty years now.

      I’d rather see 2 or 3 well written and credible programmes each week, rather than some of the reach-me-down tat we get now (e.g. in Emmerdale Declan’s witless timewasting family)

  16. You know a storyline goes downhill when you can already predict what will happen: Jackson and his carer Joe will fall in love and run off, Aaron will hit off with Flynn then think about Jackson again but they won’t get back together blah blah. Well, at least the coming out part of the plot was brilliant.

  17. I am really annoyed that Emmerdale went down the path of permanently disabling Jackson. In the long-term it is unlikely to add anything substantial to the storyline and I suspect it has pissed off many of the viewers who have been attracted by the performances of Marc Silcock and Danny Miller. I cannot rid myself of the suspicion that it was motivated less by dramatic considerations than by giving the show a plausible excuse for not showing intimacy between Jackson and Aaron (and don’t get me started on the whole preposterous “Aaron doesn’t know whether he is in love or not” spiel. Man, I am almost done with this show now.

    • I agree with you Meta. To be honest, the hen night and Christmas day episodes were a real time-filler, all other scenes apart from the usual soap will they/won’t they wedding saga (too long drawn out) just added as a distraction. I know Aaron is Aaron but he doesn’t really convey any love for Jackson, even in the Christmas Eve episode where they specifically mentioned a “bittersweet” moment between A & J – he seemed to show more of his character when he and Adam were in the car and had a slight accident and Aaron tried to kiss him – at least Aaron was being spontaneous then, now he seems to be trying to be “correct” in the way of a Victorian suitor (only giving Jackson his present when Hazel was asleep). He wasn’t giving J anything personal, which might have been embarrassing – once again Aaron excuses himself with words to the effect that he isn’t comfortable giving presents – and there is Aaron’s big flaw – Aaron finds it hard to GIVE (though he seems to have no problem with taking – though he disliked him for it, Jackson paying off that thug Micky- nothing was ever mentioned about him paying it back).

      I think Aaron’s problem in this direction will make it impossible for him to have a real relationship – so whether people like “Flynn” or not, I doubt it will matter as he will be another “temporary” character. I think most people would have given up on Aaron – it is just that Jackon understands him and has been prepared to overlook the problems.

      I find the story increasingly depressing – that and the “fire tragedy”that is about to descend on us, makes it likely that I will stop watching. Real life cn behard enough, without all this synthetic stuff

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, Alan. With the exception of the performances from Marc, Pauline and Danny, which have been first-class and which I have really enjoyed, this whole Aaron and Jackson storyline has been an exercise in wasted opportunity and a lot of its underlying premise doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. I suspect, as others have, that the February storyline will be about Aaron trying to decipher his feelings for Jackson, or coming to a realisation about them, by “experiencing” other men or another man. Not only is this a little distasteful given the breadth of Jackson’s disabilities, it just doesn’t make sense. The notion that even now Aaron doesn’t know what he feels about Jackson because he hasn’t been with other men is, to my mind, completely preposterous. It flies in the face of human experience. You do not have to have had a love affair, or even parental love, before you can recognise love at an emotional level. If that were not the case then the whole concept of “first love” or “unrequited love” would not have been documented to the extent it has been in so many of the world’s cultures.

        At the end of the day, the whole thing just seems unnecessarily artificial, even for a soap-opera such as this. It would have made far more sense to me if they had portrayed Aaron’s hesitation as being based not on any confusion about his feelings but on an unwillingness to expose himself emotionally and thereby risk getting hurt or abandoned, as has happened to him in the past. That would have been entirely credible and consistent with Aaron’s back story. I can only shake my head in despair when I think of the powerful drama they could have wrested from this storyline – and these actors – if they had gone down this path and had made Jackson’s injuries one from which he could fully, or at least partially, recover from. It would have been a stirring sight to have seen Aaron learn to conquer his fears and, with growing maturity and devotion, help Jackson along his long road to recovery. But I guess the powers that be had a different story to tell.

      • Don’t stop watching, you never know what you might miss if you do. I agree with you that the story at the moment is depressing, I was a miserable so and so on Christmas Eve because I didn’t see what I wanted to see, but who knows what next year will bring. It might not be as bad as we think.

      • OK i’m new here and American so forgive me if i overstep my bounds 🙂
        But Alan you just seem to really dislike Aaron no matter what imho.
        I only discovered the Aaron/Jackson storyline a few weeks ago and caught up over a weekend then been watching it since.
        The reason Aaron can’t commit/admit his love to jackson is because in his emotionaly crippled heart/mind he’s never KNOWN love…so he can’t wrap his brain around what he feels for Jackson.
        however, the argument in and out of the van…Aaron running after the van with only the sounds of his heavy breathing, his footsteps on the wet pavement and the screams when he gets to the van….then the hospital scenes when he didn’t know if Jackson would live…Aaron begging Paddy not to let Jackson die…Aaron CLEARLY loves Jackson with all of his heart…the writers just haven’t let him accept and understand that yet.
        As someone who gave up on the horrid US soaps almost 20 years ago i have to say this is my favorite soap storyline of all time(2nd is mcdean which i watched after i had caught up on Jarson/Aaxon whichever people are saying lolz)
        And i have never seen an actor on a soap US or UK that has given the emotionally raw gutpunching performances that Danny Miller has given over the course of this storyline…Emmerdale should thank their lucky stars to have him before he finds his way into films.
        ok rant over 🙂 sorry had to get that off my chest lolz

  18. Just had a thought, if Aaron is meeting his new bloke in February, surely the writers wouldn’t be cruel enough to let it happen around Valentine’s Day, would they?

    • they’ve paralyzed jackson…that was cruel. i doubt they were going to celebrate valentine’s day anyway.

      🙂 (just adding the smiley face to balance out the negativity of my reply;))

      • Jackson is a romantic,he would, Aaron probably wouldn’t think about it, you’re right there!!

      • Leaving aside sexuality (and I know real drama is made by opposites attracting), somebody as warm and kind as Jackson deserved a partner like Ryan, who really shares so many of his qualities – when Ryan was framed for murder, though he was rightly angry, he made sure that Nathan paid for it, not by enriching himself, which he would have been entitled to do, but by making sure the money went to his young half-brother, to whom he really owed nothing, but we are back to this thing about giving – Ryan and Jackson are very similar. Also Ryan and Jackson are about the same ages, only 3/4 years older than Aaron, but to be honest, much nicer men.

        Aaron always has the excuse of his childhood & adolecense experiences making him how he is, but others rise above misfortune (as both Jackson & Ryan did) and it made them better characters.

        What worries me is that Ryan might be one of the victims of the up-coming fire, and if they killled off Ryan and Jackson the programme would lose two of it’s most pleasant characters (not to mention two fine actors)

  19. Oh and just one more thought.
    Maybe it’s because i grew up on the ridiculousness of US soaps….but am i the only one holding out an inkling of hope that a few months down the road after A/J both meet someone new that the doctors will discover that they somehow “missed” something during Jacksons initial surgeries that might possibly at least partially reverse his condition thus paving the way for a A/J reunion???
    does this sort of thing only happen on US soaps?
    god knows 80% of the people on US soaps have died and come back multiple times lmao

    • No, you’re not the only one, I’ve always hoped for a partial recovery too. Even if Jackson only gets the use of his arms back, he could still lead an active life and not be completely dependant on others and it would give his relationship with Aaron more of a chance. I just have a feeling that, although from what I read on fansites, most people want A & J to stay together, the writers aren’t going to do this though. Still, we can hope!!

    • “Hope”…I’m sorry but I think the writers already destroyed the meaning of words like “hope”…..”wish”…..”dream”…..”happiness”….and adding a whole new level of “depression”……”anger”…..”disappointment”……..and to make an absolute worse out of “heartbreaking”……”terrifying”….”unbearable”… etc

      • Harry – you put it exactly as it is. What a morbid mind both the late Gavin Blyth and the writers must have had in giving one of the nicest most human soap characters what amounts to a living death. Cowardly as well, because they are giving “Aaron” an opt-out clause, which he is obviously going to grab with both hands if he is going out on the pull as soon as Jackson “gives him his freedom”

      • Wow, Harry, sounds like this has really got to you. Two questions for you, if you don’t mind answering them, are you more of a Jackson fan than an Aaron fan and do you think the writers have underestimated how popular Jackson is as a character in his own right?

  20. Wont be watching anymore then.Im tired of investing in gay relationships on tv as they are almost nearly always shattered and i end up angry and disappointed.Jackson and Aaron are a perfect balance for each other and despite Jacksons disability,why couldnt they have been seen to make it work.Its not real life its soap so give them that.There are many couples gay or straight who do deal with this kind of situation and stay together.I believed Aaron when he sat on that hospital bed and said i’ll never leave ya and i thought we were going to continue to see them grow as a couple.Silly me! so like i say shant be watching anymore and unless its a Queer as Folk re run im staying clear of gay couples in soaps/tv its a waste of time.Keep smilin 🙂 xxx

  21. Tinkerbell,
    you took the thought right out of my head cause I was thinking the same thing cause it looks like it going to be diffrent but the out come is the same for some reason gays on tv seem not to have a happy ending or a normal ending for that matter I mean is it so wrong to see these two in a happy relationship were the drama dosen’t end with them breaking up or some one dying ?

  22. Sharon, I know you put your question to Harry and he must answer for himself, but I freely admit I like Jackson more than Aaron: It all comes down tom personality: Jackson is a giver, Aaron is more of a taker, Jackson used his bad experiences to develop maturity, Aaron tends to uses his to excuse bad or thoughtless behaviour. Jackson is (in normal circumstances) cheerful and kind… I won’t go on making comparisons, but certainly Jackson comes over as a much more likeable (loveable, if you like) character. At least that is how I see it, and the fact that he uses Jackson’s “permission” to go out and find another bloke in the next few weeks, shows that his feelings are not that deep for Jackson.

    • Alan, thanks for your reply. I only started watching just before the train crash so I’ve been watching earlier episodes on You Tube. I started out as an Aaron fan, you know when you want the bad guy to come good in the end, but I have to admit having watched those earlier episodes that I really like Jackson too. I agree with everything you said about Jackson’s personality and he is a far nicer person than Aaron but I think the writers have tried recently to make Aaron less selfish and more caring. That’s why I hate the idea of this new storyline of Aaron being given his freedom to go and find a new bloke because it’s like undoing all the work they’ve done so far on improving Aaron as a person. I suppose the writers are bearing in mind the ages of the two characters and trying to be realistic but it would be nice if just once, the good guy, ie Jackson, got what he deserved. I have to admit, I don’t really know what to think at the moment about this storyline.

  23. Hey Sharon, thanks 4 asking…and yes..I’m a big Jackson fan cause never b4 have I loved a character so much. It’s Marc’s performance and on-screen persona that really captivating me and others as well.

    While I’m sharing, my favorite one was on Christmas Day 25th: in the very first moment when Jackson was waiting 2 b picked up, just by looking only at a little movement of his eyes, I could feel the loneliness and see how he was longing to see his mom & Aaron…all that within just 7 freaking seconds.

    Marc has made Jackson a beloved character that proven so popular to us viewers. And to answer ur question, I don’t think the writers underestimated Jackson’s popularity given that they had extended his contract and brought his mom into the story.

    However, the writers made mistake when they introducing new character into the story thinking that Jackson even though is popular he’s just a “phase” and that viewers will forget him as soon as he finishes and new ones come in. They hope to make new character gain the same attention as Jackson did .Therefore, just my opinion, I do think that they underestimate Jackson’s longevity as viewers grow 2 love him more and more when the story progresses.
    It’s just now that everything has been well set for next year, it’s 2 late 2 make changes.

    Cheers !

    P.S: @Alan, mate…I knew it…I knew u were a Jackson fan all along ^_^

    • Yes Harry, I am a great Jackson fan and Ryan, Paddy and Adam too – there are so many unpleasant characters in soaps (and life itself) it is just good to have nice decent honest characters to show that there is a good side to life. We would all benefit from having friends like them (though I doubt Marlow would totally agree with me about Paddy at the moment!)

      My guess is that Aaron is going to fall in love with somebody (perhaps Flynn) and his love won’t be returned, in the same way Aaron wasn’t truly able to return Jackson’s love for him. HE will then discover the real pain and misery of unrequited love, and it might make him more sensitive to the fiongs of others, though, sadly, probably too late to make him appreciate Jackson

    • Hey Harry, thanks for answering. I know what you mean about Jackson’s eyes, even before he was paralysed, his eyes were so expressive, you often didn’t need the words to know what he was thinking. The episode where him & Aaron first slept together is a great example, especially when they are in the pub and he says he’s glad Aaron won’t try to kill himself again. Every time I see it, I always say AAAH!! If we all had a boyfriend like Jackson and a best mate like Adam, the world would be a better place don’t you think?

  24. I think its great they are beringing a new love intrest in for Aaron. Even before Jackson’s accident i lost faith that everything would be plain sailing for Aarson. Don’t know why everyone is getting so worked up about it when we knew right from the start Aarson wouldnt be forever.

    • Yes but it seems a bit shallow for Aaron to promise “always to be there” for Jackson in December and then find somebody else in February – “always” is two months then?

      “Andy” told his ex wife the other evening that he “deserved better”. Surely the same is even more true for Jackson, who, unlike Andy isn’t a violent moody control freak?

  25. I understand how upset everyone is by this. I love jackson too but this was bound to happen you cant have that type of relationship with someone completly paralysed. I’m sure aaron and jackson part on good terms as jackson “frees” aaron so i personally am going to give Flynn a chance because its not his fault 🙂

    • Yes, but the point is the writers and the late Gavin Blyth didn’t HAVE to go so extreme with Jackson’s accident.

      A cynic might say either ED were too scared to show a proper relationship between two non-stereotypical gay men, or this was just another chance for Danny/Aaron to emote, in the hope of winning another award. If Chas dies in the fire, you can be sure it is the latter! 🙂

      • I totally agree. That is precisely my problem with this development.

  26. True i didn’t think he would be paralysed forever :/ And i did think Aaron would leave it a while longer before going back out there. I think they just wanted to make it a sad storyline and also marc wasn’t going to be a really long term character they just wanted a good storyline to build to his exit and if they get awards then bonus (Y)

  27. Looking back at some of these comments, i’ve just realised how much I go on, and on, and on. Sorry folks.

    • Alan, no need to apologise. I don’t think I’m far behind you!!!!!

      • Actually Sharon, I didn’t write the comment that has just appeared under my name.

        I do not use the term “sorry folks” never have done. Not my style of writing. Perhaps who ever oversees this board would like to check our unique internet addresses, so that the “real” me doesn’t get mixed up with the prankster who is using my name. I take it is the idiot that does the thumbs-down on every one of my comment can I just say to him or her that each computer generates a unique number, so it is possible to detect my computer address from whoever you are. Might I also suggest whoever is doing it, just grows up and stops acting so stupidly. We know you are an idiot you don’t need to go on proving it.

        • Alan, after reading your reply I checked through the comment history, your IP address is indeed different to the persons who posted the previous comment. Their IP address has now been blocked from the blog indefinitely, so hopefully that should put a stop to it. x


          • Thanks Jon, I thought I should mention it just in case the joker started posting anything offensive to individuals on the board.

            I, like so many others appreciate all the work you do. It is just a great pity the story is taking such a repulsive and unnecessary turn.

        • Hi Alan, I’m sorry, I should have realised you don’t use words like that. Still, at least the problem seems to have been resolved quickly.

          • No worries Sharon. I begin to know what it feels like to be Nathan – every mans hand turned against me – still it could be worse – I might have been Nikhil and ended up in the bin! 🙂

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