Posted by: Kimbaforeva | January 12, 2011

Danny & Marc Interview

Danny Miller & Marc Silcock were interviewed on ITV Calendar earlier this evening. Check it out below!

You can still vote for the boys at the National Television Awards here.


  1. They seem very removed from each other considering they play a TV couple. I mean consider Igor and Dennis from the German soap AWZ, ok so one of them is gay but, their relationship reflects a deep friendship and they seem very comfortable with each other off screen. I’m just not getting anything from them.

  2. Maybe they were both just tired, or seeing the picture of Gavin Blyth got to them both or maybe they don’t really get on that well off screen in which case, their acting abilities are even better than they’ve been given credit for!

  3. I think we fans are guilty of sometimes reading too much into things – we’d like the actors to match up with the characters play onscreen and we’d like, naturally, to see some sort of chemistry between the boys, even though they are straight. They may not be friends. They might just be professionals who give it all to the camera. Nothing wrong in that.

    • It’s still a bit weird though don’t you think.

      • Yeah, it’s tense oncamera, I can see that.

  4. Body language don’t lie there is something not right and you can see how uncomfortable Danny is an how relax Marc I will Amit there good actors but when it comes to this interview you can’t lie there is tension thereof some sort of awkwardness

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