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Spoilers: January 2011

Thursday 13th (8pm): Hazel puts on a brave face for Jackson and is reluctant to leave him alone while the fire rages.

Tuesday 18th: Charity opens a gift of chocolates from a secret admirer. Cain suspects they are from Jai and Charity doesn’t correct him, even though she knows they’re a thank-you gift from Jackson.

Friday 21st: Jackson feels renewed intimacy with Aaron when he gives him his physio massage. When Aaron tells Jackson that Adam’s invited them to join him in town, Jackson declines but says Aaron should go. Aaron insists he doesn’t want to, but Jackson feels he’s holding him back.

Monday 24th: Aaron insists on spending all his spare time with Jackson.

Tuesday 25th: Aaron refuses to admit heโ€™s making sacrifices for Jackson.

Wednesday 26th: Jackson worries Aaronโ€™s giving up too much for him.

Thursday 27th (7pm): Jackson urges Aaron to have his own life.

Thursday 27th (8pm): Aaron is pressed into going out and having some fun.



  1. Hmm still hating the storyline… although this physio massage will be interesting scene to watch… But usually the spoilers are much better than the actual scenes Lol

  2. Jackson and Ryan are two of the nicest,kindest most generous characters in ED, and I hate wahat has happened to Jackson, especialy the way he now seems to be being sidelined in the series.

    As regards Ryan, one of the TV magazines mentions next week that “Andy goes to the funeral with Ryan”. I am wondering if they are going to kill off Faye

    • but they could kill off Katie && Andy takes Ryan with him for moral support ??
      Dunno, just a suggestion…??

  3. I’ve made the mistake of reading all them fan fic stories and I’ve forgotten which one is the actual storyline!!

    Now I know, wish I hadn’t bothered looking.

    • Hi Paul, a belated Happy New Year. I see that Gavin Blyth is still listed as series producer, so presumably these episodes were recorded in October or early November (even though Yorkshire TV have put a 2011 copyright date on them).

      I don’t think a new producer has yet been appointed but when they are, I hope he or she doesn’t show the (was it moral cowardice or just seeking senstionalism?) Mr B showed, in deraling (no pun intended) the A & J storyline and gave Jackson either some partial recovery, or else find him a new mate to replace the obviously soon to be off relationship with Aaron.

      But if ED didn’t have the courage to show Jackson & Aaron in a real relationship, are they just going to have any more courage in Aaron picking up a lot of one-night stands which I think is probably all he will be doing

      • Hi Alan. Thankyou. Happy new year to you too, hope 2011 is a good one for you.

        Yeh we are yet to see the work of the new producer etc.

        I think maybe when we see more and more of these ‘normal lads who are gay’ story lines, then perhaps we might have a different reaction than what we are now. It’s so unusual to not have either lad be ‘the stereotype’ and to see Jackson suffer like this just seems so unfair, and to be honest it’s not needed at all. If this way was supposed to happen anyway, regardless, then it would have worked better a bit further into their relationship.

        On a different subject … I think the rape storyline at the moment is being played brilliantly

  4. Yes Paul, I’m with you 100% on the rape story. They haven’t played it for sensationalism, and it shows that where rape is concerned age is no respecter of persons where “control and power” are concerned which is what rape is all about.

    It was kept low-key and as a result it makes the storyline more powerful – you can just imagine the meal EE or CS would have made out of that story

  5. i just want aaron to tell jackson he loves him because if he did that would make everything in soapland a whole lot cheerier. we all know what is gunna happen aaron will like the man he meets get to know him sees jackson and his carer get a friendly get all jealous and go running back to jackson.
    But i dont want it to i just want them to declare there love for eachother ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Unfortunately I don’t think Aaron does love Jackson – not in the way Jackson loves him (shades of Maisie and Nikhil, she likes him, she’s fond of him but…..). TBH I don’t think – yet – Aaron is capable of loving anybody. He still has issues about intimacy and committment. Perhaps not surprising for a 19 year old, but Aaron is never going to be a cosy person.

      I suppose it is to his credit he doesn’t say it just to make Jackson happy – after all, he spoke to Jackson’s dad about pretending diodn’t he? “Pretending is what does your head in”

  6. Not sure if I’m looking forward to the 24th – 27th January episodes or not and I hate the pictures showing them both looking so miserable. Does anyone know yet if Marc is staying this year, I thought I read somewhere that he’d signed a longer contract until the summer at least but now I’m not so sure.

  7. Marc may be gone for good… by late May, early June… that’s summer right…
    a lot of ppl have been discussing a/s storyline, and compaction or just leaving… what do you lot think? I quite like the look of the upcoming episodes… it’s going to be interesting to see Aaron’s reactions… keep voting for Marc and Danny… and sorry about the spelling… xxx

  8. After reading what’s supposed to happen between 24-27 January, why can’t Jackson just trust Aaron when he says he’s happy to be with him and live day to day. If Aaron wants to be with other people, he’ll decide that for himself. It shouldn’t be up to Jackson to try and second guess what Aaron wants or make that decison for him even if he thinks it’s for the right reasons. If he keeps pushing him away, one day he won’t come back. Also, Marc has said before that he would rather leave with a big story than leave in the back of a taxi so I guess that means if he does leave in the summer, it’s going to be a sad departure. I don’t think a/s, more likely some sort of medical complication but it’s NOT what I want to see happen. I’d like to see an Aaron & Jackson happy ending somehow but I don’t think I’m gonna get one.

    • Judging from his past experience with Aaron, it’s understandable 4 Jackson 2 react that way…however, that’s not the point.

      The point is that, when you’re in Jackson’s condition, being a total paralysis, what u do have is time, a lot of time. And when u do, u will be flooded with ur own thoughts. All u can do is thinking, analyzing situations, scenarios…and you’re always end up with the worst cases could happen and from there u can’t help but feeling insecure, helpless, frustration, lost and there u have it…guilt and Jackson is just being Jackson, a nice lad… it’s perfectly normal 4 Jackson to feel that way and come up with those decisions that will lead to…….well, February which btw, not really looking forward to

      lol…leave to me to grow 2 love a fictional character….I’m pretty sure there is a symptom for it…..just can’t remember the name though ^_^

      • Hey Harry, Never thought of it that way before and I suppose you’re right, with all that time on his hands to do nothing but think, maybe it’s not so surprising after all. Not looking forward to February myself but the end of January isn’t sounding so great either. Cue lots of tears, and I’m not just talking about the ones on screen lol. As for your symptom, maybe you could just call it Jacksonitis ^_^

      • To be honest (and there will be those sticking pins into an effigy of me for saying it, I know it), I sometimes wish that Aaron had suceeded in killing himself last year (especially as he told Adam he should have “just left me there”) when you think of the destrucion, physical and mental done to a much better man (Jackson) than Aaron is very upsetting. Aaron didn’t care whether he lived or died, Jackson, who loved life now has a living death.

      • Steven Fletcher, Canadian MP and federal government Cabinet Minister, might disagree with some of the comments here. Instead of a train, Fletcher hit a moose and was completely paralyzed below the neck, 15 years ago. (Read his Wiki page). I don’t agree with Fletcher’s politics but he demonstrates in a tangible way that Jackson’s isolation is not necessary and is probably self-imposed (a good start would be training in operation of a computer and a TV remote followed soon thereafter by a motorized wheel chair that he controls).

        I feel sorry for the fine actors involved; it may be real-to-life but it’s awful TV.

    • I think logically Jackson realises that Aaron is in a constant state of flux, and his feelings fluctuate day to day. As far as I can remember Aaron hasn’t even seen Jackson since December 27th (as I write it is January 13th) so poor J is alone anyway really. He is a proud man, and I suspect he would rather tell A to get on with his life rather than wait for the inevitable. Besides just because J tells Aaron to find somebody else, he doesn’t have to do it, unless he wants to.

      Every week my bank tell me I can have a large loan and overdraft, but just because they say I can, doesn’t mean I should. Or would.

      • According to the storyline, he’s in Bristol with Cain if I remember rightly. Love your comment about the overdraft/loan and , of course, you’re right. just because someone gives you permission to do something doesn’t mean you have to go and do it. Wishing Aaron had killed himself is a bit harsh, though, don’t you think?

  9. Small & possibly irrelevent point, but why is Jackson giving Charity a thank you gift of chocolates?
    I don’t remember her ever doing anything for him.

    • Possibly something to do with tonights fire?

  10. Just caught up with this weeks episodes … (am I the only 25yo lad who has Emmerdale on series link on sky ? lol … )

    Must admit, I wasn’t expecting Nick to start that fire, I thought Nathan was going to come back and do it!!

    • Yes I thought Natan would return to try to kill Ryan (especially as these episodes were recorded before last November when the actor was still around), it was only after Henshall’s figure came into view in darkness, before he lit the lighter I realised it was him, because of his build and walk.. He mentioned his wife had died – in a fire I wonder? ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think we can hopefully now assume Nathan really is gone and that Ryan is safe

  11. Really enjoy this thread and hearing everyone’s views. I am very depressed by this story and fear that the introduction of Jackson’s videocamera is the biggest portent of his demise – he’ll suffer a crisis, Aaron will pull the plug, discover the tapes and then realize how much Jackson truly loved him. I am truly baffled the show has taken such a dark direction and don’t know if I can tune in over the next few months. Wish they would do something a little less dire with the boys.

  12. Just read Spoilers from Jan 31st – Feb 4th… little warning: DO NOT attempt 2 READ if u can’t handle the content…….it’s amazing just how much WORDS can do to a person…i’m devastating !

    • It’s plain, given Aaron’s inherent selfishness what he will do, or rather who he will choose.

      The more this story progresses the more I dislike it. Right at the start of their friendship Aaron said that Jackson understood him. I have a feeling there won’t be another Jackson who will tolerate his outbursts

      Just a word about A & J’s relationship: You still feel that Aaron doesn’t have any really deep loving feelings towards Jackson – he feels sorry for him, and probably a bit guilty too, but there still seems to be no real affection towards Jackso from Aaron, in the way, for example, you can sense the affection Paddy and Marlon have for each other, even though they are not gay.

      I do seriously wonder if part of the problem, apart from the dolorous scripts and bleak storyline, if some of this is down to Danny Miller: it is as if he is slightly detached from his character in the programme, afraid that if he DID show the sort of affection you get between other characters, same sex or otherwise, people would be “suspicious”. Virtually the week after Aaron came out the British tabloid press were telling us that Danny just happened to be going out with a female member of the cast, and in interviews he always makes sure he mentions he is straight, and comes over as very laddish. This newspaper story must have come from him, the PR staff at YTV. Previous to that it was announced in reeal life he shares a home with Adam Thomas. That is now never mentioned.

      I am not for one minute speculating on his private life but the constant references to how straight he is, and his obvious discomfiture sometimes with his character in ED, gives me the feeling they chose the wrong actor or character to lead a story about coming out: I think Adam Thomas or James Sutton would have been more comfortable playing a gay character.

      If Jackson does leave I am only sorry, with all due respect to Ms Quirke, that Hazel isn’t going as well. She irritates me more every week.

      After the fire, and the obvious desire to “shock” at every turn (and how underwhelming the fire was), it might have made a better storyline for “Uncle” Cain and Aaron to be revealed to be having some sort of sado-masochistic relationship – after all Aaron has spent more time with Cain in the past few weeks than the “love of his life”. There’s a Thursday night episode one cliffhanger for the writers – Charity surprising Cain & Aaron in the garage and witnessing something – unspeakable!, probably involving the inspection pit, a length of chain and a tyre pump ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. It’s really too bad the mess they have made of this storyline. I had hoped they would be more realistic, but the homophobia is really strong, obviously. The writers veered away from showing any reality of a relationship with Aaron and Jackson. It’s become pathetic. The more I watch the interviews with Danny Miller, it’s more and more evident that he is not at all comfortable with this role. Could tell he was during the time leading up to the first kiss, his skin was a mess, breaking out…nerves can cause that. Once he was passed that, they never kissed again, and his skin is all cleared up…..Too bad, it would have been great to see a real relationship between 2 men, they way they portray a man and a women’s life. It’s frustrating.

    • Very good points. This is one of the reasons I get a bit tired of hearing what a “wonderful” actor Danny is. Acting is more thaqn just being able to cry on cue (and I still think for the tough guy Aaron is supposed to be he cries in public too much) He handled the angst and suicide attempt and the first days after the accident very well, but a great actor would be able to convince you he really does have deep feelings – the way for example Paddy and Marlon are with each other – even if, in real life, they can’t stand each other, just watching them in character you know how fond they are of each other – they don’t have to say anything, it is implicit.

      I think Danny probably deserved his award last year, but this year if there is an award for ED it should go to Marc for his portrayal of Jackson, or James for his excellent performance as the wrongly imprisoned Ryan

      • You’re spot on about Marlon and Paddy. You know in an instant they’re connected to each other. Funny, my favorite Aarson scene came right after they got back from holiday. They’re sitting in the lunch diner and Aaron is tossing crumbs at Jackson. It was a funny bit of throwaway business, but it was one of the few times I felt as if I was watching a genuine couple.

        I think the reason why DM cries so often is the writers realize they’ve got gold in those tears. It’s really hard for any actor to cry convincingly oncamera and he really lets loose the waterworks. I think that’s why they killed Clyde – LOL – and why Jackson has to die two deaths – first, figuratively, in the train crash and then in a few months – more excuses for DM to do what he does best.

        If I were the actors who play Paddy or Chas, I’d be worried. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Mark (for some reason the reply button isn’t showi up on your post). I hope they don’t kill off Jackson – for more than one reason. First it would send a terrible message to anyone who is or will face the terrible problem of becoming disabled – it’s almost saying that it is better to be dead, if suicide is the method, or if he dies in some other way, it almost looks like a punishment. Jackson gets a carer in a few weeks time and if he has to leave hopefully it will be for a happier life with him.

        I think Jackson has been punished too much already -firstly for his father’s behaviour to him, then for the way Aaron treated him last spring and summer, and for having bossy Hazel as a mum! (sorry Pauline, only joking ๐Ÿ™‚ )

        I would like to see him stay though. Jackson is one of the very few genuinely nice characters in ED, and there is a danger you get rid of all the pleasant characters and get left with….., well DC Henshaw for one

  14. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who thought that I thought I was the only one that saw that from the beginning (ie Danny Miller) I could see that he wasn’t comfortable which made think that the story was doom from the start even in interviews that he gives you can tell he doesn’t like talking about it which makes the storyline even more unbearable to watch I mean he is a good actor don’t get me wrong but seriously lately watching this storyline is like watching paint dry and by them bringing a new guy in isn’t going to spice this storyline up at all it’s like they don’t know what else to do now cause Jackson is in the wheel chair it’s like were do we go from here ? I can see were you get the homophobic sense from the writers cause it is clear that there isn’t a gay writer no were near this storyline cause if there were I’m pretty sure there would have been a different out come that this an what’s to come it’s just sad

  15. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who thought that I thought I was the only one that saw that from the beginning (ie Danny Miller) I could see that he wasn’t comfortable which made think that the story was doom from the start even in interviews that he gives you can tell he doesn’t like talking about it which makes the storyline even more unbearable to watch I mean he is a good actor don’t get me wrong but seriously lately watching this storyline is like watching paint dry and by them bringing a new guy in isn’t going to spice this storyline up at all it’s like they don’t know what else to do now cause Jackson is in the wheel chair it’s like were do we go from here ? I can see were you get the homophobic sense from the writers cause it is clear that there isn’t a gay writer no were near this storyline cause if there were I’m pretty sure there would have been a different out come that this an what’s to come

    • Yes if he was comfortable in the role he wouldn’t find it necessary to keep giving interviews assuring anyone who cares to listen he is straight. I am sure that the actor playing the revolting D.C. Henshaw won’t be going round telling TV and the press that he doesn’t start fires in real life.

      Even in the hospital scenes, though I think he kissed Jackson three times, it was little more than a peck, and though he stroked his arm, I have seen people put more affection in stroking a kitten than Aaron/Danny did.

      I assume that Danny will leave before too long anyway, because most soap actors who win awards automatically believe Hollywood beckons (ask Shane Ritchie or Michelle Ryan!).

      If Gavin Blyth had wanted to introduce a long-running gay character, though, I think Marc/Jackson would have been better to be the main focus. Though he is straight he seems to bring more feeling and passion (or did) into his character, because it is clear that Danny is a straight man reluctantly playing a reluctant gay character

      • Hi, Alan- I can’t reply to your post to me either so I’m doing it here ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with you one hundred percent regarding the exit strategy for Jackson. If the character dies, it does send an ugly message that manages to be both homophobic and horrifically judgmental on the worthiness of life for the disabled.

        But I do think he will die. The evidence? That damn videocamera he is using to record his private thoughts. That’s the kind of device that foreshadows a character’s demise. Given DM’s comments about even MORE tragedy this year in Aaron’s life, I think Jackson will suffer a setback and it will fall to Aaron to pull the plug. (I don’t think they could hit us harder with a gay equals death symbol if they plastered it on the garage walls.) DM will cry more and Aaron will experience a huge setback on his coming to terms with his sexuality. Yeah, killing your first love will do that to you.

        Oh, I’d really like to be wrong. But I do fear that’s the direction we’re heading.

  16. Haven’t you all forgotten that Danny’s character Aaron is still not supposed to be 100% comfortable being gay. I know it’s been dragging on for ages now but Danny has said that Aaron’s self loathing storyline will continue throughout this year.
    I could be completely wrong here but I think that in Aaron’s head, he has seperated what he believes being gay is all about from what he has with Jackson and is just focussing on Jackson so he doesn’t have to deal with the other stuff about being gay that he still has problems with. In Jackson, he found someone who he trusted, who helped and supported him and who he developed feelings for. As a first boyfriend, Aaron found a good one and Jackson has done a good job. Aaron is a better person than he was, not perfect by any means but who is and, although the kisses in the hospital were only pecks, they were more than Jackson had got from Aaron in a public place before if you don’t count Bar West.
    Aaron’s main problem still appears to be with intimacy so, horrible as it sounds, maybe he finds it easier to be with Jackson, it’s almost like a safe place for him to be at the moment. Aaron can enjoy being with Jackson without having to fully acknowledge what it means to be gay. He is obviously still not comfortable with his sexuality and it will be a long time before he is as comfortable as Jackson is with being gay. I have to say though, if this is the reason, or only part of it, it’s a terrible thing to do.
    But, in Danny’s defence, he didn’t have to take on the storyline in the first place and, as he was nineteen I think at the time, I think he’s done a pretty good job. I think they did pick a good character to play out a gay storyline because he is so far removed from the stereotype soaps usually use. Also, he’s not responsible for the writing or the way the scenes are directed. He can only do what he is asked to do and if the people in control are happy for the story to be played out like this, and acted like this, what can he do?

    • First the character: Even bearing in mind that Aaron isn’t comfortable with being gay,that makes the devolpment of the story- hgim going out and finding Flynn even more unbelieveable.

      Then the actor: If he isn’t comfortable in a pretty “safe” relationship with Jackson is he going to be any better reacting to another actor playing gay?. I suppose the truth is he had to accept the gay role development or possibly lose his job by saying no. Adam, Mikhil or Ryan would have also been good non-stereotypical gay characters, and I suspect they wouldn’t have found playing the character as disagreeable as Danny does.

      I agree it is not Danny’s fault about the writing or direction of the story: they have been melodramatic and dire in recent months after such a promising start

      • The funny thing about DM is that I think he genuinely recognizes that if his character had not turned out gay, he wouldn’t be getting a fraction of the press or attention he gets now. He’s been very gay positive in the print interviews I’ve read with him.

        I’m not comfortable addressing the physical intimacy – and lack of it – even though I’m just as bothered by it. I can’t figure how much of what we’re seeing is being mandated by the directors. For instance, we should have seen Aaron simply caressing Jackson’s face. We could have seen him sidle up to him in that hospital bed on Xmas Eve (sort of like those spoilers teased). I can’t pinpoint why they’re so physically distant even when they’re inches away from each other. My sense is that Marc Silcock is very comfortable in his own skin, but I might just be projecting there.

        The spoilers are horribly depressing and with MS’ contract up in a few months, I fear for how this is all going to end. If Jackson dies, that truly sends a homophobic message, whether intended or not. The writers can do better.

  17. Yes Mark. Marc seems more comfortable with his character than Danny does. As for Danny I take nothing away from his performance from the despair of Adam’s rejection and angst of his confession to Paddy, the suicide attempt and slow recovery, it seems only after he and Jackson became “close” last June the problems started with his performance.

    I think he would have to be gay positive playing the character in interviews. I am not accusing him of bad faith in that respect, but he seems far from comfortable – or frankly far from convincing – playing Aaron as gay. He seemed happier playing the “old” Aaron

    • You have a point, Alan. Again, I just don’t know much about how the directors are controlling the situation. The lack of physical intimacy is perplexing. I guess we’ll have to see how DM handles the new relationship with Flynn.

      Tho’ I’d rather not watch a second of that, thank you.

  18. My point exactly DM’s body language in the tv interviews says alot! The ending of this storyline looks grim with jacson (MS) leaving soon

    • Mikel, did you notice in that Calendar interview Marc is turned towards Danny, while Danny in the main looks straight ahead – rarely at Marc – while he holds forth, with Marc barely able to get a word in.

      I used to like DM but I fear he is rather letting his awards go to his head -it’s all about him. Or rather, Aaron, of course…….

      • Alan, I think you’re on to something. The body language is revealing in that regard. I don’t know how much DM likes sharing the spotlight. Although, to be fair, he just be tired here – and he certainly was surprised to see his producer’s pic pop up – that much was genuine. While MS was introduced to be another wheel in DM’s story, he’s now an equal partner, and one the audience is finding much more easier to root for. Would love to see MS win as newcomer in the NTAs.

  19. Does anyone have any ideas yet on what this “biggest decision of his life” that Aaron has to make is to do with or do you think it’s too early in the year and it’s something that will happen later?

    • I think he’ll be faced with the decision to let Jackson linger on life support or pull the plug.

      With Marc still headed out in spring, I think the writers are setting up Jackson and Aaron to play out the final beats of their relationship. Aaron will come to realize what Jackson means to him just as Jackson suffers a medical setback. Aaron will have to let Jackson die, reinforcing his own self-loathing, proving to him that anyone who gets close to him suffers and cueing the waterworks for DM.

      I’m a broken record on this point, but the introduction of Jackson’s videocamera is one piece of hoary foreshadowing. Aaron will either find the tapes while Jackson is deathly ill and use them to justify pulling the plug or find them after Jackson dies and realize how special he was.

      • With respect, Mark, I know the show has become Aarondale, but that decision if it had to be made – to turn off Jackson’s life support – would be one made by his parents, not him. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that anyway. There is no indication that there is any physical illness apart from his paralysis, and I think the writers would be unduly alarming people to let them think that even such a severe disablement would lead to death so quickly.

        My guess is that – as this story gets more improbable by the day – Aaron will meet the love of his life next month, and during the summer will make the decision to leave Jackson and Paddy and the village and head off into the sunset with his new love.

        He may or may not return a month or so later when the new love is attacked and killed by the Loch Ness Monster.

        TBH this story is so downbeat, and Aaron so lachrymose (not to mention frequently absent – he is staying in Bristol to obtain a car part – are a group of elderly Benedictine monks hand-tooling it in gold?) I am beginning not to care what happens to him, whether he stays or whether he goes. I would rather keep Jackson on

      • Mark, I agree, don’t like the video camera idea either. If they want Aaron to find something to make him realise his feelings for Jackson, why can’t they let him find the camera and watch the footage when Jackson is at the hospital for an out patients appointment or out somewhere with his carer. That way, the door is still open for a happy ending which is what most of us want.

  20. Alan I couldn’t agree with you more it’s just a sad situation and gets sadder as the days go bye…….. the honeymoon is over folks another gay storyline has come to a predictable end were one actor doesn’t want to play the role anymore (like I said body language don’t lie) and wants to do something else and the storyline dies I said it once if there had been a gay writer on this storyline this crap wouldn’t have happen the accident would have been the end not to keep dragging it and coming up short and depressing

    • Strangely enough Mikel, just after reading your piece about body langauge I saw some spoiler photos for next week’s episodes. The piece where Jackson is concerned that Aaron is “wasting his life lokking after him” (though Aaron has been walking to Bristol and back for nearly 3 weeks :-). In those scenes, Aaron is sat, arms folded not even looking at Jackson as they speak.

      Given Aaron’s history and upbringing you don’t really expect too much love from him, but a little bit of warmth wouldn’t come amiss (there was a scene in last nights episode where Marlon goes over and hugs the recently bereaved Bob, and it is done in such a natural, loving way). Aaron/Danny isn’t just cool he’s cold, and it is highlighted all the more by the warmth of other characters, some no older or little older than Aaron. One of my favourites, Ryan, hasn’t had much easier a life than Aaron – wrongly imprisoned for murder thanks to the hatred of his half brother, discovering that the dad he thought had died before he was born had abandoned him and his mum and wanted nothing to do with him later. Yet he is a warm and human character. A/DM is acting a bit like Royalty somewhat aloof especialy in DMs portrayal of Aaron which is now completely unbelieveable, and, as you say, you can see DM is totally uncomfortable and out of his depth.

      • First off, Alan, I couldn’t reply to your earlier post, so I have to do it here and say how much you made me laugh with your prediction that Aaron’s next beau will be eaten by Nessie. Thank you for that chortle!

        I understand J’s parents would have to make the decision, but I’ll wager when push comes to shove, they will defer to Aaron to do the deed. Why? He was the one who had to deliver the uplifting news to J that he would be paralyzed. It makes for better drama and it reinforces Aaron’s depressing worldview.

        “Bulldog chewing a wasp” – yes! thanks – and I agree. Aaron is a sullen twat. But how much is that the director’s doing? I look at Hollyoaks and see how demonstrative the story between Brendan and Ste is and then we have this, where Aaron hasn’t even touched Jackson’s face – not even a gentle stroke! Geez. Isn’t the Emmerdale audience considered older/more conservative? (I don’t know – I’m in the States). Aaron IS unlikable; the question I’ve had for months, before the accident, is what is inherent in Jackson’s pathology that he would put up – and shack up – with someone who beat the crap out of him?

        Yeah, to me the first warning sign is, if he throws a blow, he’s gone. Call me old-fashioned. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Please do keep posting. I love your humor and your take on this story, which occupies waaaaay too much of my life.

  21. Here are one of the two pictures I mentioned. He looks no happier in the second one – a bulldog chewing a wasp comes to mind:

  22. Alan,
    it never lies that body language lol and to me the picture speaks volumes all you get is one sideness there is the giver wile the other is a taker I understand he never learn what it means to care or to love but a little expression like some one mention with the touch of the face or hand something to show that he is learning to deal and being mature about it i mean dont get me wrong there were moments were you thought yes finally but then it like ok were a little to gay so we have to tone it down You can see it through out this storyline I mean that is what I took from it it’s like he his approach left me feeling like he didn’t want to be type cast just for this role like I said DM wants to move on and you can see it plain and simple

    • Yes Mikel several months ago I suggested that Aaro was very good at taking (and not even saying thank you, like when Jackson paid off that Micky character with ยฃ200). He never thanked Adam for saving his life (though to be fair at the time Aaron didn’t want to be saved), and he has never really thanked Paddy for all his love and support – the word “sorry” and the tears are the closest he gets.

      He seems not only not to have anything to give of himself, but he doesn’t really want to try. This might be part of the charcter the writers want to focus on, but DM seems happier playing the tough uncaring man than the softer bloke he could be if he tried.

      As the story wears on, I find it harder to understand how anyone could even really LIKE Aaron, let alone love him. Lot’s of people get hurt early in life, or later, but that doesn’t stop them becoming well rounded individuals capable of acts of affection and love or generosity

  23. I agree totally

    • It’s interesting to compare and contrast Aaron with a similar character in Coronation Street – “Gary” (Played by Mickey North). Gary is a tough little scrapper who has been in trouble with the police, had a troubled past etc and joined the army. He became great friends with another lad (“Quinny”) who gets killed while they are serving in Afghanistan. Gary is just as tough as Aaron, but he is able to show vulnerability, confustion, anger and sadness without constant recourse to tears.

      It has not been suggested or implied Gary and Quinny had a gay relationship – you get the feeling it was a “bromance”, but by the acting and writing, you are left in no doubt Gary really loved Quinny (“I owe him everything” he says to his girlfriend last night). This tough, unfeeling lad really shows he is capable of deep and genuine feelings of love and affection. I think Danny could learn a lot from watching Micky North, about how to be both tough and tender.

  24. Alan, my reply is not working but your comments about the Loch Ness Monster and the mention of Benedictine Monks made my day. That’s the first time in ages I’ve laughed out loud at a comment about this story as it has been so depressing and morose. Cheers!!

    • Sharon, I couldn’t reply to your earlier comment about the videocamera – this page is really funky ๐Ÿ™‚ – but I really like your scenario and would much rather see it play out. It would offer some hope for the rest of us who have trudged – and are still mired in – this bathos. I hope the writers will have the graciousness to allow Jackson some measure of happiness. Then I remember I’m watching “Emmerdale.” Sigh.

      • Mark, I know what you mean. Jackson deserves some happiness but whether he will get it, who knows? I spend far too much time thinking about these two characters and what is happening to them but I can’t help it. I’ve never been so caught up in two characters from a soap before and I’m definitely old enough to know better^_^ Maybe when the new writers start, things will get better but, then again……

  25. Hi Mark (and Sharon) Thanks for your kind words about my postings. I think it is a case of having to laugh to stop from crying where this story is concerned. To answer you, Mark, I think a possible explanation for Jackson tolerating Aaron is because often people feel they can change somebody else. In some ways Aaron reminded J of his dad, and because Jackson has such a geneorous nature he felt he could change Aaron’s attitude. He probably felt that it was his fault his dad couldn’t accept him for who he was I think it is the case that a lot of (especially women) in abusive relationships with husbands or boyfriends were previously abused by their parents (usually their father) and they (and Jackson) genuinely believe that if you meet hostility with love, then that love will – one day – be returned. Sadly I doubt this happens often, if at all. Often people badly treated begin to feel it is a fault in them, and not the abuser. They actually feel hey “deserve” to be hurt and humiliated.

    Jackson deserved somebody kind and warm and loving – the type of man Paddy Ryan or Marlon are. In a way, if Aaron could form a relationship, he would be better off with somebody like Cain, or Andy, as aggression is so much a part of his make-up.

    I didn’t know you were in America, so probably you don’t have Coronation Street and won’t know about the “Gary” story I mentioned. What is so touching about this story is that while Gary is no angel, he does have a heart, and whatever the feelings he had for his dead mate haven’t died with him. He still has the same feelings for him, and the same affection, love and respect for him. You get the feeling. I don’t think Aaron is capable of loving Jackson(or perhaps anybody) but he doesn’t seem to have even much affection and certainly no respect. Aaron would soon forget he ever had feelings for somebody when they were no longer around.

    I really think the actor who plays Gary (as far as I know he hasn’t won any awards) could teach Danny a great deal about playing a complex character and how he would conduct his friendship. Because it is both understated and yet intense in a quiet way it is a really fascinating story.

    I don’t know if anyone else on here have followed the Gary story (about the only credible plotline in a programme well into the doldrums at the moment, with an accidental killer, tram crashes etc etc), and feel anything of how I feel about the contrast.

    • Hi, Alan – Your insight into Jackson’s psyche seems spot-on to me. He really did think he could change Aaron, didn’t he? And this is why I never date a bad boy. Once a thug, always a thug. ๐Ÿ™‚ …I catch all these shows on YouTube, so I will see if I can find any clips on Gary. Thank you for that tip. ..I have seen bits of the Christian/Syed romance and that seems much more honest than anything on Emmerdale. I really am grateful to find like-minded souls out here on this board. I find myself thinking about this story far too much, mostly because it’s just so unbearably sad.

      With any luck, Aaron will catch syphilis from Flynn. It will go untreated and he will descend into madness and death. Oops! I think I spoiled the summer story! LOL.

      • Hi Mark, Here is part of last nights episode:

        From 8.05 and then again from 11.40.

        there is a real raw emotion there, the better for not being overacted. Gary doesn’t find words about feelings come easily, but this gives you some idea of the depth of feeling he is capable of. Earlier episodes also mention the guilt and loneliness the character is going through. He feels guilty because he feels he should have died instead of his mate.

        I know this is about a non-physical love, but there is the very real sense that he did love the bloke in whatever way he was capable of.

        On a slightly happier note, Jackons carer seems nice, cheerful and might well be the sort of man who can make Jackson feel better about himself. But I have to say it again, if Aaron loves Jackson, he manages to keep it a secret.

      • And there was me just hoping that this Flynn character would be the opposite of Jackson and be not a very nice gay person who would mistreat Aaron and open Aaron’s eyes up to the fact that the grass is not always greener. Syphilis, madness and death hadn’t even entered my mind!! Maybe a bit harsh, don’t you think??

  26. Sharon, my crack about syphilis wasn’t a bit harsh – it was totally harsh. ๐Ÿ™‚ See, this is why you would be better off in charge of this story than me. Your idea of Aaron learning that not all gay men will be as kind and considerate as Jackson is top-notch. It would be fitting for Aaron to come across someone who would just want to use him – and it would fit, alas, this show’s tragedy loop for Aaron.

    Alan, thank you for the link – I will check out that story when I have some time tonight.

  27. Alan, thank you for that link. Did check out that story. Intense performance there. Not sure if I’m up for getting hooked on another character’s self-loathing journey – but Corrie is intriguing from the bits I’ve seen.

    Re: Emmerdale tonight, the boys are reunited and Aaron can’t be bothered to even give him a kiss or rub Jackson’s head. Now I’m rooting for Jackson to get out of town as quickly as possible. The writers have set up such a dreary scenario, it’s easier to imagine him finding happiness offscreen.

    • I thought exactly the same about the episode. Aaron had been gone for so long and when he came back, nothing. Joe the carer left to give them some space and I thought Right ideal opportunity and then in comes Charity. My shout of “What are you doing, get out and leave them alone” could probably have been heard half way down the street!! Plus, if Jackson smiles like he did when Charity kissed him, just imagine the happy face we’d see if Aaron did it! Oh well, there’s always the physio massage to look forward to ^_^

      • I agree with you, Sharon, but since the spoilers are always better than what we get to see – the Xmas Eve episode is the biggest example to date – I don’t think we’ll see much. And the just released spoilers for the first week of Feb. look so depressing. I hope you’re right about Flynn turning out to be a user. That would be a fun twist for Aaron to face.

  28. Don’t even get me started on the Christmas Eve episode, was so looking forward to that and what a letdown it was. Flynn has to be a user, it would just be too unbelievable for him to be as nice as Jackson and something has to prove to Aaron once and for all that he should be with Jackson. Mind you, this will be twice that Jackson has called it off even though he doesn’t really want to end it and we all know how stubborn Aaron can be. Just read an article where Danny says that Aaron loves Jackson and doesn’t want to leave him but Jackson insists so maybe, just maybe, there is some hope for a happy ending. They should let me take over this story, I’d have most people happy again within a couple of weeks.

    • I honestly think Aaron deserves to meet somebody who will treat him with as much contempt as he has shown Jackson in the past.

      Aaron really doesn’t know how lucky he has been. However bad his early life, he has been given the gift of having Paddy who treats him like a son, and has taken a hell of a lot of abuse from him, almost a surrogate brother in Adam, and since he came ot nothing but tolerance and understanding from virtually the whole village (I still think that sadly even in 2011 that wouldn’t be the case in a village in England). The only person who has ever abused him over his sexuality was “Wayne”, and Wayne was a nasty little bigot who would have sneered about anything about anybody.In Jackson he found a gentle patient and faithful bloke, who, again took more nonsense than he should have done.

      I don’t think he would ever be that lucky again, and I suspect looking at the photos of Flynn, that if Aaron hit out at him he would hit back

      • You raise a really good point about the village, Alan. They have truly embraced Aaron with nary a second thought. Paddy would take a bullet for him. As I’ve alluded to before, I’m hoping Flynn uses Aaron for sex and dumps him badly. He needs a wake-up call that what he has is far more precious than whatever else is at Bar West. I’m just surprised we have to sit through another round of Jackson dumping Aaron so he can have a life. Or maybe I shouldn’t be, given this is “Emmerdale.” You know, the loss of their beloved producer might explain – but not excuse – a lot of what we’re seeing here. I know the stories are mapped out months in advance, but this story seems like it’s in a bitter holding pattern.

    • Sharon, I would love for you to take over the show – because I don’t know how much more I can take of this silliness. I agree that Flynn will have to turn out to be a jerk – and that will be just the comeuppance Aaron deserves. But will he realize it in time?

      • Ah Thanks Mark. Aaron has always been a bit slow on the uptake but he does get there eventually. Once Flynn has made a complete prat out of him and proved just how naive he still is when it comes to relationships, he’ll realise that it’s Jackson he wants and Jackson that he loves. The problem will be convincing Jackson who is clearly battling with depression and not thinking straight ( excuse the pun) even though he thinks he is. Aaron worked hard just before Christmas to convince Jackson that he wanted to be with him and he will have to work even harder this time. Last time, he convinced Jackson with words, this time it may have to be with actions and we’re back there again. Aaron needs to show Jackson as well as tell him!!!

  29. Sharon, I just don’t see an optimistic ending in the cards. Wish I did. You touched on something, tho’ – Aaron (and the audience) has been around this bend before and Aaron should be bright enough to realize why Jackson is rebuffing him. But I think he’ll be dazzled by Flynn (after three days, judging from the spoilers) and be more than happy to his own way.

    Suddenly realized the boys’ first Valentine’s Day is approaching and given the story direction, I’m expecting Aaron to wheel Jackson to the side of the road and leave him there while he goes off with Flynn.

    On the positive side, Marc’s performances have been spot-on depicting his character’s mental plight in relatively few scenes. Really feel for Jackson.

  30. Hey, what can I say, where these two are concerned I’m an optimist but, I agree, there probably won’t be a happy ending. Marc’s performances have been even better than usual recently, if he doesn’t get that award, there’s no justice.
    I did find out something interesting from a different Emmerdale website which may explain why we see very little physical contact between the boys. It was posted by a fan so not sure if it’s 100% accurate, though.
    Over here, we have a 9pm watershed on TV where certain things can’t be shown before this time. What I didn’t realise is that this is then broken down even further starting at 7pm which is when Emmerdale is shown on TV. Apparently, there can be no physical/intimate contact between two male characters between 7pm & 7.30pm.This would explain why the most Aaron does is pat or squeeze Jackson’s shoulders.
    After 7.30pm, you can show a kiss between two male characters but not a lot else. The train crash episode, for example, was shown on a Thursday with the kiss in Bar West timed at 7.31pm. The episode where Aaron & Jackson first slept together was also shown on a Thursday with their kiss shown after 8pm. If this is true, it would explain why Christmas Eve didn’t match the spoiler because the spoiler said the two were watching DVD’s on the bed together and the programme went out at 7pm.
    So, if the directors hands are tied by these guidelines, it would explain a lot. Friday’s episode should be interesting with the spoilers mentioning Aaron giving Jackson his physio massage. Just how much will we actually see, the episode will be going out at 7pm.
    Also, if anyone knows if these guidelines for what can or can’t be shown is true, please let me know. I’ve tried to find out myself but couldn’t get very far.

    • Sharon, that’s a really fascinating breakdown. Thanks for sharing it. But I’m still stumped. Viewers aren’t stupid. Considering that Xmas Eve episode again, if Aaron had lied down next to a paralyzed Jackson in bed – fully clothed! – viewers would understand that it was a matter of simple, decent, human comfort. And why not a simple caress of the face? The only one who has offered that to Jackson is his mum Hazel! As Alan has noted, Marlon and Paddy are more affectionate with each other and they’re straight blokes.

      As for the physio massage, again, it’s not a sexual act but one of intimacy, and I wonder if the E directors are going overboard in censoring themselves on this front. We’ll know soon enough. It will be interesting to see how the Flynn relationship plays out. Ugh. Do I have to use that word? It will be interesting to see how Flynn uses Aaron and tosses him by the side of the road. Not as concise but it makes me feel better. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Mark, I don’t think it matters what the contact is between the characters, it’s the fact that there’s any contact at all that appears to be the issue. I don’t think the viewers would mind, and as you say, we’re not stupid but unfortunately, there is a ruling body that can fine the programme if they show something they shouldn’t so it looks like the show’s hands are tied.
        As for “Flynn”, or as I shall now refer to him as “the F Word”, I really hope the shows writers don’t make him nice and make him a user as we ‘ve said before. It will then be bearable to watch as we know Aaron will be hurt and will have to rethink what he wants from life!

      • Sorry Sharon, the reply button is missing from your latest post. TBH I think if this is the excuse ED are using it is a pretty poor one. If you took it to it’s logical conclusion, Paddy & Marlon couldn’t embrace and Marlon couldn’t have given Bob a cuddle on Monday night’s episode. There would be no possibility that a scene with Aaron lying on top of a bed with Jackson could be seen as in any way sexual, since given his physical and psychological condition at the moment sex would be the last thing on Jackon’s mind.

        I think if they ARE using this as an excuse it is to oblige one of the actors concerned. Mind you, they are storing up further probems for themselves when they try to show how much Flynn and Aaron love each other.

        Please don’t think I am dismissing your views ( I have already upset one overwrought poster today! – on the “Danny Miller Interview” thread)

    • It is feasible, I suppose. Which must come as a relief to DM!

      I know certain things are not allowed before the watershed which as you say is 9.00 in the U.K. However, this hasn’t stopped lesbian kisses on Coronation Street and gay scenes in Eastenders, both shown before 9 p.m. and in the case of EE the programme is repeated early on Sunday afternoons, unedited.

      I can see why, for commercial reasons, ITV, who are in financial trouble wouldn’t want to offend viewers or advertisers (especially) by showing scenes of even mild naughtiness, but then, ITV offend me every night by that horrible little song that gets sung for the ED sponser “Tombola Bingo” 4 times between 7 and 7.30. As it’s Thursday we will be “treated” to it 8 times tonight ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      When they want to be “tragic” as in last Thursday’s fire “drama” it completely ruined whatever drama there was by “Standing up straight I’m 10 feet tall….” and the antics of Jens Dad and Vonnie Diggle.

      I’ll shut up now because viewers outside the UK won’t know what the hell I’m talking about….lucky devils!

      • Ha Ha,” Don’t let your feet touch ground and don’t look down” You don’t fancy it as your ringtone on your mobile then ??

  31. Sharon, thank you for “The F Word” – that’s just how I shall refer to He Who Must Not Be Named henceforth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hey Alan, the reply button is missing from your post too. The whole point of a forum like this is for people to air their views so I don’t have a problem with anything you’ve posted. In fact the points you make are valid ones. I’m not saying I agree with what Emmerdale are doing,if they are doing it, it just seems to fit . Anyway, we’ll know soon enough because one of the spoilers says Aaron hits it off with Flynn in an episode to be shown on Thurs 3rd Feb which will be after 8pm.

    • Of course, now knowing Aaron, “Aaron hits it off with Flynn” could mean “Aaron hits Flynn and decks him and then asks him to move in with him and to bring his mummy along.”

      Hey, it’s Emmerdale! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey Mark, what happened to “the F Word”, have you got a short memory or what???

  33. Alan, Mark & Sharon…man u guys have been having fun eh …if only i’m not too busy with work I would love to join u guys on this more often…darn it.

    Just voted 4 Marc on NTAs…are other nominations any good ? I mean does our Marc have any chance 2 win this ?

    Oh and Sharon, u’re a genius….came up with “The F Word”…that’s just pure brilliant and evil in a good way ^_^ thanks so much 4 that.


    • Harry! Glad to hear you voted for Marc! We need to get the vote out. As I am not even in the UK, I can’t comment about the nominees but I do fear MS is a victim of poor timing. He’s done some outstanding work but for so long he was in DM’s shadow. It wasn’t until that godawful train crash that people realized he could do more than toss off a good line. (I do think MS is underrated as a comedian.) His best stuff may just be hitting the airwaves. DM has gotten so much press, I feel as if he’s a shoo-in in his category. Marc hasn’t got that attention. So every vote counts and let’s do what we can.

    • Hey Harry, nice to hear from you again! Glad you like my “F Word” comment, it seemed to be appropriate. I’ve voted for Marc as well, and according to some of the press I’ve read, he stands a pretty good chance. In fact, in certain pieces I’ve read, they say he has a better chance than Danny so fingers crossed.

      Didn’t realise quite how often me, Alan & Mark had been on here until I just had a look back. Mind you, I work part time so have a bit of free time on my hands but I go to college too and that work has been piling up!!! Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?

      • Hi Sharon, I think actually Dany may have spoilt his chances by so openly touting for votes for himself. On the whole, people admire modesty and somebody being so selfish could be a bit off-putting.

        To me there is no question Marc should win – perhaps if he did ED might want to keep him on the programme

  34. Hi Alan, I bet that interview Danny gave where he was misquoted about what people want to happen with A & J didn’t help either. Terrible timing. His performances still stand him in with a pretty good chance but I think Marc has a better one. He has been much quieter and seems to be letting his acting do the talking. Hope it pays off for him. That way, as you say, maybe ED might keep him on.

    • Hmmm, you raise an interesting point, Sharon. That interview really did blow up in DM’s face and he acknowledged as much on Twitter. On the basis of his earlier performances with Paddy, I would give him the nod. But MS has been a rising star for months now, just delivering realistic, grounded performances. I still hold out hope that E will keep him around. Trouble is, I think the stories are plotted out so far in advance that his fate is sealed regardless.

      And yes, the F word! Must burn that into my wee brain. And next week we get our first glimpse of the F word in action. Gosh, I hope he gives Aaron an STD. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Just watched tonight’s episode, and as usual, they missed a perfect oppurtunity for Aaron to show some affection for Jackson. The way he was attempting to do physio on Jackson was sad. He could not have looked more uncomfortable. I felt sorry for Jackson. For once I’d like them to just have a normal conversation about what has happened to their lives and where to go from here. Everything is banter. Except now, you can see the depression in Jackson. He needs to have a long chat with Aaron about how he feels about him giving up his life to care for him. He doesn’t need that hanging over his head. Aaron looked like he was touching snakes or something equally gross. I know that he is still unsure of his feelings about being gay, but geez, it’s been awhile….Get Over It, already. Move forward…… End of Rant. Goodnight all.

    • Good rant, Michael! I had the same thought about A touching J – as if he were going to get physically ill. A’s self-loathing story to me has reached the absurdity level – everyone in the village knows and accepts him – he had/has a public relationship with a guy, whom he lived with briefly and went on holiday with. So now touching him in private, mind you, should not be an ordeal. Perhaps the writers are trying to convey that A is disgusted with Jackson’s paralyzed state. Ugh.

      • I’m sorry but I’ve just watched Friday’s episode and I disagree. I have to defend Aaron a little bit.

        Hazel told him that Jackson would tell him what to do and Jackson said nothing that was of use. Of course Aaron looked uncomfortable, he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing. Even when he asked if it was ok, Jackson’s answers weren’t exactly helpful. He tried with the head massage and Jackson told him to stop. I feel so sorry for both of them.

        Jackson’s speech about hating not being able to touch him or hold his hand was heartfelt & moving but by looking at Aaron’s face, you could tell he hates the situation as much as Jackson does. Don’t forget, although it’s Jackson who’s tragically been paralysed, Aaron can still touch him, hug him, whatever. Although he can’t feel it, he can see any affection shown to him, a pretty poor substitute, I know. Aaron, on the other hand, will never be hugged or touched by Jackson again and that’s gotta hurt him too.

        Before anyone moans, I’m not comparing A’s problems with J’s, there is no comparison, I’m well aware that A is not the one confined to either a bed or a wheelchair, I’m talking about their feelings & emotions. They are both hurting and struggling to cope.

        Aaron sees what Jackson is going through and so wants to do the right thing but he has no clue what that is and he’s scared although he probably wouldn’t admit it. At the moment, whatever he says or does seems to be wrong. Jackson is sinking deeper & deeper into depression and needs help quick before something awful happens.

        I’ve typed this very late at night so probably haven’t made myself as clear as I wanted to but, as far as Fridays episode went, I had to defend Aaron.

  36. Sharon, I do think you’ve made some good points as always. I could be guilty of thinking too harshly of Aaron only because Jackson’s plight is so heartbreaking. Aaron is also not a man of many words (or many good ones), and that’s not meant as a slight, just an acknowledgment that he’s still not used to caring for others. I think the next two weeks of eps, judging from the spoilers, will be critical to the story as A is supposed to meet the F word (see, i didn’t forget) and will try to convey that to Jackson.

    Yeah, my sympathies are still with Jackson. He’s still left to rot at home in that chair and what was his crime? Loving Aaron.

  37. Hey Mark, Aaron is definitely not a guy who finds talking easy, especially about his feelings, and, as you say, the next couple of weeks with the introduction of the F word (well remembered, by the way!!) will be crucial to how this story plays out.

    It’s very easy to forget about Aaron as Jackson’s plight is so heartbreaking but I genuinely think he’s doing his best and what he feels is right. Knowing Aaron as we do, though, he doesn’t get it right all the time.

    So, so sad a story. I’ve been watching some of the old eps on You Tube where they had just got together. It’s so nice to see them both happy, smiling and enjoying themselves. I really hope we see that again soon.

    • The old clips really are beautiful, aren’t they? DM’s newest interview posted here on this site doesn’t give me any hope for the future. I think we should prepare to see Jackson exit one way or another. On the bright side, I do think MS has a long, bright career ahead of him.

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